Online roulette to play in 2022 for real money

Online roulette to play in 2022 for real money

Online Roulette: How to play it and win? 

Land-based casinos and online casinos have a lot in common. Although they do not work the same way, they share the great classics of casino games. These include table games, such as poker, blackjack, baccarat, and roulette. Online roulette is one of the most popular virtual casino games. This game of chance, where strategy still exists, has something to appeal to players. Excitement, winnings, and a cozy atmosphere make this game a success. 

What is Online Roulette? 

Online roulette is the variation offered by virtual casinos of the roulette game offered by casinos . . Online roulette is therefore based on the same principles as traditional roulette. It is a table game consisting of a wheel or roulette whose outer dial is divided into 38 boxes, alternating red and black colors. The squares are numbered from 1 to 36, with two green squares bearing 0 and 00. Once the croupier has launched the roulette wheel, it spins around an axis with a free ball which falls randomly on a box when the wheel stops spinning. To bet, players use what is called a “table.” The table comprises an outer zone whose squares make it possible to bet on the colors, the evens, and the odds. The inner area of ​​the table allows you to bet on the numbers. Online roulette is played with a single player or several players on the same virtual table. There are many versions of it, including video roulette played with a real dealer and a real roulette table filmed live.

Online roulette to play in 2022 for real money

Best sites to play online roulette for money

Ready to play roulette for real money? Before you jump into any casino and cross your fingers, listen to us. Many sites seek to gain your attention through promotions, attractive designs, or unique benefits. We suggest not getting carried away by what you see with the naked eye.

We have logged hundreds of hours at UK online casinos, so we know what makes a site good or bad. The last thing we want is for you to have a bad experience, so we’ve published our list of casinos above. These sites are, in our opinion, the best in Spain to play real money roulette.

You may be wondering about the criteria we consider to say that a casino is “good.” Well, these are:

  • They are reliable: only casinos licensed by the General Directorate for the Regulation of Gaming in Spain are included in our list. We hate scammers and dodgy sites.
  • Your Bonuses Are Obtainable: Many Internet roulette sites lure players with huge bonuses that require exaggerated rollovers. In many cases, it is practically impossible to clear the bonus. That’s why we review the promotions of the sites we recommend to ensure that their rewards are fair and honest.
  • Their experience is authentic: when you play online roulette for real money, you want to feel like you’re in a casino. So our picks offer the best games, the highest quality graphics, and a realistic experience that’s hard to beat.

reasons to choose Real Money Roulette

To earn money

The first answer to this question is simple: you play real money roulette to win real money!

Sometimes it is contradictory to see people playing roulette for play money (this, of course, only happens online – no casino will let you do it in person).

The thrill of betting your money and waiting to see if you win is often worth the risk of losing the bet for many players, and you can feel that thrill at a roulette wheel.

The whoops of excitement at a roulette wheel can usually be heard from across the casino, drawing even more people to the table in search of action.

**Note: We are not saying it is easy to win money playing roulette. Betting for real money is still a considerable risk, but we will give you all the information you need to make intelligent decisions at the table.

ease of play

We mentioned it initially, but it bears repeating: Roulette is one of the most accessible games for a player to learn. Later in this section, we will explain how to play.

As a result, this is usually the game that most beginning players find themselves playing for real money when they first walk into a casino.

If you have ever sat at a roulette table in a real casino, you will have noticed that the staff are amiable and spend most of their time explaining the bets to people to feel comfortable. When doing them

This type of service has two purposes:

  1. It makes the player feel more comfortable.
  2. It makes the casino more money, as a comfortable player is likely to be more generous with their chips.

The different types of roulette that you can find in a casino

Different variations of roulette games are available to play for real money.

When you approach a roulette, you must pay attention to both the style of play and the minimum and maximum bets to know how to use the best strategy for each case.

We will cover the main differences below.

American roulette

For the most part, roulette wheels and tables have the same layout. There is a series of numbers that are divided into red or black, and these numbers range from 1 to 36.

The house makes money by adding extra numbers to the table (we’ll cover basic odds in our Bet Types section).

  • American roulette tables have two other numbers – a 0 and a 00 – giving the player 38 different options for single-number bets.
  • The extra numbers give the house a more significant edge as the payouts are based on a 36-number system. Most US casinos offer this type of roulette.

European roulette

Roulette wheels in Europe are the same as in the United States, except for the total number of numbers on the table. European tables have only 0, so the total number of options is 37 instead of 38.

