How to have more energy without caffeine? 

How to have more energy without caffeine? 

In the morning or the afternoon, we often use caffeine to boost our energy.

Coffee, tea or energy drinks, products containing caffeine are very popular with those who need a little pick-me-up. But did you know there are many ways to boost your energy without consuming caffeine?

If you’re looking for ways to have more energy naturally and reduce caffeine intake, why not try one of these methods? From diet to exercise to energy supplements, we’ve rounded up our top tips for learning to have more energy naturally.

How to have more energy without caffeine? 

6 ways to boost your energy without caffeine

  1. Get outside

Just getting outside and spending time in nature can energize you, especially when the weather is nice! Natural sunlight will help boost your vitamin D levels, which is known to improve your mood, reduce feelings of fatigue, and improve your overall health and other important body functions.

Nature will boost not only your energy but also your creativity, concentration and performance.

  1. Eat well

The expression “you are what you eat” is certainly true! The foods you eat can impact how you feel, so choosing foods that give you energy and keep you full longer is important.

Your diet should include complex carbohydrates, such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains and beans, which provide energy to burn throughout the day and vitamins to keep you fit. Lean proteins like fish, chicken, eggs, and tofu are also great options for maintaining healthy blood sugar levels and keeping your energy up. Finally, the good fats in avocado, nuts, seeds, and coconut will satisfy you.

  1. Stay hydrated

When thirsty, resist the temptation to grab your favourite coffee or a can of cola and choose water instead. If water doesn’t sound as appealing as a caramel latte, it’s important to keep your body hydrated to avoid feelings of fatigue and drowsiness.

Boost your energy without caffeine by drinking plenty of water to avoid dehydration. Dehydration can affect your concentration, mood, and performance. So keep a bottle of water handy that you can refill throughout the day as a reminder to prefer water over caffeine.

  1. Go for a walk

Stay away from caffeine – literally! A walk is a good idea when looking for ways to have more energy and awaken your senses. Whether it’s a walk around your house, in the garden or in the great outdoors, stretching your legs can help clear your mind and improve your mood by releasing hormones from well-being, such as serotonin and endorphins.

  1. Take a power nap

It might sound strange when looking at how to get more energy, but a power nap can help improve your alertness, memory, and overall energy levels. Although sleeping at your desk at work is not recommended, a 20-30 minute nap can leave you feeling refreshed, refreshed, and energized. Even a 10-minute nap can help boost your energy!

  1. Take vitamins and dietary supplements.

You may feel a sudden drop in energy due to a lack of essential nutrients that your body needs to function optimally. Taking dietary supplements and vitamins to get in shape can be an excellent solution when looking for more energy naturally without caffeine.

Vitamins for Energy

Find out which vitamins you can take to boost your energy levels at Garden of Life.

B vitamins

When looking for energy vitamins, vitamin B is the place to turn. Comprised of 8 B vitamins, the B vitamin complex is known to contribute to normal energy-producing metabolism and may help reduce feelings of fatigue and exhaustion.

The most common vitamin B deficiency is vitamin B12 because the body cannot produce it independently. Since vitamin B12 is naturally present in animal products, people following a vegan or vegetarian diet are more at risk of vitamin B12 deficiency and can take supplements. Fight the signs of fatigue and give yourself an energy boost with these vitamin B supplements :


Taking herbal ashwagandha tablets is a great natural way to boost your energy. In traditional Ayurvedic medicine practices for centuries, ashwagandha helps reduce stress levels and promotes optimal energy levels.

Take mykind Organics Herbal Ashwagandha Tablets twice daily to help your body adapt to stress and boost energy levels.

MCT powder

If you’re on a low-carb diet, providing your body with the energy it needs to function optimally can be difficult.

Found naturally in coconut oil, MCTs (medium-chain triglycerides) are a type of fatty acid easier to digest than long-chain fatty acids. This means they can be converted into energy immediately and boost your vitality.

Add Keto Organic MCT Powder to your shakes, smoothies, or baked goods for a quick caffeine-free energy boost.

maca root

Also known as Peruvian ginseng, maca root powder is a herbal supplement that can boost your body’s energy and nutrition.

