How to wear the dress in winter? Look for tips and ideas 2022

How to wear the dress in winter? Look for tips and ideas 2022

In winter, there are two types of women: those who wear dresses and those who don’t. The reason is straightforward: the cold! Women are not all equal when it comes to the cold, some are more resistant than others, or they put style before comfort. We will never really know! But admit it, it’s hard not to fall for a bit of dress! So, how to wear clothing in winter? Discover our tips and ideas for looks.

How to choose your winter dress?

The dress is generally reserved for the summer season. However, wearing your little summer dresses in winter is not necessarily the right plan because you will end up freezing. That’s why there are dresses specially designed to be worn when the temperatures drop. This is played out in particular with these dresses’ material and cut.

  • 0.1 Matter
  • 0.2 The cut
  • 1 How to match a dress in winter?
  • 2 Which tights to choose?
  • 3 What shoes to wear?
  • 4 Which coat to not be cold?
  • 5 3 look ideas for wearing the dress in winter
How to wear the dress in winter? Look for tips and ideas 2022

The material

Some materials lend themselves better than others to keeping your body warm despite frigid temperatures. So you can eliminate all your light cotton, linen, etc., dresses. Opt instead for thick materials such as wool, flannel, or silk. The great advantage of silk is that it knows how to be light in summer and warm in winter.

When it comes to color, you have carte blanche! Red, black, fir green, navy blue and even white. It’s the same for prints; let go and have fun.

The cup

The cut is an important criterion. But not as you think. Indeed, all reductions of dresses can be worn in winter: mini, long, maxi, etc. However, the latter must be carefully selected according to your morphology.

A tip for the more cautious is to choose a long dress with long sleeves. The more you are covered, the less you will be cold.

How to match a dress in winter?

Now that you have the basics, it’s time to move on to the details because you will not go out in the middle of winter with just a dress; you risk catching a cold. So, here are some tips to help you match the dress in winter:

  • If you are chilly, you can wear a sweater under your dress. The only condition is to pay attention to the collar; it must not be visible;
  • If your dress is very low-cut or short-sleeved, you can put a shirt over it for more style! You can also add a cardigan or a wool sweater over it. Keep in mind that layering is the key to warmth while still looking on-trend. You can also wear a round neck sweater over your dress as if you were wearing a skirt.

Which tights to choose?

In winter, tights are a must! Opt for semi-opaque fancy tights (lace, satin, etc.) if you wear a black dress. Indeed, opaque tights will weigh down your silhouette. And if you wear printed or colored clothing, you have more choices, including:

  • Nude dancer-style tights (not to be confused with flesh-colored pantyhose) to wear with light dresses ;
  • Heather gray, dark gray, or navy blue tights, which can be worn with all winter colors: from burgundy to purple, including shades of brown.
  • Camel or brown tights for cream, brown, nude dresses, etc.

What shoes to wear?

The choice of shoes is critical when you want to wear a dress in winter.

If you prefer to be flat, opt for a pair of sneakers or flat ankle boots with a small heel (max 5cm). Ballerinas are to be avoided, and choose sober moccasins instead.

On the other hand, if you prefer heels and high heels, you have the choice: thigh-high boots, boots, heeled ankle boots, pumps, etc.

What coat to not be cold?

Leave aside short coats such as blazers or leather jackets for the skin. I prefer long coats for more elegance. And if the temperatures allow it, how about taking out your trench coat?

Three look ideas for wearing the dress in winter

  1. For an elegant look: mid-length sweater dress in winter colors, thigh-high boots, hat, and woolen coat longer than your dress;
  2. For a casual look: oversized shirt, low-cut dress, sneakers, and long coat;
  3. For a comfy look: long dress in neutral-colored wool, belt at the waist, sober flat boots, and a straight pea coat

What materials to choose for your dresses in winter?

It is possible to wear the materials of your summer dresses in winter. However, the most chilly should prefer warmer materials, such as:

  • Wool: there are dresses in the form of sweaters, woolen knits, or woolen cloth fabric. Among these dresses, the most popular woolen dress is the sweater dress. Before you buy it, try it on to avoid ending up at home with an itchy dress. The wool broadcloth dress usually has an excellent structured fit but is not stretchy. Thus, by trying it, you will know precisely if it suits you or not. Be sure to strictly follow the care code, as it may shrink or deform after washing.
  • Cotton knit: for breathable and stretchy material. The disadvantage, this material will not keep you too warm.
  • Silk is a thermoregulating material that will protect you from the cold. A very silky, fluid, and elegant material that will keep you warm.
  • Leather: this material preserves the heat emitted by your body and has a windproof effect. It is an excellent material for winter, but very expensive. To wear a leather dress, you must wear cotton materials underneath. You can also turn to second-hand, to find more reasonable prices.
  • Viscose: this is a very fluid material. It is available in a warm version or not. It is an enjoyable and easy-care material. Perfect for sensitive skin.
  • Polyester: very easy to maintain without risk of deformation; this material generally does not require ironing. It will keep you warm by retaining the heat generated by your body while wicking away sweat naturally. The life of your dress will be longer while maintaining the same look as when you first purchased it.

On AMASOS, our dresses are lined with thin but also thick materials. In addition, they are made from medium and high-quality materials and are easy to maintain. Are you looking for dresses with warm and thick fabrics? Take a look at our Dresses to personalize the category, or look at the “Dresses fabrics” section.