This reduces the house edge and is very popular with players.

Nowadays, it is common to see European roulette wheels in American casinos since the operators are not too demanding with the game. In any case, the house edge is still quite significant compared to other table games.


If you are in Latin America and want to play roulette, walking into a casino might be a bit of a shock.

In many places in Latin America, especially Costa Rica, you will see a game that looks like roulette with the same colors and numbers but without wheels.

Canasta is played with the same rules as roulette, but instead of a wheel and ball, a bingo-like cage is used in which all the individual balls correspond to the numbers on the table.

Playing at one of these tables is essentially the same as playing roulette, only with the cage; the game tends to be a bit slower, so if you’re considering playing canasta, take it easy.

Different bets for a tube

One of the things we like most about roulette is that you can bet from a small minimum amount to a significant maximum amount.

Being able to bet just a few euros spread around the table gives players the feeling of having a much better chance, even if they only win a small amount.

We have also seen how players bet hundreds of euros at a time in each game, which is when the loudest screams come from a table.

With so many betting options available at a roulette table, it’s essential to understand them all and know how to manage your bets to ensure you maximize your betting options.

Online roulette to play in 2022 for real money

Roulette gaming sessions

Many types of games in a casino do not allow a player to sit in the middle of a “session.” For example, blackjack; You may have gone to a casino and tried to sit down at a blackjack table only to hear that you have to wait “until the end of the deck.”

This is because the casino tries to prevent players from taking advantage of the information they may have obtained during the first part of the session.

Also, some players at a table may want to keep the same number of hands in play (more superstition than anything else). This is not the case with roulette.

In roulette, the game is made up of individual wheel spins. No information obtained from a roulette spin affects the result of the next spin (at least in theory).

This means that you, as a player, can play a game and walk away or play for hours without affecting the fun of the other players at the table.

Play roulette; how is it done?

Well, now that we have already told you about the game and we have explained the different roulette games you can find in your usual gaming establishment, it is time to explain how to play it.

We’ll explain it to you as you’ve never played before, so we’ll break it all down for you.

  • The first thing you need to do is select your casino.
  • The casino you play at may have European and American tables for real money betting. If that’s the case, you’ll have the luxury of deciding before you even sit down: we recommend playing European roulette whenever you have a chance—the opportunity.
  • When playing real money roulette, you walk up to the table and place your money on the table to receive your chips.

The value of chips in roulette

The first thing you should know is that roulette chips have no denomination. This allows the casino to choose the denomination you want to play with.

Many high-level players will make each chip worth €5 or €10, so they don’t have to stack hundreds of chips with each bet. Beginner players prefer that the value of the chips be the minimum of the table so that the first bets do not get out of hand.

Roulette chips have no value at other tables or the cashier, so all fragments must be exchanged for standard casino chips at the end of the session.

Roulette chips are also distinguished from each other by being of different colors. This makes it much easier for the dealer to determine payouts and return chips to players as quickly as possible.

This also allows for more chip colors than there are seats at a table, meaning more people can play at a table at one time.

How to make a bet at the roulette table?

When you walk up to a roulette table, you will see all the seats taken. You can probably get some chips and start playing if you don’t mind standing during the session.

So you’ve walked up to a table, put down your money, selected your denomination, and have your chips; now it’s time to play.

As mentioned before, the table will have a minimum amount of euros you have to bet on each spin, which can usually be divided between different types of bets.

When you make a bet on roulette, you decide where you want to put your chips and how many chips you want to bet on each outcome; then, you must take the scraps from your stack and place them on the felt table.

This is sometimes crazy as other players place their bets simultaneously, so don’t be surprised if you suddenly find yourself surrounded by arms for the couple of minutes it takes to place your bets.

Also, don’t worry if your chips look lost on the table; the dealer knows exactly where they are. Once he announces “No more bets,” players can no longer place bets, and any bets placed after that announcement are returned to the players.

How do I place my chips on the mat?

The way you place the chips is crucial, as if they are not placed precisely where you want the bet to be identified, you may be paid out differently depending on the outcome.

You don’t have to limit yourself to choosing a single number (although those bets have the best payout odds). You have the opportunity to split between various numbers on the table or choose your favorite color, apart from many, many other options.

With all the action on the table, it’s easy to get mixed up and not realize what you’re betting on, so it’s good to have an idea of ​​where you want to place your chips before the chaos ensues.

