How to wear gold and silver rings at the same time in 2023?

How to wear gold and silver rings at the same time in 2023?

You may think it’s inconceivable to wear gold and silver jewelry simultaneously, but in reality, it can give you an original style that tells everyone that you’re not afraid to mix things up! If you want to wear gold and silver rings together, employ a few tips to help you stand out in the best possible way.

How to wear gold and silver rings at the same time in 2022?

Method 1

Compose a harmonious whole

Stick to one style. Since you already combine different colors, try to wear rings with similar fashions. For example, wear simple rings for a clean look or thicker models that all have a stone.

  • This will help your jewelry look more cohesive, even if you’re mixing colors.
  • Wear a single golden tone. There are all kinds of gold: rose gold, yellow gold, and white gold are just a few examples. When choosing your rings, try to find ones with the same shade so they don’t look too mismatched.
  • In general, silver always has the same tone unless it is oxidized. So you don’t need to worry about it.
  • Choose the main ring. Look for a pattern that stands out while creating cohesion throughout. For example, wear a big, showy gold or silver ring on your index or ring finger and simple, thin rings on the other fingers.
  • This ring will create a link between gold and silver so that the whole has a more harmonious appearance.
  • Tip: If you have a ring that is both gold and silver, use it as the main piece of jewelry to bring cohesion.
  • Wear multiple rings on the same finger. Instead of putting just one on each finger, try stacking two or three on the same one. You can put a single ring on some fingers or leave them bare to prevent the pattern from repeating too much. Make sure that the ones you stack follow each other with no space between them.
  • If some models have large stones, they may not stack very well.
  • Try putting rings of different thicknesses on the same finger for a more interesting effect.
  • Keep your covenant. If you have a wedding band or engagement ring, keep it. If it’s different from the styles or colors of other jewelry, that’s okay because it’s meant to stand out and catch the eye. Please keep it on your ring finger and put other rings on the same finger or those around it.
  • You can wear rings on your ring finger or leave your wedding ring alone so that it shows better.
  • Create a random pattern. Avoid alternating between the two colors without change. Instead, try to achieve a less consistent effect. For example, you can put two gold rings and then a silver ring on one finger or vice versa. Look for something random to prevent the calls from scratching your fingers . If you regularly alternate, the effect may be too artificial and unharmonious.

Method 2

Choose an outfit

Create an original outfit. If you want an elegant style, don’t wear gold and silver rings at the same time. Instead, pair them when you wear statement, fashionable clothes, for example, for brunch or a daytime family party,

  • For example, you can wear a mini dress, wide ankle boots, denim overalls, and sneakers.
  • Wear three-quarter sleeves. They will allow the rings to see each other well. Look for something like a flowing blouse with sleeves down to the middle of your forearms. This way, your hands will show each other, which will make your rings stand out more . Avoid long, baggy sleeves that can hide jewelry, as it can make it look like you’ve put it on without really thinking about it.
  • Choose suitable colors. Light blue, white, gray, and black all go very well with gold and silver. Avoid neon tones and try to wear intense shades.

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  • Pastel tones also go very well with gold and silver jewelry.
  • For example, you can wear a pastel blue blouse and white jeans for a harmonious effect or a burgundy jacket and black jeans to make the rings stand out.
  • Do not put on other jewelry. When you wear multiple rings, all attention should be on your hands. Also, don’t wear flashy necklaces and earrings because the ensemble may seem too busy. If you want to wear a few other jewels, choose simple stud earrings or a thin and elegant necklace.

Gold and silver jewelry together: the right fashion reflex

For the record, in the old days, it was forbidden to wear to mix gold and silver. The latter, not precious enough, could distort the value of gold. In 1924, the Cartier jewelry house broke the codes with its famous Trinity ring, which mixed three rounds, all of the different gold (yellow, silver, and pink). 

Today, nothing prevents you from accumulating your jewels and even less from mixing various styles between them. This goes for necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings… the more the mix is ​​daring, the more it seduces us.

Mix gold and silver: choose your style of jewelry.

It’s up to you to develop the composition that suits you. Rather minimalist with an accumulation of delicate chains and fine gold and silver rings? Or are they assumed with thick chain necklaces and cuff bracelets available in various colors?

If you opt for the second option, jewelry will be the focus of your look. Thus, avoid overloading your silhouette with strong prints or bold color combinations. I prefer a sober outfit that will only sublimate your eclectic adornment.


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How to wear gold and silver rings at the same time in 2023?

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