The advantages and disadvants of having a granite countertop

The advantages and disadvantages of having a granite countertop


Granite is one of the most used materials, especially in kitchens. Therefore, if you are considering a granite countertop, we will tell you all its possibilities, advantages, and disadvantages. Keep reading!

granite countertop

Granite countertops are one of the most common ideas when building or decorating a kitchen because this material does not go out of style; on the contrary, it is always at the forefront regarding decoration and construction.

And while it is true that it is a very interesting material for those spaces where resistance is needed, some of its drawbacks must also be considered.

The advantages and disadvantages of having a granite countertop

Advantages of granite countertops

The reality is that granite countertops have multiple advantages, which is why they have been used in many kitchens for decades. They are one of the most demanded by customers due to their multiple advantages.

It is a resistant material.

The main advantage of granite is that it is a very resistant material. In this way, it becomes the perfect ally for a kitchen top since it allows you to work comfortably without fear of it breaking with daily use.

Thus, granite countertops resist all kinds of bumps and scratches, so they will continue to look new despite the years.

Does not suffer from high temperatures

granite countertop is also very resistant to high temperatures, which is important in a kitchen. Therefore, there will be no problem supporting hot materials or freshly cooked dishes, as they will not wear out or anything negative will happen. This gives a lot of peace of mind when cooking daily.

It is easy to clean.

An advantage that should also be considered when opting for a granite countertop is that it is easy to clean. And it is that it will simply be enough to make a mixture of soap and water and clean it with a cloth.

It is also true that this type of material does not usually get too dirty, so regular cleaning will always be enough to keep it in perfect condition.

Each granite countertop has a unique design.

Granite, being a natural stone, allows you to create unique designs since it is impossible to control how the veins will be. Therefore, each countertop will be different from the others, thus ensuring that there are never two identical models.

Therefore, it is not only an ideal material for the kitchen due to its qualities but also allows for a unique and original space, totally personalized.

Disadvantages of granite countertops

Granite countertops have many advantages, but it is also true that some disadvantages must be considered, even if they are small numbers.

Some cleaning products can damage them.

Cleaning with soap and water will not cause problems for the granite countertop, but you must be aware that more abrasive cleaning products can damage the most superficial layer. Thus, the shine and some of the qualities of the granite would be lost.

It is not a material that is within reach of all pockets.

Let’s be honest: granite is only one of the cheapest options, although it is certainly a good investment. If granite countertops are compared with countertops made of other materials, there are indeed more affordable options.

But at this point, you have to assess what will be the useful life of one material and another and if, in the long run, the investment will be greater.

Colors for a granite countertop

Once the advantages and disadvantages of granite countertops have been assessed, it is time to consider the various colors in which this resistant material can be found.

White or gray granite countertops

White or gray granite countertops give the kitchen a touch of harmony and tranquility, even filling the space with light. In addition, it will make the kitchen look more modern and renewed.

Pink Granite Countertops

The color pink is more innovative and daring but no less elegant. Likewise, it is perfect for filling the kitchen with personality and being the special note within the monotony.

Red Granite Countertops

Red is another of the most striking and daring colors, so it is perfect for those granite countertops that want to break directly with the rest of the colors. Thus, it will make the kitchen full of vitality and warmth.

Green Granite Countertops

Green is a color that is increasingly in demand, especially in interior design, and the elegance of this color cannot be overlooked.

Yellow or Gold Granite Countertops

Yellow or gold-colored granite gives endless possibilities to those who want a different granite countertop without being excessively flashy but that goes out of the ordinary.

Brown Granite Countertops

The brown color is another color that reflects elegance, being the perfect reflection of nature. This one gives any kitchen a chic and glamorous look.

Blue Granite Countertops

Blue granite is, par excellence, the reflection of balance and serenity. Thanks to its color, it offers almost hypnotic and very striking finishes, creating innovative and modern spaces.

Black Quartz Countertops

Quartz stone is a very excellent and popular kitchen countertop material. After several years of rapid development, more and more people began to choose it. At the same time, due to the variety of quartz stone colors, many new buyers are also overwhelmed. What quartz stone color is right for your kitchen project? For example, is black Quartz good for kitchen countertops?