The different types of bets in roulette

Each bet on a real money roulette table comes with various payout odds, so you must understand the payouts for each.

bet on a number

Each wheel has 37 or 38 individual numbers on the board available for betting. The numbers range from 1 to 36, with an additional 0 and 00, depending on the style of game you play.

When making your bet selection, you have the option to put chips on one or more of these unique numbers. Usually, the casino forces you to make a minimum bet on some number, which can be placed all on one number or divided among other numbers on the board.

Maybe you have a favorite number, or you like to bet on your child’s birthday; no matter how you choose the numbers, you can play as many as you want individually.

Each winning bet pays the player 35 to 1 odds. It’s a fantastic payout just for picking the correct number; put a token and get 36 back! But wait… have you done the math?

You may have noticed that odds of 35 to 1 are not bad, but there are 37 or 38 numbers on the wheel. This is what we call the house edge!

Although the payout is excellent, this type of bet is, of course, the most difficult to win, so make sure you have that in mind when you start playing real money roulette.

Split Number Bets

If you like a pair of numbers that are next to each other on a board, you can choose to make a split bet on those two numbers. A split chance is created when a player places their chips on the borderline that separates the two numbers on the playing felt.

Split bets can be placed on any number next to each other on the table, including any that split with 0 or 00. If the number the ball lands on is one of the two numbers you have placed between your bet, then you are a winner!

This bet pays 17 to 1 for each chip placed on the chance.

Online roulette to play in 2022 for real money

Bets 0/00

The “coldest bets” in real money roulette are the bets placed on the green 0 and 00.

Since most of the money is a bet on the numbers 1 to 36 on the wheel (whose favorite number is 00 anyway?), when any of these numbers come up, it usually means a loss for those sitting on the wheel. Table.

Of course, some take advantage of these bets and bet on 0 or 00 when they sit at a table. While each spin produces an independent result, giving those numbers the same chance as 1-36, the player placing bets on the green numbers often finds himself with few friends at roulette.

They were winning bets on 0 or 00, paying the same as numbers 1-36, paying players 35 to 1 on their chips.

Square or corner bet

Players often superstitiously place split bets around all sides of a number they like.

Do you like a lot of numbers together on the table? You can then place a box bet on the corner of the edges of the particular four numbers.

Like any other bet, you can place a single chip on this type of bet (following the rules of the individual real money roulette table).

This bet increases the exposure of your chips, but of course, with that exposure comes a lower payout rate. The payment of the fragments of the room bet winning is 8 to 1.

We like to use box bets to maximize exposure on parts of the board we don’t particularly like; it’s more of an insurance bet for us, but you can use it as your primary strategy.

Bets on the rows

The roulette wheel is arranged in the shape of a rectangle, with 12 rows of three numbers each in numerical order.

If you like a particular group of three numbers, you can place a bet on all three by setting your chips on the edge line of that specific row.

This bet can be a bit easier than having to walk across the table to place chips on each of the three individual numbers, and as long as the same number of chips are wagered on all three numbers, the payout is essentially the same.

A winning row bet pays 11 to 1 on each bet.

Thirds and columns bets

As we move away from the center of the board, the bets become more generic.

As we mentioned, the roulette table felt has numbers from 1 to 36 in a pattern of 12 rows and three columns.

Because casinos want to give you every chance to place a bet, you can choose thirds of the board per row or bet on an entire column of numbers.

If, for example, you have placed your chips in the middle column, you would be a winner if any of these numbers came up: 2, 5, 8, 11, 14, 17, 20, 23, 26, 29, 32, or 35.

Many numbers. If you are lucky enough to land the ball in the third row you selected, you will be paid 3-1 on your bet.

color bets

What if you don’t care what number comes up as long as it’s the color you want?

Then this is the ideal bet for you!

Instead of covering all the numbers that correspond to your color, you can make a straightforward bet on whether the number will be black or red. Easy and similar to tossing a coin except for the 0/00, which would be like the coin landing on its side.

You will be paid 2-1 on your bet if your flush comes up. Don’t be surprised to see big bets on the flush bets; Many people are wild gamblers, and this is the easiest bet they can make in a real money casino.

Half number bets

The options are further simplified as we get outside the real money roulette betting table.

These are usually the bets that many players make, as they are easy to make (no need to go from one side of the hand to the other trying to put chips everywhere).

An example of an outside bet is choosing whether the ball will land on 1-18 or 19-36. If you choose correctly, you will be paid 2-1 on this bet.

