Seven tips for selling a house faster 2023

Seven tips for selling a house faster 2023

Selling a house is more complex than many may believe; it is an art. When selling a house, we must consider certain important aspects to achieve the sale successfully.

Best tips to sell your property quickly

Follow these seven tips and get ready to sell your property quickly:

  1. Carry out the appraisal of the property; the first thing to do is update the value of the property by seeking professional advice in the area so that we will determine its real value according to the footage, location and general conditions of the house so that we can set a sale price. Advise us on the current situation of the real estate market; you should seek information regarding the value of similar properties in the same area to have them as a reference before setting the sale price. 
  2. Up-to-date documentation is important to have all the property documents up-to-date to channel the sale. If we find a buyer and have the necessary documents for the apartment, the process will be completed, or the sale may even be recovered.
Seven tips for selling a house faster 2023
  1. In addition, potential buyers may also request this documentation to obtain information on the state of the property. The deeds, the property document or deed registered in the public registry, community certificates, and energy certificates, among others, must be available. Once you have all the documentation available, the sale process will be carried out before a Notary Public and presented at the Property Registry.
  2. Reform, depending on the conditions of your apartment, you can consider the remodelling option to reform its image, make it more attractive and revalue its price. Priority should be given to repairing aspects of the home that are in poor condition, for example, doors, windows, plugs or floors. If you have a budget, consider remodelling bathrooms and kitchens since they are attractive spaces for potential buyers. In this previous post, we explain why you should repair your house before selling them.
  3. As well as the trends towards open concept spaces offer a feeling of spaciousness and the ability to visualize several environments simultaneously, without partitions in between.  
  4. It is very important to carry out deep cleaning to prepare the house before being exhibited to potential buyers, particularly in bathrooms and kitchens. As well as that, spaces should be ventilated, and resources such as air fresheners or flowers used so that the house has a pleasant smell. Order and organization must be present, removing useless items that will help to give a positive, balanced and broader image. To help us with this task we can resort to hiring a specialized professional service or a cleaning company.
  5. Decoration, you must work on a decoration that transmits harmony and a comfortable atmosphere attractive to potential buyers. Everything will depend on whether the house for sale is our current apartment or an empty house; we must try to resort to real estate market techniques such as “home staging”, which consists of staging a house for sale. , the environment is prepared for its demonstration. The space must be depersonalized, removing very personal items before the exhibition, such as photos and paintings, to give a neutral sample highlighting the spaces that the property has and its general characteristics, which in the end, may interest the potential buyer.
  6. Preferably, it would help if you resorted to a minimalist decoration accompanied by good lighting, which is a very important factor in a home since its appearance can improve considerably with small changes that are made to the lighting, changing a lamp, the types of light bulbs or changing colours in spaces.
  7. Publication in portals on the Internet, we have various portals where you can publish for free with all the filters to position your home, prepare an attractive ad with the best photos of your property that highlight the spaces and the characteristics, all supported by good lighting. The quality of the photo is very important, and you expose the description of the property’s details, such as size, spaces, location, services, nearby points, certifications, and house plans, among others. 
  8. The publications should be updated; monitoring the ads for homes for sale and providing more photographs to refresh the ad and keep it among the first in the portals can be a good strategy. You must also be attentive and willing to answer all calls and all questions and concerns that may be made through the portals.
  9. To set the time of the visit to the property for its demonstration, it is advisable to set a time in which you can make the most of the sunlight that benefits natural lighting and highlights the property’s image. To manage the visit, all the documentation of the property must be available to provide to the client if requested, as well as all the information that may be required. 
  10. You must be organized to present the spaces, and as a preamble, you must highlight favourable aspects of the location and the area where it is located; in fact, you can be taken on a tour of the area, now if you consider that the neighbourhood where it is located It does not represent a major contribution to the exposure, it begins directly with the conditions of the house.
  11. Management of purchase offers, you must be a little flexible and can negotiate if necessary since the price can go up or down depending on the demand or interest that is shown towards your property; in addition to this, it is due to Know what kind of procedures will be necessary after the sale is closed, what documents to request from our buyer.
  12. It will always be useful to seek support and professional advice from experts. There are other options for those most urgent in the sale in which specialized companies buy your home in record time. However, everything will depend on your needs and the time available.