To find the winter dress that will suit you, it is essential to choose the cut, type, and shape of your dress.

Which cut of the dress to choose?

All dress cuts can be worn in winter. Whether the mini or long dress, you need to know how to wear it well to stay warm. However, you can favor dresses with long sleeves or ¾ sleeves. You can’t find more and more of them on the market. At ASOS, you will be able to choose the type of sleeves you want to add to your chosen dress.

What type of dress to favor in winter?

There are various types of dresses, namely:

  • The structured dress: this dress is generally cut close to the body.
  • The sweater dress: it is preferable to favor loose or oversized sweater dresses when you choose giant knits because they do not flatter the silhouette when tight. If you want it close to the body, wearing a finer knit like a jersey is better.
  • The fluid dress: this dress will accompany your body with fluidity. It is easy to wear, and you can easily accessorize it.
  • The unstructured dress is not easy to wear, and you will have to accessorize it a lot to give style to your overall look.

What shape of winter dress to choose?

We have compiled a list of dresses to wear based on your body type.

  • Morphologies X and 8: if you are of this morphology, you can wear the wrap dress and the dress fitted and close to the body.
  • Morphology A: the most suitable dress for you is the trapeze dress. However, you can opt for the empire dress if you have just given birth.
  • Morphology H: you can wear a straight dress or a structured dress.
  • V morphology: if you have this morphology, you can wear dresses with a V-shaped, straight neckline or dresses with long, slightly flared sleeves.
  • Morphology O: if you are of this morphology, you prefer dresses buttoned on the front or an empire cut.

Here are some dress shapes you can wear in winter, depending on your body type. For more information, click here. 

How to layer a dress with other clothes to look stylish and keep you warm in winter?

Choose your overlays wisely.

To wear your winter dress well, you must know how to choose your tops and bottoms. If you are chilly, you can opt for a knit or other under-sweater under your dress. How about a short-sleeved t-shirt? To give a more offbeat side to your look, it will work if you have a sleeveless dress, of course! It will bring style to your face. Do not hesitate to play with contrasts in materials, and prints, such as lurex, lace, guipure, or even plain. Everything is possible. 

What to put over a dress?

There are different accessories to put on a dress in winter.

Sweater, shirt, or cardigan?

If you have a low-cut, short-sleeved, or basic dress, you can spice it up by wearing it with an oversized shirt or one closer to the body by tying it at the waist under the bust without fully closing it. A long vest to wear either open or to belt. You can then put a sweater in a primary color on top of the shirt or a wool or cashmere cardigan, letting the shirt’s collar stand out to bring a “little schoolgirl” touch to your style. It’s very stylish to make layers, and it finishes your outfit.

You can also wear your dress with a round neck sweater over it. This type of sweater goes quickly with all kinds of dress collars: round neck, boat neck, Claudine collar (to stand out on the dress), and others. For this assembly, it is necessary to choose a warm and not very tight knitted sweater in a neutral color.

Choose the coat to complete your look.

The coat is one of the essential garments for the cold seasons and winter in particular. It is the most vital piece. So how do you choose the skin that will go well with your winter dress? Follow our few tips to be able to highlight your figure.

  • For a short dress

If you opt for a short dress, you can wear it with either a short coat that will reach the waist or a few inches lower than your dress. This coat will reveal the bottom of your dress and highlight your legs and figure.

Would you rather wear a long coat with your short dress? It is possible! You can wear a short skirt with a long and even an extra-long coat. Choose a long bathrobe coat that you can, for example, put together with a tight evening dress.

However, if you wear an A-line dress, you can opt for a flared coat. A short straight dress will go quickly with an extra-long straight jacket.

  • For a long dress

In winter, most people tend to wear long dresses. It is generally challenging to assemble a long dress with a coat because the dress remains visible under the skin. In addition, there are coats with which long dresses combine perfectly.

If you prefer long dresses in winter, you should favor long or short coats that stop at the waist, such as a leather jacket. This type of coat will highlight your long dress. However, the preferred long coats are.

On the other hand, if you wear an airy dress with flowing fabric, you can put it together with a short coat or a mid-length coat.

Another essential accessory in winter is the scarf or neckerchief.

Choosing the right winter scarf

There are various materials to wear in winter to protect the neck while remaining stylish. These are wool, faux fur, cashmere, angora, silk, and others.

Silk is one of the unknown warm materials to the general public. Still, it is a premium fabric that keeps you warm in the winter. Thanks to its breathable properties, it will provide your neck with optimal comfort.

After choosing the material of your scarf, you will need to select a scarf that will match your personality and quickly reach the rest of your outfit. On AMASOS, we offer silk scarves that can be personalized to your liking.

Eco-friendly winter clothing is available on ASOS.

Did you know you can dress ethically, even in winter? On AMASOS, we offer eco-responsible dresses, scarves, and coats made from high-quality materials, 100% wool, cashmere wool… to keep you warm in winter. In addition, these clothes are all customizable. You can customize the sleeves, collars, colors, fabrics of your clothes, and many more. However, each of our garments is made with a lot of love, especially for you, by our French craftsmen to order.

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How to wear the dress in winter? Look for tips and ideas 2022

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