Casinos also often have a minimum amount that can be wagered on outside bets, so make sure you double-check before you put your chips in so you don’t get caught in an embarrassing moment when you’re told your chance doesn’t count.

So now you have an overview of the different bets you can make in real money roulette.

A couple of betting examples:

Example 1:

You want to choose some outside bets and place €25 in the 2nd third of the wheel and €25 more in the 2nd column. This is what you would be paid if specific numbers were where the ball landed:

  • If the number is 17: €200 (3 to 1 on the column bet and 3-1 on the third bet).
  • If the number is 18: €100 (3 to 1 on the third bet and €0 on the column bet).
  • If the number is 7: €0 (neither the 2nd third nor the middle column).

Example 2:

You have tiles spread all over the board, placing €25 in €1 tiles on individual numbers, except for three, where you have identified four tiles each.

In this case, you have 13 numbers covered (4 with four chips each and 9 with one chip = 25 chips).

This is the payment you can expect:

  • If one of the numbers comes up where you have four chips: 144 euros (35 to 1 on each chip, plus your original bet).
  • Suppose one of the numbers comes up where you have one chip: 36 euros (35 to 1 on the chip plus your original bet). In this case, you have a higher payout since you are selecting individual numbers that pay winners more, and you have a third of the numbers covered on the board as insurance. This type of bet is prevalent at a table.

Some tricks to play roulette

Although real money roulette is a straightforward game to play, the types of bets and the amount that is wagered can sometimes make it difficult to know if you will have a chance of winning on each spin.

Here are a couple of quick tips for when you start.

Online roulette to play in 2022 for real money

Beware of betting against yourself!

Often, chips will fly around the table as many players try to place their bets, which can confuse the table.

If you see your number come up, but realize that when all the payments have been made, you don’t seem to have more chips than when you started. This may have happened if you have bet against yourself.

An example is betting on the middle column of numbers but then selecting a bunch of unique numbers in the first and third columns.

Although this hedging of bets can limit your losses (part of a strategy sometimes employed), it means that you won’t win much, and in many cases, your remaining chips will decrease.

Don’t look at the last plays.

This is one of the ways that casinos get you to make dumb decisions: they have a board next to the wheel that records the last 15-20 numbers that have come up.

Once, we came to a roulette wheel when the numbers that had come up the last 12 times were red. When the thirteenth spin came around, 20 people crowded around the table, tons of money lying around just in case the following number was black. What was the result of the 13th spin? The Red. And the 14th? Red. And so on until spin 21, when a black number finally came up, and the table was in full swing. We’ve mentioned it before: each roulette spin is a separate action that culminates in a different result. The fact that several numbers come up one color or another is random, but don’t tell some players at the table. The fact that the casino places these numbers on a board for the public to see creates an emotional response that works to the benefit of the casino, not the player. When you play, ignore the board… play the style you would usually play if you didn’t know any of the above outcomes.

We have a series of tips and tricks for you to read on our website to learn how to play Real Money Roulette well. Make sure you read them well to play the best possible roulette when you sit down to play for real money.

Roulette in a real casino vs. online roulette

If you wish, you can play roulette from the comfort of your home by connecting and playing at one of the hundreds of online casinos on the net.

Of course, there are some differences between the live game and the online version.

  1. The first difference is that you can play roulette for play money at an online casino. While this is great for beginning players who want to try the game for the first time, it won’t take long to find out that playing for play money isn’t as exciting as playing for real money, especially when you hit a number for a big jackpot.
  1. The next thing you will notice is that at most online casinos, you are the only player at the table. This means that you are in control of when the wheel spins (there is usually a “Spin” button somewhere on the screen). You can take your time placing your bets, which is apparent as the table is not cluttered with other players’ chips. However, playing solo also eliminates the hustle and bustle of having a group of players look at the wheel to see if your bet will win.
  1. Another significant difference is the speed of the game. While you control the wheel’s spin at a real money roulette table in an online casino, the time the ball spins is usually determined by the casino and, in most cases, is a much more extended period. Shorter than when you play for real money live. This is intended to speed up your betting so the casino can get the most out of your bankroll during your gaming session.

Look for casinos that allow you to have a fast or slow wheel so you can play at a speed that suits you best.

There are many more differences between the live and online versions of real money roulette, and you can find more details by clicking on our Online Roulette Guide.

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Online roulette to play in 2022 for real money

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