Singapore travel insurance (covid coverage) 2023

Singapore travel insurance (covid coverage) 2023

What is the best insurance to travel to Singapore? Whether it is because you plan to be there transiting to another Asian destination or because you have been encouraged to discover all the charms of this small country fully, it is very normal that you are wondering what policy to get to be in the best hands during your visit.

The narrow streets of China Town, the colors and smells of Little India, the futuristic atmosphere of Garden by the Bay, and the well-known pool at the Marina Bay Sands hotel are just a small example of what awaits you here. To enjoy it with the best guarantees, having the best travel insurance in Singapore is essential.

This guide will show you the reasons, the ideal policy, and how to get it easily and at the best price.

Singapore travel insurance (covid coverage) 2023

Prepare your 5 senses well because you are about to land at a unique destination.


  • 1 Why take out travel insurance to Singapore
  • 2 What is the best travel insurance for Singapore?
  • 3 What the best Singapore travel insurance should have, features
    • 3.1 Attention in your language 24 hours
    • 3.2 Extensive coverage of medical assistance
    • 3.3 Adventure Sports in Singapore
    • 3.4 Without franchises, you will not pay anything out of pocket
    • 3.5 Without advancing money for medical assistance
    • 3.6 Loss of baggage and Theft included
    • 3.7 Cancellation option – the cancellation of your trip to Singapore
    • 3.8 COVID-19 Coverage
  • 4 Singapore travel insurance coverage
  • 5 How much does travel insurance cost to Singapore
  • 6 How to get the best travel insurance for Singapore
  • 7 Useful information to travel safely to Singapore
    • 7.1 Health in Singapore

Why take out travel insurance to Singapore

In a destination like this today, no one doubts that it is essential to visit it with an international policy to match, but we will refresh the reasons. Being at home, we enjoy knowing that we have a public health system that guarantees us first-class medical care without paying anything out of pocket. Things change completely when we leave our borders behind; each destination is a world apart. Singapore is a clear example of this and one of the most expensive countries in the world in that sense. For this reason, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs itself insists on the enormous importance of having travel insurance to Singapore that covers you from start to finish:

Likewise, it is recommended to travel with travel medical insurance since the cost can be very high in the case of needing medical assistance or hospitalization.”

A slip-on Little India that turned into a small sprain, some bad food in China Town that would cause digestive problems, or, without going that far, any illness or allergy that would be easily solved at home here could translate into visits to doctors worth thousands of euros. In addition, you could end up in health centers of dubious reputation. On the other hand, by having the best travel insurance in Singapore, you will have free access to the best specialists in the country, and you will easily reach top-level hospitals.

But it is the best insurance to travel to Singapore because it goes far beyond health and takes care of you in all those aspects that can occur on a trip like this. In this way, you will also be covered in cases such as Theft, luggage problems, transport incidents, and even if you need to be repatriated.

What is the best travel insurance for Singapore?

In the following section, we will detail the essential coverages for this country. If you know the enormous importance of having travel insurance to Singapore that always takes care of you, don’t wait any longer and get your IATI Estrella now.

This is the best policy on the market and is designed for a country like this, where the highest coverage is needed. Click here and get it:

What the best Singapore travel insurance should have, features

In the same way that standard insurance is enough for a getaway to Paris, it has to ensure certain coverage when it comes to getting your international policy for Singapore. These that we show you below are the ones that, yes or yes, should travel with you. All of them are included in your IATI Star :

Attention in your language 24 hours

If you need assistance abroad, you first want it to be provided quickly and easily. Make it easy for you to continue with your trip. Can you imagine explaining what is happening to you in a language you do not speak? It could be a huge waste of time and crucial details. Therefore, with your travel insurance to Singapore, we will always assist you in your language.

You can contact us for free via email or WhatsApp. If you prefer to do it by phone, send us the receipt later, and we will reimburse you so that you do not have to pay for the international call out of pocket.

In addition, we are at your disposal 24 hours a day and 7 days a week when you need us.

Extensive medical assistance coverage

We are talking about one of the most expensive countries in the world. Therefore it is necessary to have the IATI Estrella, the policy with the highest coverage on the market. We have endowed this Singapore travel insurance with up to 4,800,000 euros exclusively for medical assistance. This guarantees that the best specialists can treat you in the best medical centers. If necessary, you would even count on being transferred home or to another country to receive the best treatment for your case.

Medical tests, admission, visits, an ambulance… the price of things like these that are free at home can completely ruin you here if you need the best international travel policy.

adventure sports in Singapore

Singapore gives you much more than visiting a few neighborhoods and a famous hotel. More and more plans exist to get the most out of this unique country. Kayak in the mangroves, bike routes, snorkeling, diving trips, trekking through the Mac Ritchie reserve… you won’t get bored here!

These plans and many more are considered “adventure sports,” and most Singapore travel insurance does not cover them. You are totally sold if something happens to you while you practice them. Luckily, your IATI Estrella includes Adventure Sports Coverage and covers you in many of these activities.

