Why create a blog today? +28 Reasons

Why create a blog today? +28 Reasons

What is a blog?

A Blog or Weblog is a website with Dynamic content, that is, whose content changes often. Blogs typically cover everything from personal opinions on a topic to product reviews and 

Reasons to create a blog.

There are many reasons why you should create a blog. Whether you are a private person who wants to make your blog or if you are a company or organization that wants to take advantage of the advantages it offers.

In order not to make an endless list of reasons, I have divided them into three blocks:

Generic motifs benefit both personal blogs and business or professional blogs.

Personal reasons are those advantages that mainly affect individuals who decide to create a personal blog.

And finally, the reasons why a company should have a blog.

Why create a blog today? +28 Reasons

Reasons to create a Personal or Company blog.

As you will see below, there are many reasons you should think about creating a blog, whether you are an individual or a company.

Next, we will see the main reasons for creating a blog, which affect both individuals and companies.

  1. Improve the positioning of your website (SEO)

SEO or Web Positioning is fundamental on the Internet; whatever you do on the Internet, you must consider SEO. This is because people usually search through search engines like Google, YouTube, Amazon, etc.

In the case of a blog, it can be a potent weapon to improve SEO and increase your site’s visibility.

  1. Increase traffic to your website

This point is a consequence of the previous one. Since if we improve our positioning (SEO), we will receive more visits, which is also known as an increase in organic traffic, which interests us all; the more people visit you, the better.

For example, the graph shows the exclusively organic traffic (by doing SEO) generated by one of my niches through the news blog.

  1. Possibility of doing Content Marketing

Content marketing is a Marketing technique that creates content to attract your target audience to convert (purchasing, creating leads, etc.).

It is used by many companies and is one of the best ways to capture and convince your audience, mainly if you sell a product or service.

  1. Create your newsletter list

Many influential blogs earn their income primarily through their subscriber list. With that list of emails they collect, email marketing actions can be carried out, making a lot of money (if you have enough subscribers).

A list of subscribers (leads) of a blog is something like the subscribers of a YouTube channel.

  1. A blog helps to capture leads.

There are many ways to collect leads. Many companies carry out advertising campaigns to collect qualified emails/leads, and sometimes they can pay a lot.

With a blog, you can “easily” create a list of leads, which otherwise could not be generated.

If readers like what they read on your blog, they can email you.

  1. Grow your subscriber list

If you already have a list of subscribers, growing that list takes work. As I mentioned, many companies use advertising campaigns, social networks, landing pages, etc.

Well, with a blog, you can grow your subscriber list automatically.

You can use a lead magnet on your blog, providing something of value that the user might want.

  1. Position yourself as an expert in a market sector

People do whatever it takes to make themselves known in highly competitive sectors. Creating a blog allows you to show that you are an actual machine in your industry and that you are a true professional in what you do. This helps you position yourself in your market niche.

Usually, the more specific you are with your theme, the more chances there are of penetrating a market niche with high competition.

  1. Help create Alliances and Networking.

It’s no use being a lone wolf on the Internet. Meeting people from the same sector and trying to form alliances with them will not only empower both of you, but it can also create a bond of friendship that you would not have been able to achieve otherwise.

You can access the “early adopters” of your sector with some pretext, such as writing a guest post / doing guest blogging.

Why create a blog today? +28 Reasons

  1. It allows you to help other people.

A blog is where you can transmit your knowledge and experiences, where you capture information that anyone who wants to can read and that can be of help.

It may sound cliché, but helping others on the Internet can open many doors for you.

If you don’t believe it, look at the community created on GitHubDiscord, Telegram, Slack channels, or on some forums. These sites are full of opportunities for people who have made friends or gained clients by helping others.

  1. You can pass on your knowledge.

A blog is a perfect tool to pass on your knowledge and wisdom. And even if we are not Leonardo Da Vinci, a blog is the ideal channel to transmit knowledge.

A clear example of this use can be that of a teacher who decides to share a syllabus on his blog instead of having to distribute 700 photocopied sheets to 700 students.

It is also a perfect channel for a company’s customers to resolve their doubts without needing an army of customer service operators.

With a post, you can create content to resolve a customer’s doubts. This is what many web hosting companies do.

  1. Being able to control what Google says about you

Indeed you have searched for your name on Google, and if you are not a public figure, many things will appear that have nothing to do with you. If you put your name on Google, many weird people will likely appear; I encourage you to try it.

