Best low budget activities to do with friends 2023

Best low-budget activities to do with Friends 2023

Thousands of euros are not needed to transform free time into unforgettable moments. In times of crisis, when you can’t allocate a lot of money to leisure and entertainment, you have to resort to creativity to find cheap recreational activities.

Board games

Rainy day and don’t know what to do? There is no better idea than to turn to the old and beloved board games. They are an ideal option to have fun with family, friends, and even the little ones in the house. Don’t you have a board game at home? This is no excuse; you probably have a game of cards. 

Best low-budget activities to do with Friends 2023


There is no better way to use your free time to get in shape. Invite your best friend to play tennis or your partner to run in the park. Make this a routine and set goals to make this practice a real challenge. Fun and health without spending money!

Best low-budget activities to do with Friends 2023

Home theater

Do you want to save the nine euros that a movie ticket costs? It’s straightforward, move the cinema to your home. Buy popcorn, turn off the lights and your mobile, and enjoy a movie with whoever you want. 


sunny day? _ Take advantage of it by going out to eat; when we say outside, we mean outdoors. Prepare some sandwiches and invite your partner or friends to enjoy a day at the park. Cheap fun guaranteed!

Go to new places

Awaken your adventurous spirit and go out to explore new places. Indeed there is a park or a neighborhood in your city that you have never visited. Enjoy a day (or night), discovering new places, and investigating. 

Visit the library

Today we have all the necessary information just a click away, so we don’t bother to consult the old and dear books. Do you have free time? Visit the nearest public library and discover endless stories through books. 

 Free events

Check the newspaper or online billboard to find out which fairs, exhibitions, concerts, and museums are free and nearby. Cultural fun is available to anyone!

Go camping

Who said that traveling is expensive? Staying in hotels can be costly, but you can travel and visit new places without spending too much money. Do you have plans for next weekend? Organize a two or three-day trip to the mountains or a place where you can camp. Invite whoever you want and enjoy unforgettable days.


Dancing is an excellent cardiovascular exercise; it increases our lung capacity, flexibility, and firmness of the muscles and educates our postural habits, among other benefits. Are you bored? Turn up the volume and dance!

Best low-budget activities to do with Friends 2023

 Ride a bike

There is no better way to make the most of a sunny day than riding a bike. Invite your partner or friends for a bike ride through the park. 

Clean the house

Take advantage of your free time to clean your house and throw away everything you no longer use. You can tell your best friend to help you; as a reward, she can keep those items you don’t want. Put on some music and make cleaning a fun activity. 

Read a book

Today we are so used to reading material in digital format that we forget how pleasant it is to sit in our favorite chair to read a good book and enjoy its texture and smell. Reading is an excellent activity for free time. In addition, you can organize a book club with your friends and meet twice a month to exchange books and opinions about them. 

Best low-budget activities to do with Friends 2023

 Learn to cook

Use your free time to learn something new, such as cooking. Ask your grandmother for her recipe book and put your culinary skills to work. You can also read a lot about cooking on the Internet. Let’s do it!

Write a blog

Is there a subject that you are passionate about? Did you know you can earn money writing about what you like the most? Use your free time to write a blog about your hobby. Be consistent, and you will see how your site generates traffic. After a few months, you can earn some money by selling advertising space on your page. 

Best low-budget activities to do with Friends 2023

Cake Contest

Organize a cake contest with your friends. The idea is simple: each one must cook a cake and collaborate with some money for the prize. Get together to taste the delicacies and vote for the winner. Whoever wins gets the money. 

Restaurant at home

Eating in a restaurant can be expensive. However, if you move the restaurant home, you will save money. Cook something delicious, do your best decorating the table, buy a bottle of wine and invite whoever you want to enjoy an unforgettable dinner. 


DIY. Indeed you have seen these acronyms several times on the Internet. It means “Do It Yourself” in English, translated as “Do it yourself.” Use your free time to learn to make crafts and various objects. Double benefit: you will be having fun with little money and saving money by doing things yourself instead of buying them. There are tons of tutorials on the Internet. Research and get to work!

Best low-budget activities to do with Friends 2023

 Take pictures

Do you like photography? Take your free time to take the most pictures of what you want. You can even do it with your mobile and download free applications to edit them. Being an expert is unnecessary; today, thanks to these tools, you can take incredible photographs. Could you print them and create your album? 

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 Visit a new city

Are you bored of always seeing the same thing? Visit a nearby city and have a change of scenery, at least for a few hours. Going far is unnecessary; you can always discover something new in close places. You can be accompanied by whoever you want. 

Best low-budget activities to do with Friends 2023

Visit natural places

 Find parks or hiking trails near your home and spend time outside with your friends. Plan a picnic or cookout, or bring homemade snacks to share so you can have a good time while staying on a budget.

Volunteer all together

 Volunteering is a great activity to share with people you enjoy spending time with. It allows you to help others and get to know your community, which can be rewarding. The next time you want to spend quality time with your friends, you suggest they get together and help others.

Go to garage sales or thrift stores.

 If you enjoy shopping and want to spend money wisely, invite your friends to yard sales or visit local thrift stores. By doing so, you may find inexpensive treasures for your home or closet while having fun with your friends and being eco-friendly.

Best low-budget activities to do with Friends 2023

Attend local events

.Many towns and cities have musical and cultural events at meager prices or even free. Get together with your friends and enjoy music, art, or a visit to the flea market while supporting local businesses.


If you have the space at home, consider getting inflatables like a pool or trampoline to help keep the kids entertained.

Outdoor play equipment can help children build strength, coordination, and confidence and keep them active. Also, these items are much cheaper than a family vacation and can be used for years. Review the safety information, and make sure you’re ready to supervise your children.


Although many camps have chosen to close this summer, you can host sports games or practices at home. If you’re feeling ambitious, build an obstacle course, the possibilities are endless, and you give prizes to the winners.

Best low-budget activities to do with Friends 2023


One way to keep the days from mixing up is to make festive decorations, especially on rainy days. You can have costume parties, celebrate a saint, and work as a family on decorations and food preparation.


Organize movie nights at home and have each person choose a movie so that everyone can participate; they can rent it or take advantage of the offer of subscription channels. They can order food from home or prepare it as a family that night. This will also be a time of rest for the parents.


Children of all ages love the idea of ​​sleeping outdoors. The great thing about camping in the backyard, aside from watching the night and telling stories, is that if someone is having trouble sleeping, the house is just a few feet away.


You may not be able to go hiking in a national park this summer, but you can bring a bit of nature home by putting together your garden. Although some may consider it a chore, gardening can keep everyone busy weekly. You can buy pots and soil and plant the seeds you like. You can give them the responsibility of the children to check their plants every day, water them, and eventually, they will see them bloom. You can also use the garden from planting to harvest as a starting point for other experiences. Use it to grow different herbs for recipes, try new vegetables, or decorate your home with cute plants.

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