The best furniture stores in Singapore that you should not miss

The best furniture stores in Singapore that you should not miss

Did you recently receive the keys to your new home? Are you excited to start equipping in the new direction? Are you overwhelmed by visiting various furniture stores and scrolling through the website? The experts have some gems that might help you in your new home. It will be profitable for you to buy furniture from Singapore and redecorate your new space in style. Without further ado, let’s go.

The best furniture stores in Singapore that you should not miss

Hip Van is your destination for designer furniture

The popular e-commerce website Hip Van sells stylish furniture, lighting products, and housewares. Their products are reasonably priced and still carefully designed. Its best-sellers are dining tables suitable for modern homes.

Wallhub Singapore to download exclusive wallpaper designs

If you want to buy the best wallpaper in Singapore, the only option is Wallhub. It will offer you an impressive range of designs suitable for modern homes. By providing more than 10,000 designs, they are becoming world renowned for their services and artistic skills.

Simmons – Rejuvenating sleep every night

People spend much of their day in their beds, so a comfortable, attractive mattress allows for restful sleep. When looking for furniture in Singapore, you cannot avoid Simmons mattresses because of their high-quality and standard mattress material. They offer a variety of beds to suit your needs.

Attic apartment for quality furniture.

If you’re looking for accessibility and functionality simultaneously, you’ll have to look at penthouse living. Attic Living, a national brand, produces attractive furniture that combines personality, functionality, affordability, and aesthetics. They provide quality pocket furniture that is perfect for your dream home.

Get ergonomic and modern designed furniture from Born in Color

Founded in 2014, Born in Color has found a prominent place in the Singapore market. It brings you stylish yet compact and functional furniture that fits well in your new home. If you need more space and want to expand your furniture offering, you’ll want to look for industrial, Scandinavian, and modern furniture.

BoConcept for luxury furniture

Founded in 1952, a premium retail brand is known for efficient production, design, and service. If you are looking for well-designed, light, and attractive furniture such as dining tables, outdoor furniture, garden furniture, seating sets, and beds, look at their impressive collection.

When renovating a living room, you must bring uniqueness and individuality.

When you choose a great interior design, it says a lot about your personality. Quality furniture at a reasonable price in Singapore is easy to find without any hassle. You can get bright, customizable shades and blinds to enhance the overall look of your living space. Mix and match modern furniture with conventional wallpaper to give your home a new look. Only from Singapore can you get durable and impressive furniture to suit your taste and budget. You get to class and sophistication in Singapore furniture stores.

shopping in Singapore

Although finding the same bargains as in Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, and other nearby cities is difficult, you have chosen the perfect destination if you like shopping.

Interior of Sim Lim Square shopping center

Shopping in Chinatown

Bugis flea market

One of the biggest hobbies of Singaporeans is shopping.

If something is missing in Singapore, the specific product is understandable in such a multicultural society. In exchange, you can buy traditional Chinese, Indian, and other countries’ products.

The most important commercial areas of Singapore are the following:

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orchard road

Singapore’s major shopping malls and shops are located on Orchard Road. It is the best area to go shopping in Singapore if you are looking for products from big fashion brands.


If you can put aside the great food to browse the shops, Chinatown is where you’ll find antiques, handmade goods, and household items.

Little India

Little India is the ideal place to go shopping in Singapore if you want to buy carvings, jewelry, furniture, religious art, and sarees.

One of the most important shopping points in Little India is the Mustafa Center. In this curious shopping center, you will find everything from luxury watches to “everything for a hundred” items. We could define it as a seedy “English Cut.”

Bugis flea market

You will find everything you are looking for in this street market in Singapore. Also, if you are thirsty, you can try one of the strange juices offered in the stalls. Do you fancy a lawn one?

You have to get off at the Bugis MRT stop (green line) to get there.

sim lim square

Electronic paradise. In this large shopping center, you can find the latest digital cameras, mobile phones, computers, and other technological products.

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The best furniture stores in Singapore that you should not miss

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