Best things you need to know before buying a pedigree dog 2022

Best things you need to know before buying a pedigree dog 2022

Why is the puppy not directly purebred?

To be “purebred,” the dog in question must belong to the LOF (book of French origins) and therefore be confirmed at a dog show to obtain its pedigree. The confirmation of belonging to the breed standard is done when the dog’s growth is finished. Parents belong to the breed because their appearance and gait conform to the breed standard. Despite his parents’ genetic heritage, a puppy cannot be part of the French stud book because his size, color, or appearance does not conform to this.

What is confirmation?

A test is used to determine whether or not the dog is purebred. When the test is acquired, the dog receives its pedigree (diploma certifying its membership in the book of French origins).

What is a Breed Standard?

The breed’s standard is established by the kennel club of the breed’s country of origin. It designates a set of morphological details attributed to a group of dogs belonging to the same species. At dog shows, the breed standard is like a model and will determine whether the animal belongs to the breed. If the animal does not conform to the bar, it will not be purebred or LOF.

Best things you need to know before buying a pedigree dog 2022

What is a pedigree?

It is the list of the dog’s ancestors which will be used to prove the purity of the breed and which will make it possible to recognize the origins of the dog. Canine judges give the pedigree during confirmations; it confirms that your dog belongs to the breed to which it corresponds.

 Adopting a “Pure Breed” Puppy

As said above, the pedigree allows the breeder to demonstrate that the animal sold has no relationship with an outside breed over several generations. The animal must be finished growing for a dog to be confirmed and obtain its pedigree. The breeder cannot give you a puppy that is already purebred. To prove its good faith and to ensure that the puppy comes from two LOF parents, a birth certificate or a provisional pedigree will be given to you.

Pedigree dogs: the Central Canine Society

The Société centrale canine (SCC) manages everything concerning purebred dogs. She is the one who:

  • record projections;
  • registers births;
  • issues identification cards;
  • delivers the pedigrees;
  • saves work certificates;
  • organizes all official events: exhibitions, competitions…

The Société centrale canine is organized into different departments:

  • The French Book of Studs manages the provisional registration of purebred dogs born to parents with a pedigree. This is where breeders should send in their litter and stud declarations.
  • Confirmation definitively registers dogs at the LOF: confirmation examination forms are sent to this service by owners who have presented their dogs to an expert breed judge.
  • The secretariat organizes the international exhibition and the various events in which the Société centrale canine participates: Salon de l’Agriculture, Foire de Paris, Game Fair…

The SCC is also a gigantic federation bringing together breed clubs and 65 regional societies which organize work competitions or beauty exhibitions in their region. At the international level, it is part of the International Cynological Federation (FCI).

Pedigree dogs: the birth certificate

The allocation of a birth certificate for purebred dogs takes place as follows:

  • When puppies are born, their breeder must send a declaration of birth to the SCC within two weeks of the delivery. The order must specify the number of puppies born and the number of males and females.
  • The application for litter registration in the French Stud Book must be completed and sent to the SCC as soon as the puppies are identified.
  • The litter is registered with the LOF, and the SCC returns the birth certificates to the breeder.

The breeder must give you your dog’s birth certificate during the sale. But it is possible that the breeder has not yet received it because it is a rather lengthy formality. He will then have to give you the registration number of the puppy at the SCC: this is the guarantee that all the formalities have been carried out.

Best things you need to know before buying a pedigree dog 2022

Purebred dogs: the pedigree

The pedigree attests to the genealogy of a purebred dog. A dog is born from purebred parents and has a birth certificate. For him, in turn, to be able to breed according to the rules of cynophilia and participate in dog shows and work competitions, he must also hold a pedigree. This document attesting to its origins is given at the end of the confirmation examination, the characteristics and procedure of which are as follows:

  • The confirmation examination makes it possible to recognize that the dog which has become an adult presents all the characteristics of its breed and is officially recognized as capable of breeding in this breed.
  • The dog (generally one-year-old), holder of a birth certificate, must be presented to a confirming expert who, following his examination, will determine if he conforms to the standard of his breed and is fit for reproduction.
  • If the dog is found fit, the Confirmation Examination Form must be returned to the CCS. As soon as the breed club agrees, the SCC returns the pedigree to the dog’s owner by registered mail. Therefore:
    • The dog is registered in the French book of origins managed by the SCC and holds a pedigree.
    • He is declared fit to reproduce, and his offspring will be registered in the LOF.

Pedigree dogs: the workbook

According to the Société centrale canine’s regulations, “Any French owner of a dog competing in France has his work results recorded in an SCC workbook, whatever the discipline. The workbook is, therefore, an official notebook drawn up by the Société centrale canine and filled in by the judge after each competition, provided, of course, that the dog has been classified. There are listed:

  • the name of the competition;
  • the names of the judges;
  • the date and type of competition;
  • The qualifier obtained;
  • The signature of the judges.