Six secrets to selling your house in a month at the best price

Whatever the “health” of the real estate market in your country, these tips will help you get the most out of your property for sale.

When Monique Prince sold her four-bedroom house in New Hampshire, United States, in 2008, at the height of the housing market crisis, she did everything she had to do to make it more attractive to potential buyers.

He removed all the family photos from the walls and replaced them with generic lithographs.

She even bought new towels with matching rugs in each bathroom, which she only put out when visitors saw the house.

And he folded every item of clothing in every closet and took everything off the kitchen counters.

Then came the floors. “I vacuumed, starting at the top and going down and cleaning the entrance to each room, so there were no footprints on any carpet anywhere in the house,” said Prince, 48.

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Is this the way to go?

In Prince’s case, the answer was “yes.” The gruelling routine paid off: the house was sold in a month, and in December, which is usually a slow month for home sales.

It’s time to face the clutter and do something about it.

In countries like the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom, the real estate market is booming compared to 2008. But whether your country has a good or bad time selling, these tips can help you get the best price for your house.

Seven tips for selling a house faster.

  1. Start preparing as soon as possible.

You can start preparing your house from the moment you decide to put it up for sale.

But ideally, you should give yourself 90 to 180 days before you put it on the market, so you have enough time to bring it up to date, make repairs, and tidy up.

“This way, you can pace yourself and be strategic,” says real estate agent and representative for the National Association of Realtors Brenda Small.

  1. Seek professional help

A local real estate agent can give you information on similar homes in your area, price trends, and what you can do to show off your home.

“We walk around the house to see what’s attractive, what might not be so attractive, and what needs fixing,” says Small. “And then assess, based on price, whether some repairs or renovations can improve the sale of the property.”

You must have thick skin because it is hard to accept the criticism that the professionals or contractors you hire to fix the house will make of it.

  1. Could you fix it?

Many sellers are hesitant to make improvements before putting their home on the market, such as changing the carpeting or countertops, because they believe the buyer will want to choose their décor.

  • Put order. You will have to order. Ruthlessly.
  • Save your collection of Chinese cats. Buyers need to be able to see themselves living in the home, so remove your items.

This includes family photos, trinkets, collections, trophies, and that pile of kids’ shoes in the entryway.

“Sellers leave too much personal stuff on display,” said Joanna Leggett of French real estate company Leggett Immobilier.

  • Set the stage. If you search the Internet, you will find many tips on preparing your house to show it: where to place the furniture, the best way to light a room or how to create a reading nook in an awkward corner.

Seven tips for selling a house faster.

By the way, change that old and used carpet, but choose a neutral one.

  • Remember the closets. If you order by putting things in the cabinets, you have yet to understand well: buyers will examine every last corner.
  • Look at it from the outside. First impressions are everything, so take a critical look at your home from the outside.

“I’ve seen a little landscaping impress buyers,” said Diana George, founder of Vault Realty Group in California.

  • Clean, clean, clean. Your home may be a minimalist dream, but if there’s a layer of dust on it, potential buyers will take notice. “The house must be immaculate,” Small said.
  • Use your nose. Once you’ve tidied up and cleaned up, smell it. Does your house smell good? A bad smell will discourage the buyer even if the house is spectacular.
  • Get rid of pet odours and add alluring scents: bake, light candles, or leave out a freshly baked cake. “The old cliché of cooking bread or buying flowers works,” says Hayward.
  1. Control your expenses

Be careful and don’t spend too much. You may not get your renovation costs back if you spend on things that buyers in your area don’t want.

Could you give it a suitable price? What you paid for your house when you bought it is irrelevant. The market may have changed since then, along with the value of your property.

  1. Disappear

The last thing many visitors want to see is the current owner.

“Being too attentive to buyers can instantly turn them off,” Hayward said. “Let the agent show you the property. They are the professionals.”

  1. Keep up

“The longer a property has been on the market, the more it costs homeowners to keep it in top condition,” Small said.

Even if you’ve shown the house 100 times, keep making the beds and cleaning the sinks and toilets before visitors arrive. That 101 visits may be a good one.

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Seven tips for selling a house faster.

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