Do you want to start a side business?

Do you want to start a side business?

Who does not like the idea of ​​​​having an extra income and living a more comfortable life? It is not necessary to give up the job we have and embark on the adventure of the undertaking if we are not ready for it. There are many options to generate money from home, in our spare time, while we sleep, watch TV, or surf the Internet. These audiobooks offer various tips to achieve this. From investing in real estate, the stock market, or cryptocurrencies to learning to write like a publicist, here you will find the perfect idea to increase zeros to your bank account with a side business.

50 Tips to Make Your Blog a Success and Not Give Up Trying 

Anyone can start a blog, but not everyone can make it popular and profitable. Luc Harrison knows this, so he wrote this manual with fifty simple recommendations to make it a source of income. Using formulas and advice from expert bloggers, Harrison explains why it is easier to maintain a blog than a website, why it is essential to update it regularly, what kind of language to use to attract more readers, how to engage them, and also how to monetize a blog. Blog so that it becomes a profitable business. Whether you decide to start out on your own or work for a company that runs one, this audiobook will guide you through the fascinating path of the blogosphere.

Do you want to start a side business?

Do you sell or sell

Either you are selling something, or they are selling you something, is the premise of this audiobook that explains how there is a purchase-sale operation in all human interaction. Our survival depends to a large extent on the ability to negotiate, convince and persuade others, so it does not matter if you have a business that you want to grow or you want to learn how to get the person you like to go out with you, this manual offers you the keys and secrets of a good seller. Named by Forbes as one of the leading business influencers on social networks, Grant Cardone compiles a series of tips to make your transactions successful.

Effective Copywriting to Generate Sales and Revenue 

How to turn words into money? We live in an age where information reigns, and developing as many skills as possible is essential to survive. Writing is one of them how to write a persuasive text that promotes an action like buying something, clicking, or downloading an app. What characteristics should the message have to be effective? Find and use keywords that add relevance to an ad or communication. Although we have learned to write at school, advertising copywriting is an art with its own rules, and this audiobook breaks them down and explains them perfectly. It is, without a doubt, essential listening for anyone wanting to publish something online.

The Passive Income Blueprint

Statistically, millionaires often have more than one source of income—seven, to be exact. Some of them are active, that is, they do specific work for which they receive payment, but others are passive, so they generate money without having to work on them. In this audiobook, Adidas Wilson offers tips for finding those passive sources that can increase your income without requiring you to work harder or change careers. Acquiring real estate is, without a doubt, a great option to have additional income. Still, not everyone can receive a house, so this audiobook also offers other ideas on how to make money using your cell phone, watching television, or creating domains on the Internet.

How to Start Your Own Business [How to Start Your Own Business]

14% of Americans are seduced by the idea of ​​​​a startup and starting and operating their own business, but more than half fail within the first five years. Walter Grant claims this is partly because they didn’t work on their entrepreneurial mindset. Some people are born with this gift, but many others must develop it. That’s why this audiobook exists. Taking the example of personalities like Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, and Jeff Bezos, who have earned many millions of dollars, the author explains step by step how to enter the world of small businesses, what is the importance of finding a passion and learning to follow it, how to deal with challenges, obstacles and the desire to give up, and why it is essential to embrace risk and get out of your comfort zone when starting a business.

Money Is Not The Problem; You Are It 

Many of the people who win the lottery, within a year or two, are back in the same financial condition they were in before they won the prize. What does that indicate? Money is never the solution because money is never the problem. With this premise, Gary Douglas and Dain Heber build their theory and give the basic principles for a happy life: find what you enjoy doing and, if you put your effort into it, the money will come eventually. The attitude must be shaped and worked to give money the real value it has—no more, no less.

Investing in the Stock Market for Beginners 

Thousands of people are curious about the stock market and the transactions of buying and selling shares. However, many believe that it is a very complex matter and, for fear of not understanding it, they never enter the exciting world of markets. Vince Casale wrote this audiobook for them, and throughout sixteen chapters, it offers a broad vision of the leading investment strategies, as well as a series of practical advice so that anyone, even with zero knowledge on the subject, can easily understand issues such as planning finance and stock trading.

