The most important persuasion technique to convince 2022

The most important persuasion technique to convince 2022

Here is a translation of a video on the Art of Persuasion, which can help you in marketing and sales…

Researchers have studied the factors that influence us to say “yes” to the requests of others.

It is surprising that there is a science in the way of convincing, which is sometimes very surprising.

Indeed when we make a decision, it would be nice to say that all available information is considered and that we are making a rational decision.

But the reality is often different…

Indeed with the lifestyle we lead, we are increasingly overloaded with information, and we need more than ever shortcuts and rules that guide us and help us make our decisions.

The most important persuasion technique to convince 2022

Robert Cialdini’s studies have shown that six universal shortcuts guide human behavior, including:

– Reciprocity,

– The lack,


– Consistency,

– Affection

– Consensus’,

These “levers” make it possible to influence people… while respecting ethics because the goal is not to manipulate.

Contents of the article

  • 1 – Reciprocity
  • 2 – Lack
  • 3 – Authority
  • 4 – Consistency
  • 5 – Affection
  • 6 – Consensus

1 – Reciprocity

The first principle of influence is reciprocity.

People feel compelled to give something back in the form of either a gift, a service, or in the way of acting if they received something first.

For example, if a friend invites you to a party, you will feel compelled to ask them to a party that you will host later.

Similarly, if a colleague does you a favor, you will owe him a favor, and it is a chain put in place by the company.

It’s a sense of obligation to say “yes” to someone who has done you a favor.

The best example of reciprocity comes from various studies conducted in restaurants…

So the next time you go to the restaurant, there is a good chance that the waiter or the waitress will give you a gift, and this probably is at the same time as they will provide you with your bill for dinner (the little mint candy with the note, a digestive offered…).

The question is: will the fact of having had a peppermint influence the amount of the tip you will leave them?

Most people say NO… but this peppermint candy can make a surprising difference.

According to a test where giving a single peppermint candy after the meal increases the percentage of a tip left by 3%, and as surprising as it may seem, if, at the end of a meal, you give two peppermints, the tip percentage increases by 14% …

But there is an even more exciting fact; if the waiter gives you a mint candy before leaving the table, he says to the customers, ‘ just for you who are good customers, the tip amount will explode!

The most important persuasion technique to convince 2022

You can count up to a 23% increase only because you were given one via a personal way.

So the keyword that must be retained in the principle of reciprocity is ‘Be the first to give and make sure to offer something personalized and unexpected.

2 – Lake

The second universal principle is ‘Lack.’

We can define this principle as that where people want more of those things that are not available in large quantities.

In 2003, when British Airways announced that it would no longer fly Concorde London – the United States because it was no longer profitable, sales for its same flights resumed.

Nothing had changed compared to the Concorde; it didn’t fly faster, the service was still the same, and the airfare hadn’t gone down…

But it just became a resource that would be scarce, so people wanted more as a result.

So when it comes to effectively convincing others to use the Lack Principle, the science is precise; it’s not always easy to tell people the benefits they will have if they choose your product and service. , but you’ll also need to tell them what’s unique about what you’re offering and what they stand to lose if they don’t consider your proposal.

The most important persuasion technique to convince 2022

3 – Authority

The third universal principle is that of ‘Authority.’

The idea is that people will follow informed and credible experts.

Physiotherapists, for example, can convince their patients to follow recommended exercise programs by posting their certificates on the walls of their consulting rooms.

People are more likely to hand out exact change for a parking meter if that request was made by someone in uniform rather than just a civilian.

Studies tell us that it is vital to signal to others your authority and competence and show your credibility before trying to influence them.

So instead of going to people and bragging about your qualities, someone has to do it for you…

And as surprising as it may be, studies show us that it doesn’t matter who the person who introduces us and values ​​​​us is.

And even if you don’t know this person, they just introduce themselves.

A group of real estate agencies has been able to increase some of the valuations of their properties and the contracts they have had by setting up a telephone service – customer service that responds to complaints and any other information that customers may wish to have by calling on his expertise.

Instead of just putting them in contact with a salesperson, they valued them and their experience.

Thus, if a customer is interested in a rental, he will offer him the services of “Sandra,” who has more than fifteen years of experience and takes care of his region. If a customer wishes to have information on the sales of properties, they will put him in contact with “Peter,” the sales manager who has more than twenty years of experience in this field.

This valuation of staff (even if not verifiable) has a direct and positive impact on the number of appointments and contracts signed, i.e., 20% and 15% increases, respectively!

This small change is both an ethical and cost-free method…

The most important persuasion technique to convince 2022

4 – Consistency

The following principle is ‘consistency,’ which wants people to like to stay consistent in the things they say or do.

Consistency starts when you have made a commitment, a decision, or a position.

Researchers found unsurprisingly in a well-known study that was carried out that few people would accept having a ‘drive carefully’ sign to support a road safety campaign in their neighborhood.

However, in a similar neighborhood, nearly four times as many owners agreed to have this ‘drive carefully’ campaign posted on a billboard.


Simply because ten days ago, the residents of this neighborhood agreed to put a card on the front window of their homes showing their support for the ‘drive safe’ campaign, and that little card was the initial pledge to its inhabitants. The latter takes us to its 400% increases on a larger scale but still consistently.

So when looking to influence when using the Coherence Principle, the Influence Sensor looks for ‘volunteering, energy, and public engagement’…

The most powerful is to have a written commitment.

For example, a recent study explains how to reduce appointment cancellations by 18% simply by asking the patient to fill in his form for the date and time of the appointment instead of the secretary or a member of staff who does it for him.

The most important persuasion technique to convince 2022

5 – Affection

The fifth principle of affection is based on the fact that people prefer to say yes to the people they love…

But what makes one person love another?

Experiments on persuasion show us that there are three critical factors:

– we like people who look like us,

– we like people who give us compliments,

– we like people who have the same goals as us and cooperate.

These days, most of our interactions are online, and influence can also apply to selling online.

For example, on Amazon, you have product suggestions, special offers, and free shipping, which sends you products that interest you by email…

Another example takes place in everyday life with negotiations between two groups of MBA students from two different business schools.

One of the groups was told that time is money and that we had to stay focused on the business.

In this same group, nearly 55% of them came to an agreement

In a second group, they were told that before starting any negotiations, it was, above all, necessary to exchange information and find similarities with the other. It was only from this moment that the negotiations could begin.

In this “socialized” group, almost 90% reached an agreement, representing 80% more success.

So, to honor this principle of affection – to love, one must look for similarities with the other and give genuine compliments.

6 – Consensus

The last principle is that of consensus, which is defined especially when people will look at and observe the attitude of others to determine their actions and behaviors.

You have surely noticed in hotel bathrooms the little word that encourages customers to reuse towels or sheets.

They do this because they want to draw the attention of their guests to the benefits that reusing things can have on protecting our environment.

And it turns out that it is an effective strategy that leads us to green behavior by almost 35%…

But there’s an even more effective way to encourage people to reuse towels...

The goal is to mention on cards and messages in the bathroom and say that more than 75% of our guests reuse their towels; please do the same.

In this case, the reuse proportion is then up to 26%… Simply by showing them the expected behavior of “others.”

Next time you’re staying at a hotel, you see a similar sign that reads, ‘75% of occupants of this room have reused their towels; what would you think?

 Science shows us that instead of relying solely on our abilities to convince others, we can take as an example what the crowd does after the group…


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The most important persuasion technique to convince 2022

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