3 reasons to hire business massages 2023

3 reasons to hire business massages: The perfect motivation to have happy employees

The idea of ​​business messages originated in Japan. Originally, it was used to treat the country’s growing population with stress-induced ailments. Soon this practice spread to European countries and is gaining ground in the United States and Colombia.

If you want your employees to do their best, you have to start doing your best for them. It is a reciprocal exchange so that motivation is not lost and the rate of work absenteeism is reduced. 

The “workplace” is thought to be the most obvious place for corporate massages. However, massage therapists can offer it regularly in any setting where employees are present. 

Business massage can be tailored to the specific needs of each recipient, such as relief of back pain or relaxation of muscle tension. The session can also include psychological benefits such as increased confidence and productivity at work. 

3 reasons to hire business massages: The perfect motivation to have happy employees

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How to motivate your employees? 

With incentives that improve your quality of life, of course. In this case, business massages are a good option.

Massages are a great way to reduce stress and boost morale; they efficiently relax people. They also improve communication and help employees take care of themselves. A massage can help with those annoying knots in the back and neck that prevent us from feeling good and make us not concentrate enough during office hours. 

3 compelling reasons to hire business massage packages

Massages are a type of mind/body therapy that can help alleviate anxiety and promote relaxation to promote general health and well-being for the massaged person. 

Massages can be used as part of a healthy lifestyle and encourage the retention of the best talent in your company. Many people enjoy a massage as part of their regular exercise routine or as a way to keep joints healthy because it helps improve blood flow through the body. 

Suppose your goal is to lose rewards for those employees who excel at their jobs. In that case, consider adding regular massages to your weekly work routine because massages have been shown to increase optimism and improve productivity. 

The first reason is that business massages are a form of self-care. This is important because it helps reduce stress levels and promote restful sleep. Both are relevant factors when an employee can be proactive and maintain the pace of progressive work. 

The second reason is that business messages can be used as a talent retention strategy to differentiate yourself when the best talent knocks on your door and seeks to be in your company. Employees who feel appreciated are likelier to stay with the company longer than those who feel unappreciated by their employer. 

The third reason is that business massages can be used to improve the employee-boss relationship, creating spaces where they can share on an intimate level, improving team synergy, and thereby improving response times when solving any problem.

Why opt for business massages?

It has countless benefits not only for the staff but also for your company because by keeping workers motivated, you can improve the work environment and strengthen the commitment and loyalty of the work team with the company and each of the projects. That they address

How to introduce business messages in your company?

It is enough to hire a suitable professional, buy a chair or a massage table, and set aside a quiet place in the offices for this work. 

Now, if you still need clarification about how to carry out business massages for your organization, here we will leave you some ideas for HR leaders who are usually in charge of carrying out this type of work incentives.

1. Offer the massage service during the same working hours; remember that it is optional to have a full day; 15 or 20 minutes per worker will be enough for you to have a different and satisfactory experience.

2. You can also organize workshops in a fortnight or the last to allow your employees to relax and spend a different day. This will improve your mood and increase the concentration of all participants.

3. Consider the business massage as a gift for workers who meet the objectives set in a given time. This could encourage healthy competition and productivity.

4. You can also introduce business messages to corporate events, that is, when a new member joins, after a meeting with the entire work team, or any other occasion that requires concentration, commitment, and motivation.

Advice that you should consider before hiring business massages

The idea is to contact the professionals in this area and ask them about the commitment and experience of the masseurs since they must be an expert who knows the best techniques to achieve quality massages that are beneficial for your employees. 

Instead of taking any of these services lightly because, in the long run, the cure may be worse than the disease. 

6 Benefits of Corporate Massages: Make your employees feel happy and motivated

In a company, having a happy and motivated work team is essential for everything to run correctly and thus always obtain the desired results. That is why it is important to give them incentives so that their performance is always the best.

And that is where corporate messages come into play. Also known as express massage, they are a new modality used in small, medium, and large companies to improve work performance, reduce the stress level of the staff, and result in high performance and productivity.

Corporate massages are a very effective way to make employees feel better and more motivated. This can be rewarding for both the company and the employee and a great way to reward those talented people for their hard work, loyalty, and dedication.

For example, when an employee has achieved a goal that requires a lot of time and energy, it is ideal to reward them with a corporate massage if it is within the budget. The best thing about these incentives is that they can lead to higher staff performance over time, improving staff responsiveness and engagement.

Why should I have a corporate massage plan for my company? Will it help the performance of the human resources of my business? These are some of the questions we will answer below so that you know the compelling reasons why a corporate massage package will help your company’s performance.

The 6 most important benefits of Corporate Massages

In a world where human resources can freely choose what career path they would like to follow, retaining the people who contribute the most to your company is vital to continuing to grow as a business. Corporate massages add many benefits so that the key human capital of the company is even more productive and achieves the goals set faster.

