Important Benefits of Air Conditioning Filter Maintenance 2023

Important Benefits of Air Conditioning Filter Maintenance 2023

Filters are one of the essential parts of our air conditioner. Not only because they help clean, purify and keep our equipment in perfect condition but because poor maintenance (or not doing it) can cause performance problems, increasing electrical consumption and deteriorating the entire air conditioning system.

Symptoms of poor filter maintenance

As a fundamental part of our air conditioning, we must pay close attention to the filters; and perform proper maintenance when necessary. Essential filter maintenance is simple and easy to perform, and its benefits are enormous compared to the problems we’re not doing it can cause us.

Important Benefits of Air Conditioning Filter Maintenance 2023

We must remember that the primary function of air conditioning filters is to prevent impurities, particles, germs, and harmful elements from entering our equipment and spreading through the environment.

Below we can see some images of dirty filters due to a lack of maintenance:

The most visible consequences of the lack of maintenance of the filters of an air conditioning system are:

 The importance of filters in the maintenance of your air conditioning

Performance reduction

The lack of maintenance in the filters causes a reduction in the system’s performance and an increase in electrical consumption.

Decrease in the air outlet flow.

If maintenance is not carried out on the filters, we will notice that as much air does not come from the equipment.

Drop in outlet temperature.

By not performing the correct maintenance on the filters, the air outlet temperature drops, causing the thermal shock to be more significant.

Noise rise

If our filters are not in perfect maintenance, we will notice how the equipment makes excessive noise from air movements.

Bad smells

If the maintenance of the filters is correct, the amount of air that the equipment moves is sufficient, increasing the humidity inside and promoting the appearance of foul odours.

The simple fact of cleaning the filters periodically can prevent the appearance of these first symptoms.

Severe consequences of lack of maintenance of air conditioning filters

The consequences already listed are the first symptoms of the lack of maintenance of the filters. If we continue without reviewing it, we will have much more severe problems.

Indoor unit freezing

When the filters are in a deplorable state of maintenance, the indoor unit cannot move the airflow it needs; therefore, the temperature exchange battery of the indoor team freezes. The reason is that it cannot dissipate the cold in the environment.


If the filters have not been maintained, the indoor unit freezes for safety reasons or because we stop the equipment. All that ice will thaw, overflowing the drain pan or plugging the drain outlet.

Dirty turbine

Suppose the maintenance of the filters needs to be corrected. In that case, the tiny air that enters the indoor unit will make it dirty (since the filters are completely covered and the air will enter through mismatches between the filter and the casing), and this dirt will stick to the turbine. We will notice musty smells and see how our system can start to expel black specks.

Increased electricity consumption

An air conditioner without filters can consume more than twice as much electricity as another in perfect condition.

Compressor failure

If the maintenance of the filters is postponed too long and they are in deplorable condition, they can affect the compressor. The compressor is our air conditioning equipment’s most important and expensive piece. If we have filthy filters, imbalances occur in the refrigerant gas operating processes, being able to cause the liquid to reach the compressor. A blow of juice, the technical name of this fact, can leave our compressor unusable. The repair of a compressor is the most expensive in an air conditioner.

The images below illustrate the severe consequences of lack of maintenance and neglect of our air conditioning equipment:

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Carry out proper maintenance.

We must properly maintain the equipment’s filters to prevent our system from suffering accelerated deterioration and reducing its useful life.

From Quim Service, we advise conducting a complete review of our air conditioning at least once a year. We can only avoid inconveniences such as those described above and future problems by carrying out complete maintenance. Keep your system components in good condition:

How often should we clean the filters?

We must differentiate between air conditioning equipment used only in summer and those used in summer and winter.

At Quim Service, we recommend carrying out at least an annual cleaning if the air conditioning is used only in summer; and two yearly cleanings if the air conditioning is used in summer and winter.

Cleaning and maintenance are essential for the proper functioning of your equipment.

At Quim Service, we have maintenance programs designed for you. Carrying out an initial visit, we can assess the cost of complete commissioning of the air conditioning equipment, that is, A thorough maintenance of the air conditioning, and we can design a maintenance program tailored to your needs and according to your needs.

When to change air conditioning filters?

Taking good care of your HVAC system will extend its longevity and keep your home comfortable and your family safe!

One of the most worrying issues today is the air quality we breathe, especially in our homes. That’s where you have to consider the air conditioning filter.

The air filter performs a simple role: it captures airborne dirt, debris, and allergens, preventing them from entering your home.