Thanks to this policy, you can fully enjoy everything this destination offers.

With franchises, you will pay for everything out of pocket.

Be careful when hiring any insurance for Singapore because many companies make up their prices by hiding the dreaded franchises in their fine print. Do you know what it is about? In the case of a typical franchise of €100, you will always have to pay the first €100 of each assistance you receive out of pocket. Imagine that you have to go to the doctor 3 times for an infection; you will always pay the first 100 euros even if you have already paid your policy,

You will like to know that the IATI Estrella does not hide any franchise and that we will take care of the cost of your attendance, up to the 4,800,000 euros you count, from the first cent. You do not pay anything.

Without advancing money for medical assistance

Most private insurances work in the following way: if you need medical assistance abroad, you pay out of pocket and then start a heavy process to recover your money. That, in the case of something serious that forces you to pay thousands of euros, could completely mortgage your trip and much more.

With this policy, everything is much easier for you. When you need any assistance and, contact us, we will quickly direct you to the best center for your case. When you get there, they will already be waiting for you, and we will take care of the costs of assistance and possible expenses for tests, admission, or even the medications that could be prescribed—zero costs for you.

If, due to an emergency, you cannot contact us before going to see a specialist, do not worry. Send us the relevant medical reports and invoices, and we will reimburse you soon.

Baggage loss and Theft included

Good travel insurance to Singapore is much more than medical insurance and covers all those cases that can occur on a trip like this. Therefore, with your IATI Estrella, you are also covered in situations like these:

  • Displacement of a family member: Up to 1,000 euros
  • Convalescence in a hotel: up to 1,4000 euros
  • Theft and damage to luggage: up to 2,500 euros
  • Delay in the departure of the means of transport: up to 300 euros
  • Delay in the delivery of checked baggage: up to 300 euros
  • Civil liability: up to 60,000 euros
  • Disability accident guarantee: 18,000 euros

Cancellation option – the cancellation of your trip to Singapore

An adventure of these characteristics is synonymous with reserving accommodation, buying flights, and contracting activities… and the amount goes up considerably in a destination like this. Thus, it is normal that, like other travelers, you have doubts such as: “What happens if I have to cancel the trip for a serious reason? Do I lose all the money invested?”.

At IATI, we have more than 135 years of experience as leaders in travel insurance, and we are continually modernizing ourselves. For this reason, we were pioneers in creating the Trip Cancellation Complement. Thanks to him, if you see that you have to cancel your trip for any of the many reasons taken into account, we will reimburse you with up to 5,000 euros for the expenses that you cannot recover directly from your official suppliers. We will take care of you during the trip but, if you want, also before it starts.

With a single click, you can get hold of this supplement that has already helped thousands of travelers while purchasing your insurance for Singapore.

COVID-19 coverage

This was one of the first destinations to close its borders due to the pandemic and one of those that kept them closed the longest. At IATI, we quickly took a step forward, and all our insurances have covid coverage.

If the virus crosses your path, you will have 4,800,000 euros of medical assistance to be treated, admitted, or receive tests. In addition, within the many covid coverages, you will also have included the extension of your trip if you have to face a mandatory quarantine.

Singapore travel insurance coverage

The ones we have just shown you are the coverages that you do or do need in Singapore. All of them are included in your IATI Estrella. Still, this super policy also has other coverages that will be very useful for you and that you can consult on its recruitment page.

Here you can see the figures of the main ones that we have just presented to you:

How much does travel insurance cost to Singapore?

The price of travel insurance to Singapore will show you that it is the perfect policy. In addition to covering up to 4,800,000 euros, its price is only a tiny part of your travel budget and will represent huge savings in case you need assistance.

How to get the best travel insurance for Singapore

Purchasing travel insurance is quick and easy. We will show you.

In the menu, you must enter the details of your trip:

  • Your place of residence
  • The destination of the trip: in this case, the country you are going to visit
  • The start and end dates of the trip
  • The number of travelers
  • Insurance type: travel insurance

Once you complete the menu, click “Calculate,” mark the IATI Estrella and then click “Contract.” With a single click, this will be where you can get hold of the valuable Trip Cancellation Complement that has helped so many people recover up to 5,000 euros. Get him!

Fill in your personal information, make the payment, and you will receive an email with all your insurance information and contact details when you need assistance.

As simple as that!

Useful information for safe travel to Singapore

health in Singapore

Health care in Singapore can be outrageously expensive for tourists. For this reason, even the Ministry of Foreign Affairs insists on the enormous importance of having travel insurance to Singapore that guarantees protection from the beginning to the end of your visit.

The IATI Estrella is the best insurance for this destination. Its high medical coverage ensures you the best health care without paying anything out of pocket. In addition, it will also be by your side in cases such as Theft, incidents with your flights, problems with luggage, and even if you need to be repatriated.

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Singapore travel insurance (covid coverage) 2023

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