According to several studies, the results measured through a survey of 127 employees revealed that a massage or physiotherapy service lasting between 15 to 20 minutes directly impacts employees, giving them multiple benefits that will also benefit your company in the long run. Term. Among the main benefits are:

1 .- Stress reduction: Stress could decrease by up to 85% after a decontracting or simply relaxing massage. This is positive since this is one of the main negative factors within work activities. Reducing stress in employees not only improves their health but also increases their effectiveness in their workplace.

2.- Relief of muscle tension: Muscle tension or associated pain are the main problems —besides stress— in an office due to long hours of sitting. Which can slow down productivity precisely because of the inconvenience caused. A corporate massage would be the most effective solution for this problem, representing up to 50% of the relief at the muscular level.

3.- Reduces headaches: Corporate massages help reduce this condition by up to 48% since headaches and migraines increase with stress levels.

4.- Improves the immune system: It has been proven that corporate massages increase cellular activity by up to 35%, which improves the immune system and therefore prevents autoimmune or autoinflammatory diseases.

5.- Improves the quality of sleep: Insomnia or lack of sleep is one of the most common problems in offices due to anxiety and pressure levels that workers may face. Corporate massages can reduce anxiety by up to 26% and depressive states by almost 30%.

6.- Reduction of hypertension: According to studies, a corporate massage can reduce blood pressure by up to 6%, which is not a very significant percentage; however, for hypertensive people, it can make a difference. In addition, it has been shown that the help of a massage can present improvements not only instantly but also last for several days later.

 Why should you include corporate massages in your company?

The company must create a positive experience with its human capital, encouraging employees to come frequently and treat their bosses well, thus creating a healthy work environment, an important point to retaining the best talent.

Building an emotional connection between the boss and his employees can motivate them to work overtime without boredom and frustration.

In addition to emotional attachment, finding the right balance of physical relaxation is also key; That’s why some companies offer massages at both ends of your workday: after work and before you go home. This can inspire them to stay at work longer and be more productive throughout the day.

Benefits of a Home Service Massage – Massage at home

Did you know that you can enjoy a professional massage from the comfort of your home? The home service is a professional massage service at home that has become popular in recent years due to its comfort and benefits. Saving time traveling, total privacy, perfect for people with reduced mobility, and enjoying a massage anywhere (office, home, rural stay…) are some of the benefits of home service. Today we bring you a list of all its benefits so you can discover its true potential.

Benefits of a massage at home

Enjoy a massage in the comfort of your home. The main benefit of a home service is to enjoy a spa massage at your home, hotel, or rural accommodation. This will provide you with total privacy and save you time traveling. The home service is perfect for everyone, especially for people with reduced mobility, such as the elderly, or users who need to rest, such as pregnant women or patients undergoing rehabilitation. In addition, with the home service, we can complete our vacation getaway when the hotel or accommodation does not have a spa center where this service is offered.

  1. Easy to book

You can contact this service directly, comfortably, and safely via phone or website. For example, at the Full Vitality Spa, you can hire a Home Service Massage service in less than 5 minutes.

  1. We have experienced professional therapists. 

When you hire this type of service, check that the therapists and masseurs who will come to your home have experience in the sector and can offer you the service you deserve and need.

  1. A varied menu of treatments to choose from

The world of spa massages has a wide range of massages depending on your needs and tastes. For example, if what you are looking for is relaxation, you can enjoy a pleasant aromatherapy massage, exotic relaxation massages, or Ayurveda therapy… but if what you need is to get your body ready, you can resort to a Swedish massage, shiatsu or a sports massage… and everything from the exclusivity of your home.

  1. All the necessary equipment to offer you the best service

In this regard, we can only talk about the services offered by Full Vitality. Still, our professionals will come to your home fully equipped with everything you need to enjoy the contracted service: massage tables, towels, essences, and massage oils…

  1. Perfect for groups or companies

A massage is perfect for releasing accumulated tension, releasing stress, and improving our physical well-being, thereby increasing the productivity of our work. This, together with the fact that it is a service that can be offered anywhere, makes it a very attractive gift for employees and has increased its offer.

At Full Vitality, we offer special offers to groups and companies. Call us to request more information.

  1. Complete your holiday stay.

Many hotels or rural accommodations do not have spa or massage services, so you can complete it with your home service and live a different experience.

After a day of hiking, nothing is better than a good foot and back massage in a calm environment.

  1. The perfect gift to be the best host

Do you have guests and want to surprise them with the best possible attention? Make their stay complete by offering them a professional massage at home; without a doubt, they will thank you.

Do you want a massage at home? You no longer have an excuse to receive a good massage wherever you are. At the Full Vitality Spa, we offer professional home service with experienced therapists and a wide range of massages

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3 reasons to hire business massages: The perfect motivation to have happy employees.

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