Creativity, SA

Pixar is one of the largest entertainment companies in the world, and much of its success is due to its friendly work culture. Its offices are in an old canning factory that measures more than sixty thousand meters and was conceived by Steve Jobs. In this audiobook, the company’s co-founder, Ed Catmull, narrates how he always did it despite having traveled thousands of times. I have enjoyed seeing how the employees decorated their workstations and the concerts organized at Pixarpalooza. This music festival takes place in the property’s gardens and in which the employees participate. Using clear and simple language, he discusses the importance of leadership, organizational structure, and creative processes.

How to Easily Make Money from Home: Get Online Jobs for Women and Men, Start an Online Business Quickly

More and more companies are betting on remote work and prefer their employees to work from home because they are more efficient. There are also more and more who decide to start a business on their own and discover that on the Internet, there are endless options to generate money without having to cross the street door, such as setting up a virtual store. This audiobook full of tips and advice for developing a business idea and working from the comfort of home is aimed at those people, mainly women who are also mothers. Goodbye to the hours in traffic between transfers, eating poorly on the street and spending little time with the family. Teleworking is an option that is here to stay, and in this audiobook, you will discover why.

Before giving up your job

Successful Hawaiian businessman and author Robert T. Kiyosaki, the author of the bestselling Rich Dad Poor Dad, discusses his successes and downfalls in the business world in this audiobook. He also explains that 99% of newly formed companies fail in their first ten years of life, partly because schools educate employees looking for jobs instead of training entrepreneurs to develop businesses. Each of the ten chapters focuses on one lesson, and the main goal of the audiobook is to prepare the listener to change their employee mindset before deciding to start a business.


Tony Robbins is one of the world’s leading self-improvement gurus. In addition, he is a best-selling author, a successful businessman, and a renowned philanthropist. In this audiobook, he offers some secrets that have led him to success. Through practical advice, he helps the listener to revolutionize their finances and start on the path to financial freedom. Through inspiring anecdotes from Tony himself and other financial experts, the listener will learn how to uncover hidden fees, maximize market advantages and master the mindset of the rich. This is not one of those essential financial education audiobooks; it is a set of easily applicable strategies that help you take control over your own money and the fears of others.


What are cryptocurrencies? How do they work? Why were they created? What advantages do they offer over traditional currencies? What does mine mean? What are the dangers of investing in cryptocurrencies? In this audiobook, Jared Snyder answers these and other questions related to the world of cryptocurrencies, which every day attracts more curious people who don’t know whether or not to invest in the changing virtual currencies the world. Through fifty tips from Snyder and other experts on the subject, the author offers a broad overview of digital money and points out the most profitable cryptocurrencies.

21 side business ideas you can start today


Don’t you already have a side business? You could be leaving a lot of money on the table.

Side hustles are a fantastic way to make money online, supplement your income, grow your skills, and keep improving your terms.

If that sounds good, check out these 21 Side Activities You Could Start Doing Right Now!

21 ideas for a side business

Shared driving

If you own a vehicle meeting rideshare app safety standards, this is one way to start earning money immediately.

Sign up for one or more rideshare apps. The most popular are Uber and Lyft, but many other local alternatives depend on where you live. Some alternative apps also pay better rates than the mainstream apps, leaving drivers to keep a more significant percentage of the fare.

Remember that you can sign up for several services and try each. See where you get the most work and the best rates over time.


  • Driver’s license
  • to car
  • A clean driving record
  • to smartphone

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Delivery (food and groceries)

If your car doesn’t meet the ridesharing requirements or you need to be interested in taking passengers, the delivery service is another way to make quick money with a vehicle.



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In many large cities, you can also accept delivery jobs on foot, by bike, or on a motorcycle. Depending on where you live, this lowers the barrier to starting dealing as a side business.

There are many delivery apps that you can try. Some focus exclusively on food delivery, others on grocery delivery, and others have a wide range of delivery types. The most popular are Uber Eats, Postmates, Doordash, Instacart, and Grubhub.