Black quartz stone is popular with many products. Different from the style of white quartz stone, black quartz stone has a clear personality color, suitable for some special kitchen projects. Durability, many types, high hardness, easy maintenance, scratch resistance, and other features make black quartz stone countertops popular.

Black Quartz Countertops Pros and Cons

No matter how excellent the quartz stone material is, it has unique characteristics and scope of use. In other words, only some kitchen styles can choose a quartz stone material with a certain characteristic. So as a popular black quartz stone in today’s market, what are its advantages and disadvantages?


  • high hardness
  • Durable
  • Easy maintenance
  • folk style
  • rich patterns
  • rich sizes

High hardness. Like other colored quartz materials, quartz stone has a very high hardness. They are coming to Mohs 7. It helps people to have a good user experience in daily life. Ordinary knives and forks are difficult to scratch.

Durable. Black quartz stone has very good durability. Even if people use it for a long time, it has the characteristics of being as shiny as new.

Easy maintenance. Black quartz stone has very good maintenance characteristics. The general dust is easy to clean and does not leave marks easily.

Poplar style. Black belongs to a special color, but it is also a popular color in the market. Today black quartz stone can be used well with most modern decorative styles.

Rich patterns. There are many kinds of black quartz stone; some are pure black, some are black with stars, some have the appearance of black marble, etc. It can fully meet people’s requirements for different patterns.

Rich sizes. With the advancement of quartz stone production technology, manufacturers can produce more and more sizes. These sizes meet the size requirements of most countertops.


  • Price
  • Splice

Price. Although the price of quartz stone has dropped significantly, black pigment is still higher than white. In other words, the black quartz stone will be more expensive than the comparable white quartz stone.

Splice. When two pieces of black quartz stone are spliced ​​together, we need a special color glue or special treatment because the white gap makes the entire countertop look messy and affects the aesthetics.

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Is black Quartz more expensive?

We need to know the price of other alternative materials when we want to confirm whether the black quartz stone is expensive. In this way, there is a comparison and understanding of the price level of this product in the market—usually, people like black quartz stone with black granite and quartz stone in other colors.

Black Quartz vs. black granite. Black Quartz is more expensive than black granite. The well-known black granite includes different types like Shanxi Black, Absolute Black, and other types. You can refer to the article. Is black granite out of style in 2023?? , which will help you to know more information about black granite in the year 2023. Particularly, the popular price of black granite is cheaper than Quartz. Of course, the difference in the price range is a little small. This is because the rapid advancement of quartz stone technology has driven down the price of more quartz stone products.

Meanwhile, if you want to compare black Quartz to white Quartz, black Quartz is also a bit expensive as black pigments are more expensive than white ones. No matter which black quartz stone you produce, it will cost a little more than the same grains of quartz sand and white quartz stone of the same quality.

Does black Quartz fade?

If you place the black quartz stone countertop where the sun can shine directly, the black quartz stone will seem to fade after prolonged use. Especially this is mainly because the black quartz stone contains a certain proportion of resin and black pigment, and this part of the material will fade after a few years of ultraviolet radiation.

Of course, if you put the black quartz stone in a place where direct sunlight cannot shine or where the daily light time is very short, it will not fade even if used for several years. Alternatively, you can use UV-resistant glass or shade protection so that the black quartz stone countertop will not fade for long.

Does black quartz scratch?

Undoubtedly, black quartz stone is a durable and scratch-resistant material. However, we do not recommend using a knife to cut food directly on the surface of the quartz stone, although it is not easily damaged. Unlike other light-colored quartz surfaces, black quartz stones are likelier to leave scratches if they are not hard enough.

Generally speaking, the popular black quartz surface with a Mosh 7 hardness degree. It is difficult to leave very deep scratches when using popular knives and forks. Of course, if you do not take any countertop protection measures and often use knives or other hard iron to make contact with the surface, black quartz stones will still leave marks more easily than other quartz stones. Clear.

If you want the black quartz stone countertop to be used for long without obvious traces of use, you must have a good quality product. But more importantly, it requires good habits of daily use and good habits that are maintained often.

The advantages and disadvantages of having a granite countertop

How do you care for black Quartz?