Containing a diverse blend of live bacteria and a wide range of essential vitamins and minerals, our mykind Organics Maca Root Powder offers a vegan, organic and natural caffeine-free energy boost.

Beet Chewable Tablets

Known for its signature colour, beetroot is another root crop that helps boost energy and maintain cardiovascular health. Packed with essential vitamins, minerals, polyphenols and powerful antioxidants, beets are also high in nitrates which help supply oxygen to our muscles and cells.

Our organic beetroot chewable tablets contain plant-derived vitamins D3 and B12 and have been formulated to support energy production and heart health.

These tasty raspberry-flavoured vegan chewable vitamin tablets give your body a natural energy boost.

Apple Cider Vinegar Chewable Tablets

Looking for a more natural caffeine-based energy boost? Our mykind Organics Apple Cider Vinegar Energy chewable tablets are the perfect solution.

Take 3 tablets daily to absorb 40mg of natural caffeine from organic coffee beans and green tea. Along with providing your body with vitamin B12, you get the benefits of 1000mg of apple cider vinegar in this delicious energy supplement, designed to improve focus and boost your body’s energy.


Coffee is a morning requirement for many people. While some drink it for pleasure, others need it throughout the day for the energy boost it gives them. But beware! Drinking too much coffee can cause more fatigue. A vicious circle is thus created: fatigue, coffee, more fatigue, more coffee…

To help you stay energized without caffeine, I’m sharing 5 ideas for you to try today.


A healthy diet is often the starting point for regularizing many problems. This is also the case for optimizing your daily energy.

Eating a balanced diet provides your body with the energy it needs to function properly. Colourful vegetables are rich in essential nutrients, while fibre and complex carbohydrates prevent you from having an energy crash (caused by sugar) a few hours after eating. In addition, since the brain is made up of 60% fat, do not hesitate to consume good fats to help you stay alert.

How to have more energy without caffeine? 


The human body is largely made up of water. Therefore, you must stay hydrated: a lower energy level can indicate dehydration.

To counter this:

  1. Make sure you consume water throughout the day.
  2. As soon as you wake up, drink a large glass of warm water to activate your system after several hours of sleep.
  3. Make it part of your routine to take small sips of water several times daily, even if you don’t feel thirsty.

If you don’t like to drink water, check out my article 4 tips to hydrate yourself when you don’t like water to find out how to stay hydrated despite everything.


Along with food, sleep is essential to the proper functioning of the human body. Lack of sleep, or non-refreshing sleep, can lead to decreased reflexes and mood swings, negatively affecting your whole body.

Create a sleep routine to ensure you’re on top of your game. This can include turning off screens 1-2 hours before bedtime, adjusting your bedroom temperature, and relaxing. Specialists also recommend sticking to a sleep schedule (always get up and go to bed simultaneously) to try to sleep between 7 and 9 a night.

How to have more energy without caffeine? 

Emily’s thing

Do you feel a drop in energy in the middle of the day? Find yourself a quiet place for a 15-25 minute power nap.


You don’t have to go through a long workout to feel the benefits of sport. Integrating movement into your daily routine is a great way to increase your energy level, but it starts as soon as you get up!

Take the time to stretch gently when you get out of bed to warm up your body and prepare it for the day ahead. Then you can step out and enjoy the benefits of the outdoors by taking a walk or choosing from one of the many workouts available on Beachbody On Demand.

I prefer to train in the morning to benefit from the energy boost that my session gives me for a good part of the day. If this is impossible, you can try a “micro workout” (e.g., 10 push-ups, 30 seconds of jumping jacks…) to oxygenate your body when you feel the need.

How to have more energy without caffeine? 

Emily’s thing

Complete your workout by listening to upbeat, positive music. Impossible not to feel the energy rising in you when “it’s your song !”


It may seem counterproductive to take a quiet moment to have more energy, but when life is going fast, slowing down can be the best way to keep going longer.

When you feel overwhelmed, breathe deeply in a quiet place for five minutes. You should also include positive affirmations in your morning routine to start your day in a good state of mind.

Finally, try to complete the most difficult tasks, or that you like less, as early as possible in your day. Once they’re crossed off your list, your sense of accomplishment will carry you through your day!

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How to have more energy without caffeine? 

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