  • Constant access to a vehicle, motorbike, or bicycle
  • Driver’s license (if using a car or motorbike)
  • Clean driving record (if driven)
  • to smartphone

Odd Jobs (Chore Rabbit, etc.)

If you’re a handyman or willing to do tasks others don’t have time for, you could earn some money doing odd jobs for people in your area.

Sign up for an app and search for jobs or post your ads. Some apps you can try are TaskRabbit, Thumbtack, and Handy.

Remember that handyman tasks only sometimes require great skill in plumbing or construction. People also hire handypersons to help hang pictures, assemble Ikea furniture, or clean gutters.


  • Transportation to workplaces
  • Your tools (if needed for the job)
  • to smartphone

Each application may have specific requirements for independent contractors (which are you in this case). Check with each app before signing up.

4. Flip

Many people prefer to avoid going to the trouble of reselling old or unwanted stuff. Look for offers and resell the items yourself.

You can find many cheap items on Craigslist, garage sales, thrift stores, Facebook marketplace groups, local auctions, and many other places.

When you have items to resell, you can list them on eBay or Amazon or search for more specialized marketplaces for other items. Specialty sites like Bookscouter, Poshmark, or Swappa are suitable for specific things you want to sell.

It is about buying low and selling high.


  • Ability to send to affordable people (ideally living in the US, UK, or EU)
  • A smartphone with a camera
  • constant internet access

Dog walks

Many working families living in urban areas find it difficult to take their dogs for a walk every day due to their busy schedules. This is where you come in with a dog walking service!

Dog walkers earn an average of $14 per hour per dog. If you can walk multiple dogs at once a few days a week, you can reap a healthy benefit while getting some exercise for yourself, too.

6. Child and pet care

If you have free time and are good with kids or pets, consider babysitting or pet sitting as a sideline.

  • This side business can be very profitable if you have free time when families need babysitters.

Online surveys

You can earn money in your free time by answering surveys or doing simple tasks for online businesses. It’s simple and has a low time commitment, but what you can earn from each survey varies greatly.

Unfortunately, this side business is only genuinely profitable if you live in the right area and fit the right demographic. If you check the demographic that most companies seek in a survey, you’ll have more choices and get paid more for each response.

Help small businesses with social media.

Nowadays, many companies outsource the management of their profiles on social networks. While large companies hire marketing firms, many small businesses work with individuals.

If you’re good at social media apps, contact small businesses in your area and see if they’re interested in working with you.

This side business provides a steady monthly income and has the potential to grow a lot.


  • constant internet access
  • Knowledge of different social media platforms

Join Fiverr

If you have a skill, you can hire it on Fiverr. Fiverr is a site that connects freelancers and people looking for services.

You can create a free account and start looking for work immediately.

Take your time to set up your account. Be thorough and give potential clients a compelling reason to work with you. You can also try Upwork, Toptal,, or Guru.


  • A computer or smartphone
  • constant internet access
  • Your equipment (everything you need to get the job done)

10. Start the tutorial

Do you have any skills you can teach? Can you teach academic subjects or a language? There is a massive demand for online tutoring, especially for teaching English.

Regardless of what you can teach, there is likely a place to do it online. Try popular sites like, Studypool, Brainfuse, PrepNow, TutorMe, and Vipkid.


  • to computer
  • constant internet access
  • Camera and microphone (if a video tutorial is required)

Each tutoring site may have its requirements.

Clean houses

Cleaning houses is a great side business because you can start anytime, regardless of your skill or experience.

Advertise your service online, look for job postings that ask about house cleaning, or advertise with physical billboards, business cards, and flyers. By asking enough people, you’ll likely find some jobs.

Cleaning houses can quickly become a very profitable side business. If you are good and efficient enough, you can even get into commercial cleaning, which is more lucrative and provides a more stable customer base.


Clean cars detail

Are you good at cleaning, or do you like working with cars? Many people prefer to outsource the deep cleaning of vehicles, especially those with new or luxury cars.

Detailing is different from simple car cleaning since all parts of the car’s interior and exterior are cleaned. As a side business, you can have a mobile car cleaning service.

