17 Best Online Marketing Degrees To Apply For Now

17 Best Online Marketing Degrees To Apply For Now

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Digital marketing is a group of various online marketing techniques such as email, social media, mobile apps, websites, blogs, videos, etc. Getting a degree in online marketing could secure your career in this domain. 

Digital Marketing has the potential to grow to a $264.15 million market by 2030. Therefore, earning a dedicated degree and professional certifications should put you in senior-level positions with excellent earning opportunities.

Read on to learn why you get a marketing degree online, and then find out about some eminent online institutions where you can apply.   

17 Best Online Marketing Degrees To Apply For Now

The role of a marketing professional

Marketing executives or managers ensure thorough promotion and awareness of a product or service. 

Responsibilities of a Marketing Professional

  • Marketing executives must implement the product marketing roadmap established by the leadership team.
  • As a marketing executive, you must design, plan, and create marketing campaigns online and offline.
  • You may also need to monitor the editorial calendar and content.
  • A content marketing manager works closely with article writers, copywriters, and SEO experts to increase organic traffic and conversion rate.
  • Managing marketing budgets and saving the business some money is also your responsibility.

Skills of a Marketing Professional

  • Excellent written and verbal communication
  • Creativity in visual design and storytelling
  • Projects management
  • Marketing campaigns and advertising budget.
  • Leadership and persuasion

You can acquire these skills through years of experience. But earning an online marketing degree while working increases the value of your resume and portfolio. You can easily demand the next promotion or change jobs to negotiate a better salary.   

Online Marketing Degree Is Going Mainstream

The global education market is undergoing a significant transition in delivering learning content virtually from the classroom. As new subjects and their titles are posted online, marketing, especially Full Stack Digital Marketing, has been predominantly an online course. After the Covid-19 pandemic, it has become more common due to the following reasons: 


Tuition and fees drop dramatically when you switch from a classroom to an online degree.

17 Best Online Marketing Degrees To Apply For Now

Access to Prestigious Institutions

Due to travel bans during the pandemic, new sessions on marketing degrees at prestigious universities have started online. So students, teachers, and employers have found this form of education more effective than learning on campus. 

Now, in the new normal, the world’s top universities have continued their online marketing degrees and attracting candidates from all over the world.

Flexible schedules

You can work while you study and earn a degree in online marketing. You don’t have to leave your job, as you can learn at your own pace and take online assessments based on your institution’s rules.

Laboratories 100% online

Offline marketing is becoming obsolete, and digital marketing is filling that gap. According to an EarthWeb report, globally, 6.64 billion people own a smartphone. Hence, email marketing. , youtube ads, in-game ads, in-app ads, Facebook ads, Twitter ads, etc., are becoming more critical than offline advertising or promotion. 

Therefore, marketing degree lab jobs are entirely online, and there is no need for face-to-face interaction with the trainer.   

Online title vs. Online Courses/Certifications for Marketing

The main difference between an online certification in marketing and an online marketing degree is the content and length of the course.

An online marketing degree will discuss various general education topics, English communication, business administration, and not to mention core marketing topics.

A certificate-oriented course will primarily discuss the latest marketing techniques and tools.

If you are already working as a marketing professional and want to get a promotion or take on more challenges for better pay, you should get certifications online.

However, you want to understand marketing from scratch and see yourself at an executive or leadership level in the future. In that case, you should go for a marketing degree. You may also want to get an M.S. 

Sometimes companies ask you to obtain internationally recognized certifications such as Microsoft Advertising Certification, Google Analytics, OMCP Digital Marketing Certification, Google Ads Marketing Certification, etc.      

17 Best Online Marketing Degrees To Apply For Now

An Overview of Online Marketing Degree

The entire degree program will depend on the institution. However, you may find some of the following commons: 

title at a glance

  • 120 total credits to obtain the degree
  • credit transfer options
  • Billing for credit hours
  • Dynamic course content related to the current market.
  • Internships
  • 4-year degree (30 credits per year)

Course content

  • Core Business Themes
  • general education
  • Technological resources
  • professional sale
  • Digital Marketing
  • Market research
  • social media marketing
  • Consumer behavior
  • brand management

Career path

With an online bachelor’s degree in marketing or digital marketing, you can become:

  • social media manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Market Research Analyst
  • media planner
  • Product/Brand Manager
  • Business development manager
  • Advertising and promotions manager
  • Nonprofit Fundraising

17 Best Online Marketing Degrees To Apply For Now

gaining potential

marketing managers

The May 2021 report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics says that the annual salary for marketing managers can range from $135,030 to $192,520. And the median salary is $63,920. 

Analysts and market research specialists

Another agency report also states that the minimum and maximum annual salaries for analysts/marketing specialists are $37,570 and $128,320, respectively. At the same time, the median wage stands at $63,920 a year.  

Find below some prestigious marketing degrees you can earn online:

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Online Marketing Degree Bachelor’s: SNHU

This SNHU career focuses on problem-solving and creativity in the marketing and digital marketing sector. You can choose two concentration or specialization courses, Digital Marketing and Social Media.

In addition, you can choose HubSpot Social Media Certification as an elective course to learn the tools and techniques of online marketing. This will help you demonstrate outstanding performance in the workplace. 

Also, this B.S. course allows you to earn an accelerated master’s degree from the same institution. You can save a lot by transferring credits from B.S. to M.S. courses. 

