Decluttering your home: 7 tips and tricks that work

Decluttering your home: 7 tips and tricks that work

Decluttering your home is one of the topics that I particularly like to share with you. I know so much about the benefits of decluttering and tidying up that I can’t get enough of talking about it. These are activities that help us adopt a simpler and more minimalist life. Then, we see it more clearly in our daily lives, especially with the children who contribute greatly to the disorder that surrounds us. But, by the way, what works?

I often talk about specific methods I have tested, some adopted and others I adapted. Every day on my Facebook page, you talk to me about decluttering and freeing up space in your home like it’s a tough fight to win.

So I wanted to offer you very simple techniques, some of which go against everything you read. Some tips also go against what I recommend in other articles. But if the tips I’ve already shared don’t work for you, here’s what you can do that’s simple, stress-free, and mighty effective to create space in your closets.

Decluttering your home: 7 tips and tricks that work

1 – The desire to declutter your home

This may seem obvious, but if you think about it, not so much. Is it real motivation to want to declutter your home by seeing the results in others? Isn’t it more like putting some pressure on yourself?

If you are ready to take action, then the testimonials and results of others will give you momentum and motivation.

But if you feel pretty good about your home despite some clutter and lots of stuff piling up, telling yourself that decluttering would be a good thing will put pressure on you.

Because you will necessarily go from afar, the psychological journey to deeply want a change in your interior will have yet to be done.

So I advise you not to rush to sort. Take the time to reflect, asking yourself if this is good for you and your family. You are not alone. Are your husband and children ready to see things disappear from their closets? Are they aware they will have to part with some of their business? But the most important question is: do you really and deeply want it?

Answering these questions will make it easier for you to move (or not) to action without remorse.

2 – Boxes and garbage bags to empty your house of the extra

If you are motivated, here are the two formidable weapons to carry out your mission of decluttering and making an effective sorting. Garbage bags are essential for everything that needs to be thrown away, such as:

  • broken objects;
  • damaged items that cannot be repaired;
  • outdated products;
  • everything that is near or far in poor condition and that could not please anyone.

I think it’s the most dramatic step in decluttering your home. The amount of things we keep that should have ended up in the trash much earlier is impressive.

Perhaps you kept them with the idea of ​​repairing or recovering a part that could be useful to you one day, perhaps… Years later, apart from a space in your closet and a good dose of accumulated dust, these cases did not serve you at all!

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So, off to the trash bag and the dumpster!

As for the other things that you no longer use but that you store abundantly, we can find:

  • Duplicate objects and toys (like me – my me before – do you have 4 or 5 thrifty?).
  • Things that are no longer used but are in perfect working order that we keep just in case…
  • The clothes are also kept in case… they come back into fashion; let’s get back to our 18-year-old size! If you want to know more about how to better organize your wardrobe, I recommend these two articles on minimalist dressing and tips for making space in your wardrobe.
  • The small accessories you bought for the umpteenth time because you no longer knew where you had stored the last one.

All these objects are to be placed in boxes and donated to local associations that accept second-hand items in good condition. You can also resell what is still in good condition and can still be used.

3 – The most cluttered places to empty first

Contrary to everything recommended on the net or even in the Flylady method that I like, you may need a strong boost to succeed in decluttering your home.

What if you didn’t start small but, on the contrary, with a big chunk?

Tackle the room or piece of furniture that seems the hardest to empty. Starting by tidying up a space that seems difficult, when finished, you will not only feel relieved but satisfied with yourself and soothed.

This is often the garage, basement or attic. Leave nothing to chance, including garden utensils and machines.

The result will be seen immediately because it will make a real difference compared to a smooth start.

All the places you will declutter afterwards will seem like a piece of cake.

You will be able to share your photos of “decluttering your house before/after” with your loved ones and on your social networks with pride.

4 – Hesitation: the quarantine technique

Tidying up your house and emptying it of its extra are tasks that often make us hesitate to part with certain objects. We are afraid of regretting or missing out and of having to repurchase, which would be a shame.

Taking a step back from your affairs takes work. And in my book Détox ta Maison, I explain how the quarantine technique can help you deal with doubts and hesitations.

The technique, therefore, consists in putting in a separate box all the cases that make you doubt. Indicate the current date on the cardboard and keep it for several months, up to 6 months (ideal for a new sorting session). If, during this time, the things contained in the box have not been used or missed, then you can throw them away or give them away. If, on the contrary, you came back to the box to take out one of the objects before the end of the six months, then obviously put it away in your cupboards.

Decluttering your home does not have to rhyme with sacrificing wrongly without thinking.

5 – The art of decluttering: going all the way

On the other hand, when you have decided to get rid of your trash bags and your boxes, do not stop by cluttering up your garage or cellar.

All that work to clutter up another room…

The art of decluttering lies in getting everything you have sorted out of your house as quickly as possible. Everything must disappear! Go straight to the end of your step. Do not store. Refrain from telling yourself that you will go to the recycling centre when you have time or pass by. No, go straight ahead!

Like the most difficult room to sort, take your bags to the recycling centre or your boxes to charity immediately after completing a sorting session; you will be satisfied with a job well done. Otherwise, all these boxes will continue to weigh on your morale.

6 – The non-stop storage objective

Maybe you are one of the people who need to chain without stopping.

Yes, you read everywhere that you must go at your own pace, take your time and take small steps.

Creating habits and small routines is not easy for everyone, especially when all the work still needs to be done.

Sometimes it is better to start and stop once the goal is reached. Blocking long time slots to act by not stopping creates momentum.

Reaching your goal quickly and enjoying the result without waiting is often necessary to say: “Stop! I won’t let myself be overwhelmed! “. From this moment, habits and small routines can be put in place.

Decluttering without a plan at the start is, for some, a basic necessity to take good automatic actions on storage.

The only thing to plan is to take your diary and plan the decluttering of your house without further details. It’s sometimes enough to start and only stop once the goal is reached.

This creates the space you need to organize your new interior.

7 – Decluttering and minimalism for everyone

I tell you about it regularly through many articles.

You are not alone!

Just like point number 1 about the will, you must accept and want to be accompanied in these tasks of sorting and decluttering.

I’m not talking about exchanges on social networks but about your family, the one who clutters the house with you daily.

You’ve cluttered together; decluttering as a family seems like a great way to distribute the burden of the task.

Together, your children and spouse will become aware of the excess of certain consumption habits. Then you can show them the way to a healthier minimalist lifestyle.

Remember that minimalism does not mean living off anything. It’s about living better with less by focusing on the essentials without being overwhelmed by the extra.

Finally, decluttering your home should be a manageable task. Imagine that you have to move; sorting would be inevitable. Gather the objects you are unsure you want to eliminate in one place for a few months. When you agree to part with certain things, go through with it. And if starting without stopping is the method that suits you, then go for it!

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Decluttering your home: 7 tips and tricks that work

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