Five ways to reduce the cost of renovations 2022

Five ways to reduce the cost of renovations 2022

A renovation project can quickly lead to astronomical expenses. If we do not monitor the accumulated amounts, we will soon find ourselves exceeding the planned budget. In some cases, it is almost unavoidable to shell out a lot of money because of the nature and scale of the work. On the other hand, in general, it is possible to limit the expenses to avoid reaching an excessively exaggerated amount.

Do you think that renovating is too expensive? Here are five tips to reduce the cost of renovations.

Plan the renovation project well

It is sometimes difficult to identify what you want when considering renovations. However, clarifying your ideas is crucial to carrying out the project, at the risk of losing a lot of money. So take the time to clearly define the work, the plan, the schedule, the parts involved, the materials used, the required dimensions, etc. The more organized you are, the easier it will be for you to achieve your goals. This will avoid wasting time and money.

To help you plan your project and calculate your budget, here are some articles that you may find helpful:

  • How do you establish a realistic renovation budget?
  • How to prepare for renovations?
Five ways to reduce the cost of renovations 2022

You can also try our cost calculators to give you an idea of ​​the average prices for your renovation projects depending on the area and type of material.

2. Shop for building materials

Before you start spending, take the time to shop around. Whether it’s the materials, the tools or the contractor, do thorough research and compare the prices. The renovation industry is so competitive! If you give it enough time, you will find more affordable prices. Above all, if you want to save money, do not shop during high season! Wait for the sales period, watch the flyers and favour the quieter seasons, because you will have more chances of finding attractive prices.

In addition, you can also opt for recycled materials. Contrary to one might think, they are often just as functional as new and at a much better price. You can go to stores like Re: store (Habitat for Humanity), which have a good selection of second-hand materials. However, do not prioritize price over quality. You could pay for it later.

Decrease the extent of renovation work

If you’re looking to save money in the short term, why not reduce the scope of work? You will find some things less essential to the accomplishment of your project (a double tap, mosaic, etc.). In this case, scale down your goals and postpone them. For example, if you decide to remodel your bathroom, you could go about it in stages, starting with the things that need replacing. 

It’s a good compromise that will allow you to carry out your renovations while saving a few cents. You can always add these items later when you have more savings.

Five ways to reduce the cost of renovations 2022

Do some things on your own

If you have some renovation knowledge, time and patience, why not invest in your project? You could manage the site, hire subcontractors, order equipment, and even do some work, such as laying ceramic tiles or painting certain surfaces. Up to 20% of the cost of the work could be saved in this way.

Check out our many blog posts for tips, step-by-step instructions, and walkthroughs of the most popular home improvement jobs and building materials.

Be careful, however, not to overestimate yourself. Professionals must imperatively do some work (installation of specific insulation, electricity, etc.). To find out which ones, see article 7, renovations that professionals should always do.

Hire renovation pros

For those who doubt their ability to invest, there is nothing better than to call on professionals. A qualified contractor and competent workers guarantee a job well done and more peace of mind. Although it may cost more, it’s mostly about saving money in the long run.

Many disappointed homeowners have resorted to incompetent people to save a few pennies. They end up paying more to repair the damage and fund lawsuits that rarely result in compensation. Don’t make the same mistakes!

In addition, if you meet with several contractors, you can compare the prices of the different bids about the services offered. By comparing, you can save money because if you had made only one quote, you would not have been able to get an idea of ​​whether the price indicated is reasonable or not. 

Five ways to reduce the cost of renovations 2022

Renovating your home without spending too much

As soon as you want to work in your house to make it more comfortable or for any other reason, you have to expect the renovation to be expensive. It is more complicated to do it when you have a limited budget.

It would help to consider several factors to avoid spending beyond your budget limits. This is where creativity and ingenuity come into play. Here are some tips to make renovating your home more accessible.

Rent or borrow some tools rather than buying them

The best way to keep your home improvement and construction tool costs down are to ask neighbours or friends. But of course, make sure you return the tools!

If it turns out that your neighbours are doing similar renovations, suggest that they borrow the tools or even rent them. Renting or borrowing will save you money for a specific device or anything on your home improvement tool list. He, too, at the same time.

When everyone is happy with their renovations, either you return the tools, or you can offer them another solution.

Purchase of second-hand products

Buying second-hand tools have always been a solution that people use for their jobs, but it is certainly more popular today, given the current economic situation. It is possible to get a good deal by buying a used tool.

In addition, purchasing a used tool is considered ecological because you will give a new life to the product. However, if this is your first time shopping second-hand, do your research before making your purchase and well-known favour brands.

Look for new product manufacturers.

When a brand is born, it often seeks to attract customers who have purchased its products. As a result, it will offer a little cheaper prices than known brands. You can get your home improvement tools from these stores to save a few dollars. A store displaying affordable products does not necessarily mean they are not quality tools. Their articles might even surprise you.

If you are already a fan of renovations, it will be easy to recognize a good-quality tool. If you are new to the field, bring someone who can advise you.

Ask for help with your home renovation.

There are now various aid and subsidy solutions that the State has put in place to help households carry out work in their homes.

If your work concerns energy-saving renovations, you can ask to receive a subsidy from the public authorities. For example, you can apply for:

  • Energy Transition Tax Credit (CITE)
  • A grant from the National Housing Agency (ANAH)
  • From the Energy Solidarity Pact
  • Eco loan at zero rate
  • Energy bonus through the Energy Savings Certificate

Five ways to reduce the cost of renovations 2022

Request a quote from artisans and choose the best value for money

Before hiring an artisan to carry out your work, consider comparing the offers on the market. Do not hesitate to call on several artisans and ask them to give you a detailed estimate. Based on what they have given you, you can then make your own opinion and choose the craftsman who offers the best services in terms of value for money.

Do the work yourself.

Of course, before embarking on this method, be sure you can do it if your handyman skills are fundamental. Do whatever work you can do and leave the leftovers to a professional.

But if you think you can do it on your own, you will save a lot of money. According to a study, more than a quarter of French people today embark on the self-production of their work. We are the best place to meet our needs. All you need to do is get the necessary tools.

Save in the long term by investing in sustainable or less energy-intensive products.

For the materials and products you need, always consider value for money and think long term.

It is not worth buying a product of more or less mediocre quality to save money if you have to change it after 2, 3 months or even a year. Buy the materials that will have a longer life and do not consume. Putting the price into your purchases will ensure you are safe from future work.

Look for the most beautiful creative DIY ideas and use home staging.

For DIY, Pinterest will be your best ally. You will find ideas to renovate your home but also how to make it more designed. Apart from this platform, you can also follow tutorials on DIY channels on YouTube. The Internet is indeed full of many tools that will allow you to carry out the most beautiful work in your home.

Of course, you will have to prepare. Practice first before making the changes at home. If a method seems complicated to you, change to another, much simpler one.

Anticipate major work by making the necessary repairs

So that you don’t have big jobs to do in the future. Never let the condition of your home deteriorate. Please don’t wait for it to be catastrophic to fix it. The better you anticipate repairs in your home, the fewer costs you will pay. It is even possible that you do these minor repairs yourself. In most cases, you won’t need to hire a professional. Even if it is, the costs will be much lower than if you wait to do significant work.

Take advantage of subsidies and tax assistance relating to energy-saving work (insulation-heating)

As we have already specified above, you can benefit from state subsidies for energy-saving work. Not only will you spend less on carrying out your work, but you will also save money on your bill in the long term.

These devices were implemented to reduce household energy consumption and promote green energy. Find out about the aids that could correspond to the needs of your household and seek help from the service concerned.

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Five ways to reduce the cost of renovations 2022

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