So it stands to reason that it gets dirty and full after months of use, making it less effective over time.

How often should air filters be changed?

Reviewing and cleaning the entire system every three months at the regulatory level is recommended. Usually, this coincides with the change of season. The best thing an owner can do is understand the importance of changing air filters and knowing when to do it; now more than ever, it is recommended to insist on the maintenance of air conditioners.

The benefit of changing filters

As with most air conditioners, routine maintenance can add years to the unit’s life. Replacing the smaller internal parts of your heating or air conditioning unit, such as cleaning or changing the air filter, or bleeding the radiators as winter approaches, will make them do their job more efficiently.

They have improved air quality in your home. As mentioned, air filters enhance air quality by trapping suspended or transported particles. The health effects associated with indoor air quality are known and proven—irritation of the eyes, nose, and throat, headaches, dizziness, and fatigue.

Recommendations from official agencies to prevent SARS.Co-2 or COVID-19 in terms of A/C filters. Among the guidance published by the Spanish Ministry of Health and different associations (ATECYR, AFEC…), the renewal of outdoor air prevails; we reflect three recommendations related to air filters.

Maintenance and cleaning of air conditioning filters. If the filter is filthy, it can reduce the air conditioning flow that allows it to enter, avoiding the main recommendation of official bodies (air renewal). In these cases, cleaning or changing them for more efficient ones is recommended, provided that the equipment’s technical characteristics allow the same airflow to be maintained.

Increase protection measures for maintainers. Special attention must be paid to cleaning or changing filters as they may be contaminated.

Reduces the electricity bill by being more efficient. When the filter is clogged, airflow is restricted, and the A/C unit works harder to heat or cool the house. That means the energy bill will go up. One of the main reasons an A/C team overworks is a clogged filter. Take note: changing air filters can reduce energy consumption by 5% to 15%.

Increases the useful life of the device. Lower stress on the system means it can last much longer. Do It Good regular air conditioning system maintenance can mean the difference between optimum efficiency or avoidable repairs.


Now that you know all the dust and dirt that traps the air conditioning filter changing or cleaning it can give you more peace of mind. When the heating or air conditioning is on, air passes through the air filter. Make sure dirty air isn’t constantly circulating in your home.

How to know when to change air filters

Your environment

Do you live in the city, the suburbs, or the country? City air has many particles compared to the new government or suburban atmosphere. If you live in a town with more pollution, you should often change your air filters. On the other hand, if your house is in the countryside, but there is a lot of pollen or allergens near your home, it is also advisable to maintain the filters more regularly.

Do you live with pets? Be aware of hair, dander, allergens, and other particles your furry friend stirs up. If you have pets, your air filter may work harder than most.

Your family

Do you have small children? If the answer is yes, it’s best to keep your home’s comfort level and air quality at their best. With young children comes an increase in activity. More activity in your house means more dust and even dirt.

Does anyone have allergies, or do you live with elderly or risk people? People with medical problems or allergies are susceptible to air quality. Remember this and mention it when a professional perform your HVAC system maintenance checks.

What is the best air filter for my air conditioner?

We always recommend consulting a professional team to determine which air filter is best for your air conditioner. But let’s explain the importance of a MERV rating for air filters. MERV stands for Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value, a measure developed by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air Conditioning Engineers. The MERV ranges from values ​​1 to 16.

The higher the MERV rating, the more efficient the filter and the more effective it is at capturing airborne particles. Now, let’s take a closer look at what MERV rating is required for your home:

MERV 1-4: Captures pollen, dust mites, carpet fibres, sanding dust

MERV 5-8: Mold spores, cement dust, hairspray

MERV 9-12: Humidifier Dust, Lead Dust, Automobile Emissions

MERV 13 – 16: Bacteria, most tobacco smoke, sneeze particles.

The MERV 16 filter would be ideal for most germs typically found in hospitals. Home air conditioning systems usually operate with a MERV rating of 8-13. An air conditioning professional can help you identify the right air filter for your home.

Breathe easy at home.

Consider the benefits of changing air filters the next time you think of air conditioning. It is best to have an air conditioning maintenance contract to keep your air conditioning equipment in perfect condition with clean air filters, adequate gas load, and cooling correctly. In addition to all the preventive reviews, the maintenance contract has a modality where it also covers air conditioning breakdowns and repairs.

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Important Benefits of Air Conditioning Filter Maintenance 2023

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