If, for example, we want to do some branding and work on our brand, it will be an essential requirement to appear in the first search results (SERPS).

Can you imagine that after talking to a client and explaining how good you are, they look for you on Google, and you don’t appear? What image do you think he will take of you?

Why create a blog today? +28 Reasons

Reasons to make a Personal Blog.

A personal blog allows you to post articles and share content. A place to share experiences or relevant information with your readers to make yourself known.

Here are some reasons why starting a personal blog is a good idea.

  1. Make yourself known

Blogging is one of the best ways to get people to know you professionally and personally.

A perfect way to boost your brand or your skills as a freelancer.

And who knows… maybe you can become quite an influencer.

  1. Get a better job

You can take advantage of your blog to empower yourself and present your best image. You can show that you “are an ax” at what you do and that you are an authority.

You can expand all the information you want, which you can’t do in a resume. This will give you a massive advantage over other candidates who apply for the position you want.

  1. Your blog is your best resume.

Creating a blog transmits creativity, initiative, dynamism, and many other things I need to remember.

Having your blog can be a differentiating factor when looking for a job.

Today, for many jobs (primarily digital), it is more beneficial to have an updated blog than an impeccable resume.         

  1. Create your own Audience/Community

Can you imagine having your followers? Nowadays, creating your audience and having your fans is easier.

Social networks are the perfect ally to spread your word on the Internet, although they have a big “but” that the almighty blog does not have.

On social networks, you cannot completely control what happens and what people say about you; on the other hand, on a blog, you have 100% control.

Why create a blog today? +28 Reasons

  1. You can generate synergy with your social networks.

Having a Facebook page is fine. Having an Instagram account and uploading your photos is also good.

But… What if you combine your social networks with your blog? If you do, only one thing can happen, you generate a “traffic spiral” and reach much more people than if you only use one channel.

  1. Offer your services

Imagine your blog as your store, a store where a lot of people pass by, so many that they don’t fit on the sidewalk.

Now imagine that in addition to that, you can put everything you want, as many times as you want, in your window because it is an infinite space; sounds good, right? That is precisely what your blog can be, a showcase where your readers can be your potential customers.

  1. It helps you to be constantly updated.

No matter how specialized you are, creating blog content requires little research. Even if it’s just to corroborate things you already know or refresh concepts.

That research paper can be a perfect exercise for catching up and learning new things while creating content.

Why create a blog today? +28 Reasons

  1. It helps you write better.

If you make a blog, keep in mind that you will be swell to write (unless you hire a writer). If you like to write, congratulations, you already have half the job done.

But if you’re bad at writing… It’s okay; no harm doesn’t come for good.

With practice, you will hone this much-needed skill. When I started writing my blog, I wouldn’t say I liked to, but now I can’t stop writing. Take a look!

  1. It helps you express yourself more clearly.

Writing is something we can’t escape, whether you like it more or less, everyone needs to write, and everyone needs to do it minimally well.

With the creation of a blog, you will improve your written expression, which will help you develop other qualities, such as oral expression. Do you know someone who expresses himself well by writing and doesn’t do it by speaking?

Why create a blog today? +28 Reasons

  1. It challenges you to grow every day.

Using a very mild euphemism, one could say that the Internet is a competitive world, not to say that there is a competition that shits. That same competition makes us try our best, be more creative, and be intelligent.

If you decide to take it professionally, it is undoubtedly a challenge.

  1. It will give you a reputation.

Many people claim that reputation is everything. Whether it is or not, it is clear that it does matter in the highly mediated world in which we live.

So, an excellent way to create, increase or take care of that valuable reputation is by having your blog where you can show people what a good person you are!

Many large companies use a content strategy on their blogs to improve their reputation. This is quite common in sectors such as banking or insurance, where their reputation can be significantly improved and they are not very popular with the public.

Why create a blog today? +28 Reasons

  1. Make money with a blog.

I was trying to decide whether to put this section since I am not sure if someone might be interested in the topic of money…

The fact is that with a blog, you can earn money. You can start generating business opportunities and monetizing quickly if you do things right.

Monetization is essential for the survival of a blog.

There are many ways to earn money with a blog, so many that it gives for an entire post. The most common methods are:

  • The lists of subscribers or leads + email marketing
  • Advertising banners (Adsense)
  • Passive affiliate income
  • direct sales of products
  • Recommendation/sponsorship of products or services
  • Reviews and sponsored posts

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Why create a blog today? +28 Reasons

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