Before offering detailed cleaning to others, read up on the subject thoroughly and practice on your own or your friends’ cars. Hands-on experience can help you do a better job for your clients, making them more likely to hire you again.


Pet grooming

Are you good with pets? You can go into pet grooming for extra money.

Pet grooming typically consists of bathing, declawing, brushing, and trimming. Each pet has its own needs, and, as a groomer, you must identify and satisfy them.

If you’ve never groomed a pet before, start with people you know so you can practice. When you feel more comfortable, you can market your services more broadly.


  • Pet shampoo and conditioners
  • Eye and ear cleaning kit
  • brushes and combs
  • hair dryer
  • Scissors or hairdressing shears
  • pet nail clippers
  • Grooming table (recommended, but not required)
  • Access to running water

Give music lessons

If you play an instrument, sing, or read music, you can give music lessons to other people. Depending on your skill level, you can target beginners or open up to teaching more advanced students as well.

Music classes are a great way to increase your income by teaching a skill you already know.


Write resumes

Nobody likes to write their resume. If you’re good at writing resumes, you can turn them into a side business by helping others write theirs.

You can talk to your classmates and other students on campus if you are a student. Even if you’re not a student, you can market yourself online through freelancing websites or local marketplaces like Craigslist.


Sitting in the house

If you’re a responsible person who likes to care for other people’s pets and can commit to staying at someone else’s house anytime, this could be a great side job.

Try registering on different websites as a house sitter. Some of the best websites are Trusted House Sitters, House Sitters America, House Carers, Nomador, and Mind My House.


Work as a virtual assistant

Virtual assistance has become one of the most common ideas for small businesses in recent years. Virtual assistants (VAs) help busy professionals get things done. The work consists mainly of basic administrative tasks such as managing emails, scheduling meetings, customer acquisition, and data entry.

The best thing about being a VA is that you can do it part-time between your other daily responsibilities. You don’t have to turn it into a full-time job to get a decent amount of money, making it a great side business.

Enroll in a few different VA marketplaces and search for a job today. Try Fancy Hands, Magic, and Virtual Staff Finder. You can also sign up for freelancing websites like Upwork and Fiverr and find VA jobs there.


  • A computer or smartphone
  • Internet access
  • Basic computer skills (typing, email management, programming, etc.)

Make Logos for Design Contests

If you are a creative person, logo design might suit you. Lots of people need logos. Although this is a vast market, it is also difficult to break into if you are new to design. One of the easiest ways to get into it as a sideline is to submit designs to logo design contests.

Please read the requirements of the client who organizes the contest, make your proposal, send it, and wait for the results.

The top logo design contest websites are 99designs, Design Crowd, Design Hill, and Crowdspring.


  • to computer
  • Internet access
  • Digital design software (there are many free options)

Create and sell printables.

If you’re organized, you could start a side business of making printables for people to buy and download.

Printables can be anything that helps someone better organize themselves without your direct intervention. That means meal plans, budgets, chore charts, teaching aids, and more. The goal of a printable is to help someone achieve their goals on their own by providing an easy-to-use tracking sheet.

Create unique and valuable printables with free programs like Canva or Inkscape.

Etsy, Amazon KDP, or Creative Market are the best places to sell printables.


  • access to a computer
  • Internet access

Local co-host Airbnbs

Many people who list their properties on Airbnb like to hire other people to take care of the daily maintenance of the property. As a co-host, you can handle a variety of responsibilities, including reservations, guest communication, check-ins, and double-checking the listing between guests.



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Sign up for Airbnb and advertise as a co-host in your area. Also, try searching local Craigslist listings and putting up an ad for your services to let people know you’re available.


  • Meet Airbnb’s quality standards
  • identification for verification


With the increasing amount of content being produced online daily, many people are hiring proofreaders to help ensure the quality of their posts.

If you’re good at spotting errors in writing and making written documents look better, you could make a good proofreader.

Start looking for jobs immediately with specific proofreading sites like Scribbr, Scribendi, Proofreading Services, Proofreading Pal, or Gramlee. Or, join significant freelance marketplaces like Upwork and Fiverr, where the competition will be a little more challenging.

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Do you want to start a side business?

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