If your kitchen chooses and uses black quartz stone, you should know how to maintain and choose it. Remember to buy black quartz stone from a well-known or professional manufacturer. This guarantees the quality and longevity of your countertop. Once you have installed your product, how can you maintain its perfect appearance and quality?

Daily, you must prepare a soft sponge, detergent, and some stain removal tools. Of course, during the cleaning process, pay attention to protecting the countertop from scratches with hand tools. Because black quartz stone has a high luminosity, it should not be cleaned with a wire brush. This destroys the lightness.

Generally, the frequency of cleaning does not need to be too high. Of course, this also depends on how often you use it in your kitchen. In most cases, careful cleaning of the countertop can always keep the countertop clean after two days or every three days.

Are quartz countertops out of fashion?

As an excellent artificial stone, quartz stone is extraordinarily rich in products and decorations. At the same time, different types of quartz stones are popular in different years. For example, quartz stones with light colors and a marble appearance are now very popular. In particular, are back quartz countertops out of style now?

The black quartz stone countertop is not out of date. Because many modern architectural styles will choose black or dark quartz stone for decoration. Of course, not all black quartz stones are accepted; most people accept some very popular types.


Black Galaxy has been popular for many years as a black quartz stone with stable quality and low price. It replaces black granite and has all the advantages of quartz stone. This material is a good choice if you like to choose cheap black Quartz. Of course, they also name shiny black Quartz—and black diamond.


The black background color and white and brown marble lines are reminiscent of a premium natural marble look. Calacatta Noir Quartz is a fantastic black marble resembling a quartz surface.


Combining black and other colors always makes the material unique and personal. The weird combination of black and noble gold always gives the material a luxurious stone look. This black and gold Quartz will become more and more popular in 2023.


As we all know, Negro Marquina marble is a world-famous black marble. This material has white veins and is highly polished. Especially this Eternal Marquina Quartz with its natural marble appearance and excellent Quartz stone physical data.

The advantages and disadvantages of having a granite countertop


People are interested in quartz stone with a black background color and quartz stone with black veins. This Unique Calacatta Black Quartz with a white ground color, but there with beautiful bold black veins on the surface. In general, this material is also very popular in the market.

Onyx vs. Granite

Onyx and granite are two types of natural stone countertops used for home bathrooms and kitchens. Both types of stones come in many colors, offering a beautiful look to any room. There are several differences in these stones, however. Before choosing one over the other, it’s important to research, understand the differences, and determine which substance will be right for your space or project. Onyx

Onyx is a limestone that forms mainly in caves. It is prized for its brilliant swirling colors. The variety of black Onyx is desirable for its smooth texture and even color. It is often polished and presented as a curiosity and can be engraved or sculpted in various ways. It is often used as a counter in high-end homes and hotels. Onyx offers a unique, exotic look, partly because the light can pass through the stone.

The advantages and disadvantages of having a granite countertop

Onyx Pros and Cons

Onyx is one of the most beautiful stones, and no two pieces are alike. Because Onyx is made from calcium deposits, however, it has several drawbacks. First of all, it is a rather brittle stone. When using Onyx for a countertop, a fiberglass mesh material is typically placed across the back to help strengthen and support it. It scratches easily and reacts to acids found in lemons and other citrus fruits, vinegar, and more fruit juices. If these items come into contact with Onyx, etching of the surface normally occurs. Another drawback is availability. Large pieces of this stone are rarely found, so Onyx is generally only used for small areas, otherwise patched up in pieces.


Granite is an igneous stone that is used for a variety of purposes, including countertops and sculptures. It has many characteristics of marble and brilliant Onyx and comes in an equally wide range of colors. Granite comprises ultra-strong Quartz, feldspar, and mica and can withstand heat and exposure to most elements.

Granite Pros and Cons

Purchasing granite is often expensive, but the total cost is usually much less than Onyx. It can often be purchased in large sections, too. Still, the price often depends, at least in part, on the perceived beauty of the slabs.. Food spills and acid-containing compounds, such as juice lemon, and harsh weather conditions do not usually affect granite. This makes it a desirable stone for use as a counter, outdoor statue, or sculpture. Although not completely resistant to chipping and cracking, granite is highly durable.

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The advantages and disadvantages of having a granite countertop

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