There is a workbook for each of the following events:

  • usefulness;
  • sled;
  • hunt;
  • digging;
  • breed ;
  • for dachshunds;
  • for hounds.

Best things you need to know before buying a pedigree dog 2022

Five reasons dog breeds are expensive.

How much does a dog cost? Many factors go into determining the average price of a dog. Everything will depend on what the dog you want to buy is intended for: companionship, beauty, etc. Here are the Top 5 reasons why some dog breeds are more expensive than others.

A dog registered with the LOF is more expensive than a dog without papers

A dog registered in the LOF (Book of French origins), that is to say, purebred, with pedigree, will cost more than a dog without papers.

It’s the case:

– Of a bastard. It is a dog resulting from the mating between two dogs of different breeds or the mating between a purebred dog and a dog of undetermined origin.

– Of a mutt. It is about a dog born of the fruit of chance and of which one does not manage to determine the races which intervened in its creation.

A puppy registered with the LOF will cost, on average, between 600 and 2,500 € for the most common dogs.         

Top 5 most expensive dog breeds: why?

Many factors go into determining the price of a dog. Here are five reasons why certain dog breeds are the most expensive.

1 – The destination of the dog determines the price of a dog

When you buy a dog, it is specified what his master intends him to do.

It can simply be the company or make it a champion of beauty or work shows, a dog that will be an auxiliary for the hunt …

A dog that will meet the expectations of the future master in terms of its morphological characteristics and physical abilities will have a higher cost than an animal that is expected to be a good family dog.

Best things you need to know before buying a pedigree dog 2022

2 – Dogs from good bloodlines 

A puppy from a good line is also what will determine its price.

Each breed club establishes a rating system. A scoring grid with different levels makes it possible to classify dogs that meet specific requirements put in place by the clubs, such as:

– confirmation,

– Prizes won in beauty dog ​​shows,

– Passage of a TAN (test of natural aptitudes),

– Results of a dysplasia X-ray,

– DNA identification….

A puppy from breeding champions of beauty that will come as close as possible to the breed standard will cost more to purchase than the average price.

3 – The rarest dog breeds are more expensive

Some dog breeds are rarer than others. This may explain their higher price.

The rarity of a breed may be due to low prolificacy with a limited number of puppies per litter. Prices can reach up to €3,000 / €3,500 (on average).

For example, a Golden Retriever, a Rottweiler, or a German Shepherd is more prolific than a Tibetan Mastiff. The Tibetan Mastiff bitch only has her heat once a year.

The Tibetan Mastiff is a dog that fetches a gold price in China. In 2011, a Tibetan Mastiff was sold for around 1.1 million euros!

The notion of coat color can impact the selling price of a dog. For example, the “chocolate” color due to a specific gene is quite rare and increases the selling price of particular breeds of dogs. 

Conversely, breeds in lower demand sell for less. For example, the price of these breeds of dogs, and always on average, is between:

– €600 and €1,000 for a Beagle,

– 700 and 1,000 € for a Dalmatian.

4 – Dog breeds are subject to fashion 

Fashion is a double-edged sword for races. On the one hand, it makes them popular and appreciated by the public and makes them the favorite dogs of the French. On the other hand, it often results in poor-quality production, with some unscrupulous breeders only seeing it as a means of making money. Hence the importance of taking your time before choosing your puppy.

Best things you need to know before buying a pedigree dog 2022

5 – The most “difficult” and expensive dog breeds to breed 

Raising a breed requires work from the breeder and investment not only in time but also in money.

The breeder must pass on the selling price of his puppies various costs:

– The first essential vaccines for dogs,

– Compulsory identification of dogs,

– food,

– The VAT to be refunded,

Any veterinary costs…

Some breeds are born more difficult by cesarean section. This leads to additional breeding costs. This is the case, among others, of:

-English Bulldog,

-French  Bulldog,

-Chihuahuas…_ _ 

Beware of puppies sold for less than the average.

Beware of the cheapest puppies sold, especially on the Internet. The future master has a good chance of acquiring a puppy from intensive breeding, not socialized.

The risk is ending up with a dog with behavioral or even health problems.

Buying a puppy on the cheap is not a good deal. A puppy is not an ordinary commodity; it is a living being.

Choosing a dog is first asking the question of its destination  :

– Keep,

– Company,

– Work…

Your dog must match your lifestyle. Then, you will have to consider the average purchase price by making comparisons, visiting several farms, and approaching the breed club, which can give you a precise price range.

Do not forget to estimate the budget to devote to your dog.

Some breeds are more fragile than others, and any dog ​​is not immune to illness and accident; the question of the usefulness of taking out dog health insurance arises. Requesting a quote does not commit you to anything and is free.

Animal health insurance will allow you to face all the sometimes high veterinary costs and thus offer this dog for which you have chosen to spend a certain amount the best possible care.

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Best things you need to know before buying a pedigree dog 2022

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