Reasons to create a digital marketing strategy 2023

reasons to create a digital marketing strategy 2023

Once companies understand that digital marketing is necessary to promote their business and obtain better results from their online presence, the next step is establishing and developing a strategy. Is that necessary? Isn’t it possible to start working on the network doing guerrilla marketing to see how things turn out little by little? Not really. There are few ideas as crazy as launching into digital marketing without previously working on a strategy that helps plan how it will act and what steps will be taken to obtain good results. Explained in a simple way that all managers know how to understand: doing digital maeketing Without carrying out a good strategy beforehand, it is synonymous with losing money and time, two of the great values ​​of any business.

reasons to create a digital marketing strategy 2023.

Digital Marketing

To understand why a digital marketing strategy is so necessary, we will review the critical points that its elaboration resolves. In this way, it will be possible to be aware of the importance of its implementation as soon as possible in any business. post index

  • Allows you to discover the reality of the market
  • define objectives
  • Know the competition
  • Explore the target audience
  • Choosing the best social networks
  • measure results
reasons to create a digital marketing strategy 2023

Allows you to discover the reality of the market

One of the big mistakes that are often made is to think that we have an excess of knowledge and wisdom. However, it is true that the accumulated experience of the most outstanding professionals is positive and helps; in reality, you never know what may be waiting for the business in its digital adaptation. Knowledge opens many doors and allows barriers to be broken down or changes and adjustments to be made that reveal that even one of the bases on which the digital approach was held was wrong. You have to study the market, and a good strategy will provide all the details for this, showing the business’s weaknesses, what positive points it has for its digital use, and what opportunities open up around it. Please do not take something for granted because it may be a severe mistake that throws away all the effort and investment.

define objectives

Along these same lines, it should be noted that when carrying out a strategy, what the business achieves is, among other things, defining the objectives it encounters in its approach to the network. The objectives of a digital marketing action do nocanaraldifferent from the rest of the marketing actions, so it is convenient to know the market better. By carrying out a good strategy, it will be possible to see precisely what objective is best for the business in its investment in digital marketing. It can sell more, but sometimes it is more appropriate to obtain more benefits, such as customer loyalty or undertaking tactics that ensure long rather than short-term sales. Defining the objectives will allow you to avoid following through and establishing a more profitable marketing action.

Know the competition

Large firms from all kinds of industries have been surprised when carrying out digital marketing strategies to see that their biggest rivals are not different from what they face in the retail sector. For this reason, everything should be taken seriously within the industry and its adaptation to the online environment. Some entities have a massive sales volume in person but have yet to explore digital possibilities. They remain in the background, leaving a gap for viable businesses that do not exist beyond the Internet but are absolute authorities on the Internet—the clients. The competition changes between the two sales channels; that is why any business must be informed and know its rivals in each field since this will help them to orchestrate a better marketing strategy and a counter-strategy for the actions of their opponents.

Explore the target audience

Segmenting is one of the main actions required to be carried out among those specialists who are in charge of directing the digital marketing actions of companies. You must do more than just launch a social media campaign and hope it reaches the right people. Defining a strategy allows, with a pertinent study of the business and consumers, to know what type of audience the advertisements and actions that correspond to this marketing initiative must be directed to. Knowing the target and segmenting the advertising action to the maximum will guarantee that the impressions made from it get a high conversion rate. It is not about the ad being seen by many people, but rather that those who may be interested see it and among whom customers and sales can be generated. For this, it is necessary to explore indices of age, sex, location, tastes, buying habits, and other factors that influence the definition of a specific target.

Choosing the best social networks

Choosing the best social networks

Another big mistake that deals with solving the previous study and elaborating a strategy are choosing the wrong networks and social media to carry out a marketing action. It is well known that Facebook is the number one social network in the world, but it does change something other than one in which a business obtains its best results. Once again, particular emphasis is placed on the importance of keeping in mind that when we carry out a digital marketing initiative, we are not looking for quantity but quality. Therefore, for a business that works with highly visual products that attract attention due to their appearance, such as an artisan pastry shop, a social network that encourages the publication of images might be more recommendable. This could mean that the same volume of investment made on Facebook would give worse results than doing it on Instagram, understanding this only as a small example of a possible similar situation to take into account.

measure results

measure results

By developing a strategy and knowing point by point what data has been applied, what parameters have been taken into account, and how work has been done before carrying out the digital marketing activities, it is possible to analyze the results and conclusions to improve. When carrying out an online marketing campaign without establishing guidelines, it is impossible to make changes or modifications or understand what may have gone wrong. But having an excellent previous study, it is possible to carry out adjustments that allow the following actions to be promoted in an advantageous way.



Digital marketing is an increasingly contested field by various companies and industries; for this reason, we share some tactics to improve your strategy.

Today digital marketing has become as effective or more than traditional marketing. One of its significant advantages is the ease it gives companies to connect directly with their users so that the investment is made in a much smaller but much more effective market.

This is even more true when marketing strategies are applied correctly, and all available tools are used. If you or your company need a boost in this area, let us help you with these five tips:

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Advertising on Twitter is an excellent tool for businesses and companies. Still, instead of targeting the Twitter accounts of the users you’d like to have, which takes a lot of time and planning, try targeting them to the followers of similar reports. Followers of accounts from companies similar to yours are likely to want to know about your business, your services, or your products, and they will prove to be a much easier audience to find.


One of the best ways to promote a business is through the LinkedIn social network. Advertising can be targeted by company size, employment level, employment type, or specific companies. By boosting your articles or posts, you have the option to reach your audience and show them what your business or brand does at the same time.


If LinkedIn is expensive or you need help finding the type of users you’re looking for, try directing your advertising to Facebook and target it by job type. The penetration that Facebook has achieved in the Latin American market could prove to be a more effective tool for your business.


Another way to segment the advertising of your company or business on Facebook is through user behavior. Within this category, you can find types such as “small business owners,” for example, and other relevant groups that could help you improve the effectiveness of your campaigns. Experiment with various behaviors and interests and see what works best for you.


Gosocket allows you to generate a catalog of products and services through Gadget Commerce. This catalog is available to all users of our network so that anyone who performs a search using the keywords contained in your electronic invoices will be able to find your information and request a quote or place an order directly from their profile. Thanks to the electronic payment tools you will find in Gosocket, your future customers will be able to pay for their orders automatically and facilitate the entire sales process for you and your company.

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Reasons to create a digital marketing strategy 2023

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