Online BS in Marketing: ASU Online

What is more interesting is that there will be no mention of an online degree on the certificate. Earn an online degree while learning from the same college that teaches students on campus. That’s why ASU online gives you this golden opportunity.

During the degree program, you will learn advanced topics such as Applied Marketing Management, Marketing Leadership, Marketing Research, Consumer Behavior, B2B Marketing Strategy, Competitive Marketing Strategy, and more. 

17 Best Online Marketing Degrees To Apply For Now

Online Marketing Degree BS: WGU

Prepare for an exciting business and marketing career by earning this ACBSP-accredited WGU online marketing degree. The degree program is one of the most complete on the market, with affordable tuition costs per semester.

You will learn various theories from the following disciplines:

  • Marketing
  • business core
  • Business Administration
  • general education
  • I.T. Fundamentals
  • Human Resources

In total, there will be 41 courses. In addition, there will be a Capstone Project in which you will plan, implement, and analyze a freelance marketing campaign as a work project.

B.S. in Marketing: University of Minnesota Online

Another esteemed online marketing degree offered by the University of Minnesota Online is highly valued in the job market. It is a hands-on program to teach you the strategies and skills to identify customers and personalized needs.

It is a 4-year bachelor’s degree with 100% online content delivery, lab courses, and assessments. There are opportunities for virtual internships after course completion and before degree completion.  

B.S. in Marketing Online: Indiana State University

This Indiana State University Bachelor of Marketing degree offered will prepare you for the challenges in B2B and B2c marketing. You will be eligible to work in higher positions in medium-sized businesses, corporations, and nonprofit organizations. 

You will learn the tools and techniques to manage a comprehensive online and offline marketing campaign. As a course concentration, you can address the topic of Marketing Management.    

17 Best Online Marketing Degrees To Apply For Now

BBA in Marketing Online: UALR

This UALR degree will help you develop the skills necessary to excel in careers such as professional sales, online advertising, and marketing management. The degree program requires you to complete 120 credit hours, of which 45 hours are in higher-level courses, for example, levels 3000 to 4000.

The degree will train you in crucial disciplines such as General Business, Professional Business, Marketing Specialization, and Marketing Electives (Digital Marketing Emphasis or Sales Professional Emphasis).  

BacheloBachelor’sketing Online: Franklin University

This bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Franklin University has received IACBE accreditation. This means you’ll learn the latest content to prepare you for today’s and tomorrow’s consumer marketing and business challenges. 

It is a 124-credit-hour degree program. You can choose between 6 and 12-week courses. Plus, you can transfer up to 76% of credits to save money and time. 

Online BBA in Marketing: Brenau University

Attracting and retaining customers or consumers is a great challenge for any business. Breñau, The University’s BBA in Marketing, prepares you to respond to this challenge and help your company increase its revenue.

The course content is highly up-to-date, and you will learn from real-world marketing challenges and case studies. This is a 4-year degree program designed to make you proficient in consumer needs, product design, developing marketing plans, and more.     

BBA in Marketing: New Mexico State University

New Mexico State University offers this BBA degree in Marketing with a course in Strategic Marketing. The content of the course on campus and online is the same. It is an extensive 4-year degree program that focuses on disciplines such as:

  • Information Technology
  • college algebra
  • Business and Communications
  • Calculation
  • Macroeconomic Principles
  • Marketing Principles
  • Consumer behavior
  • Financial Analysis and Markets 

To complete the degree, you must earn 120 credits in 4 years. 

Marketing Major: Isenberg School of Management

The Isenberg School of Management could be a great option if you want to complete a marketing degree online. It offers a significant marketing degree that will help you grow in your profession. 

The course provides a flexible learning environment for an unparalleled AACSB-accredited education.

BBA in Marketing: Temple University

Temple University offers a BBA degree in Marketing online through the Fox School of Business. It enables you to prepare for a successful marketing career by having a solid understanding of marketing activities.

The course enables you to meet contemporary marketing challenges with an active and experiential curriculum. Also, study economics, psychology, statistics, and data analysis to understand the current market scenario.

B.A. in Business Administration (Marketing): WSU Global Campus

To break into today’s fast-paced career landscape, this marketing degree from WSU will go a long way to help you. It enables you to develop a solid foundation in business fundamentals and learn about consumer behavior, marketing research, international marketing, and management.

The course is offered in a 7-week format in which you must complete two or four 7-week courses during a 16-week semester.

Also, check out these online marketing courses offered by leading edTech platforms.

Marketing Essentials MicroBachelors Program: edX

This edX course will help boost your career by teaching you consumer behavior, pricing strategy, market segmentation, etc. The system will take three months to complete if you invest 7-9 hours per week.

BSc Marketing: Coursera

Coursera helps you get a degree in marketing offered by the University of London. The program is 100% online and takes 36-72 months to complete.

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing: Google Digital Garage 

Google’s Digital Garage offers Digital Marketing Fundamentals courses for professionals who want to implement the knowledge for their business or career. It has 40-hour self-paced learning material and provides you with a recognized certificate.

Diploma in Marketing Management: Alison

You can opt for Diploma in Marketing Management by Alison as well. It consists of 12 modules covering 45 vital topics and can be completed in 10 hours.

Online Digital Marketing Course: Edureka 

This Edureka course helps you gain substantial knowledge about different aspects of digital marketing. This certification course consists of 30 hours of instructor-led, live online classes and is a gateway to your career.

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17 Best Online Marketing Degrees To Apply For Now

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