Bike insurance: a complete guide to what you need to know

Bike insurance: a complete guide to what you need to know

Bike theft always has unfortunate consequences: it costs money and leaves a bad memory. Whether your bike is equipped with electric assistance that allows you to go to work or a road bike that you use exclusively on weekends, it is essential to check whether insurance may be necessary.

Many home insurance policies can insure a bicycle, but only inside the home, such as in the garage. But, when you ride a bike or park it outside, for example, it is better to choose real bike insurance!

Pay attention, for example, to the conditions of exclusions, such as the night from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. on the public highway…

When you know that a bicycle can easily cost €1000 and more (especially for an electric bike), not to mention the helmet, clothing, and cycling accessories, the advantages of taking out bicycle insurance are numerous. . Among them, let’s say the fact of being able to count with an insurance company that understands the specific needs of the average cyclist by offering a range of protection that is not found in a standard insurance policy.

Bike insurance: a complete guide to what you need to know

Bike insurance against theft

A thief stealing your bike is a thought that haunts most cyclists. But in terms of insurance, whether your motorcycle disappeared straight from your home or down the street makes a big difference.

You should carefully check the details of your bicycle insurance coverage to know what it includes. Also, remember that many insurance companies consider a bike to be parked abandoned when it has not been used for a certain period (12 hours in general), and in this case, some do not cover theft.

Finally, you should know that your bike is one of many things that can be stolen. Your bike insurance may cover accessories such as bike GPS, lights, and child seats.

What bike lock?

Many bike insurance companies recognize a maximum amount of coverage if the bike is parked outside. They also often specify the type of lock chain needed to cover a specific value.

Also, some specialized bicycle insurance companies only cover bicycles protected by the most secure locks, classified on a scale of one to fifteen.

Bicycle and damage insurance

However, theft is not the only thing you should insure your bike against. You should also take into account the damage caused by a possible accident. But one must always pay attention to the damage’s context.

Some bike insurance will cover you if you inadvertently hit a pothole while on the move but won’t compensate you for damage caused by falling in the peloton during a competition.

Bicycle insurance and civil liability

You can be sued in civil court if you are found responsible for an accident. And the compensation coverage, in this case, can be incredibly low.

The civil liability of bicycle insurance covers you in case of a claim for injury or material damage to a third party.

Bicycle and travel insurance

Holidays or trips abroad can be a reason to consider insuring your bike. If you plan to rent a bike for a simple ride, you will be covered by your home insurance. On the other hand, for a more extreme cycling practice, you will have to increase your coverage and choose specialized bicycle insurance.

Many insurers classify activities according to the level of risk, from cycle touring to downhill mountain biking; there are differences!

If you plan to participate in a sporting event, make sure your insurer covers this type of event. Races off-road or above a certain altitude can also change the protection clauses of your bicycle insurance.

Again, your gear and accessories may require additional coverage unless you have comprehensive bicycle insurance.

Electric bike and insurance: we take stock!

Whether you use your e-bike to get out of city traffic, for a lovely weekend family ride, or even to tackle a climb (why not!), e-bikes are increasingly becoming a means of transport for the daily.

Often, however, we use them with little concern for responsible driving and without remembering that the Highway Code imposes specific rules on their circulation. In many cases, we don’t even bother to take out an e-bike insurance policy to cover any damages we might cause to third parties.

Electric bikes with assisted pedaling

For bikes with assisted pedaling or electric assistance, the electric motor can have a maximum power of 250 watts, and it is only activated when you pedal. On the other hand, it is deactivated when you stop pedaling or reach a speed of 25 km / h. Admittedly, the motor does not replace the muscular work of the cyclist, but helps him to make less effort during pedaling, hence the definition of “assisted pedaling.”

Suppose your electric bike meets the characteristics that have just been described according to European Directive 2002/24/EC. In that case, it is considered a velocipede for all purposes, and you are therefore obliged to comply with the bicycle traffic rules.

Have you been the victim of a bicycle accident?

For electric bikes with pedal assistance, taking out insurance covering damage to third parties is not compulsory, but it is strongly recommended. Indeed, if you, unfortunately, cause an accident while riding your electric bicycle (which travels quite fast) and do not have bicycle insurance, you will have to pay for the damage out of your pocket.

In the event of an accident, if the cyclist has taken out a bicycle insurance policy, the damage caused to third parties will be covered.

You provided that your electric bike is up to standard and, above all, not rampant.

Trusted bike and e-bike insurance

Cyclassur bike insurance

Cyclassur is one of the best bicycle insurance companies in France. The insurance company insures all types of bikes: leisure bikes, mountain bikes, electric bikes, and even electric scooters.

When writing this article, the starting monthly fee is €5.80. But it is possible to add additional guarantees to improve its coverage rate.

It should also be noted that Cyclassur allows the insurer to add guarantees during the contract. For example, if you plan a bicycle trip this year, you can choose a particular travel bicycle insurance option without continuing the offer the following year. It is, therefore, flexible bicycle insurance and also very attractive from a flat-rate point of view.

Decathlon bike insurance

If you buy a bike from the major sports brand Decathlon, you can insure your bike for just one euro per month. This insurance offer covers all types of bicycles. On the other hand, the customer assistance service cannot be reached by telephone or Internet if necessary. Decathlon bicycle insurance is taken out for at least two years.


Insurance for e-bikes is not compulsory, but since they are expensive and can reach relatively high speeds, it is good to have the policy to protect yourself. For example, Simplesurance offers comprehensive cover valid throughout Europe, but what are the costs? Calculating a quote is very simple; you need to know the purchase price of the bike and the frame number. For a bicycle costing between €700 and €800, for example, the cost of insurance is €87.5, while for a bike costing between €2,000 and €2,500, the premium is €274.95.

Simplesurance covers the vehicle in the event of theft, burglary, vandalism, accident, and wear and tear, except worn parts such as brakes and tires. The insurance can be taken out up to three months after the purchase of the e-bike and does not include an excess.

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Cover Bike Insurance

The cover is another bike insurance you can rely on. The subscription to Qoverme can be done online, and you can also pay monthly or annually. It is also possible to extend the coverage of Qoverme bicycle insurance to all members of your family.

The cover is 100% digital bike insurance: you can subscribe to offers remotely from your Internet connection and manage your contract very easily from your account.

Groupama bicycle insurance

Groupama is a leader in bicycle insurance, electric bicycle insurance, and even electric scooters. You can insure your bike with this insurance company if you use it to go to work or even during your leisure time.

Allianz bicycle insurance

Allianz is a quality bicycle insurance with a very reasonable price-performance ratio. The strong point of Allianz insurance is undoubtedly its excellent coverage and customer service, which can be reached seven days a week at any time.

Bike insurance: what you need to remember

Many insurance companies now offer the possibility of insuring a bicycle with 360° coverage, which allows beneficiaries quick repair in the event of damage, accessible customer service, protection against theft and break-in, and all this without frankness most of the time!

In the event of theft, home insurance generally only covers the damage if the bike is stored in an apartment or garage or has disappeared following a burglary. But bicycle insurance also covers the damage in theft outside the home. And that is very reassuring.

In addition to theft and theft of parts, bicycle insurance covers: burglary, vandalism, damage due to falling, damage caused by handling errors, and sometimes even damage due to wear and tear.

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Bike insurance: a complete guide to what you need to know

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