Which Bag Extend Your Personality?

Which Bag Extend Your Personality?

A bag for every personality

Imagine what our lives would be like without bags. They help us carry everything we need from childhood until we grow up and go to the office—even in our personal lives, traveling, or going on little adventures with our loved ones. They help us create memories we will never forget. That’s why we thought it would be a great idea to come up with some creative ideas for you to implement this timeless item in your business, gift packs, or charitable causes. It always comes in handy and will help you promote your business organically. 

Which Bag Extend Your Personality?

for athletes

If you are a sports lover, you will love this product. It is essential to combine it with your sportswear. Sometimes it is difficult to follow our sports plan, and we succumb to the temptation to skip our daily training. And that’s why we want to propose you this practical sports bag. It has enough space for you to fill it with everything you need, clothes, shoes, equipment, a towel, and your change. We recommend going with black if you want something classic, but you have many colors to choose from in Wordans. You can even buy them in bulk and customize them with the names of your training partners or your gym or team logo.

For the ecological

Hate plastic? Are you one of those who only use paper bags to do their shopping? If so, we have the perfect bag for you. We love its texture and shape. It’s great to carry your flowers, your vegetables, or anything else you can think of. This square-shaped beige bag is made with burlap fabric, whose fibers come from the jute plant, making it suitable for vegans. It’s also light and comfortable, making it your new favorite item. Please take the next ecological step in your business by offering these bags and personalizing them with your logo. Surely its price will also surprise you!

For the students

The first backpack with a zipper was created in 1938. It was first created for long walks but has become a perfect companion for all students worldwide. We cannot think about school without thinking about this iconic and essential accessory that came to make our lives easier. When you go to school or university, you usually need a big backpack carrying everything: books, laptop, briefcase, notebooks… You should choose one that is of good quality and can support all that weight while simultaneously giving you comfort. We have selected this black backpack that offers precisely what you need and compartments to help you better organize your material.

Which Bag Extend Your Personality?

for the parties

With the current pandemic, the holidays have disappeared from our radar for a while. But in the meantime, we can still go to a friend’s house and have a drink (or two ;)) together. We have no proof, but we also do not doubt that the number of bottles of wine and beer must have increased significantly. That’s why this wine bottle bag is super helpful for carrying your drinks when you go to someone’s house. If you have a winery or sell wine, why not offer a nice bag with your company logo? That way, your customers will never forget you and your brand.

For the getaway lover

Nothing better than a getaway to disconnect from the stress of the week. It’s nice to get out for a couple of days, enjoy nature, and do some hiking. We recommend this travel bag for these days off, which has the exact size you will need for several days. On the other hand, when planning small hikes, sometimes you don’t need a big backpack but just a small bag to carry a bottle of water, snacks, a phone, and a camera. That’s why this sack-style bag will be ideal for those excursions. Printing a logo or any other personalized design is easy, so it can also be a good gift.


Find the bag that takes your style to another level – these bags are a must!

The right accessories can reflect your personality and add style to simple items like a white t-shirt, jeans, or a little black dress. Although many women know how to select their wardrobe essentials, few add perfect accessories as essential pieces. To help guide you in selecting the right accessories for your wardrobe, we offer five elegant, classic suggestions that will never go out of style, regardless of trend and season. These bags are guaranteed to go with every outfit!

Which Bag Extend Your Personality?

At Amsterdam Heritage, we have a comprehensive collection of leather bags for women. We offer a wide range of styles, from shoulder bags to handbags. These are our top 5 bags that will take you from day to night!

A perfect everyday bag: Kalter brown shoulder bag

Your search for the perfect everyday bag that combines elegance, style, and functionality is over! From a professional meeting to a quick wander or lunch with friends, The Kalter Camel Shoulder Bag is a stylish accessory ready to be your daily travel companion.

This bag ensures you can carry everything you need from 9 am to 6 pm, and its camel color makes it easy to combine with any outfit.

A “clutch”: Angela Black folded bag

A clutch is necessary when you don’t feel like carrying your everyday bag or need a lovely compact bag for your evening adventures. Leather clutch bags in classic colors are perfect for carrying on their own. Our Angela Black Folded Wallet is a multi-use bag that can be used as a wallet, clutch, armband, or crossbody bag! Made from premium quality leather, these bags become more beautiful over time and with use. This wallet is ideal for those who are always on the go. It stores your phone, keys, change, and ID while looking fabulous.

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A Tote/Shopping Bag: Pompe Shopper

Some activities require large bags. Whether it’s a weekend trip, an overnight getaway, or running errands, you shouldn’t have to compromise on style. This is precisely where our Pompeii Shopper delivers: a bag that offers style without losing functionality. Smooth, premium leather has a studded snap closure and two side snap buttons for a more tapered look. Going to run your errands has never been so much fun!

Which Bag Extend Your Personality?

A belt bag:

The belt bag has evolved over the years under multiple names. The combination of functionality and style makes this bag a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe. Throw our Idema Black Leather Bag over your shoulder for hands-free, or wear it around your waist at a summer festival.

“Crossbody” Bag: Immers Shoulder Bag

Crossbody bags are the best for keeping various essentials by your side and still looking fashionable no matter the occasion. When fashion and function intersect, you get a distinctive bag like the Immers Crossbody Bag. This unique and modern design is deceptively spacious and contains the perfect number of compartments to ensure that everything you need is easily accessible!

The leather bag that goes with your personality

The fashion accessories we choose daily say a lot about our personalities. We chose them because we feel comfortable with them and want to let the rest of the world know about them. An important decision is the one we make when choosing our leather bag. Not only because of the design (shape or size) we choose but because touch is essential, and we have to feel safe with it. In it, we keep all our belongings, which are almost a part of ourselves. At  complementoslamonsita.com, we show you a wide range of leather bags, so you can choose the one that best suits you, with the best prices, excellent designs, and great quality.

Take note

On our website, you will find everything you need, from leather bags to endless fashion accessories, which you can also wear daily to feel great about yourself. The shape, color, and texture… are essential when choosing our leather bag, so we make your choice easier by offering free shipping throughout Spain and Portugal, safely and within 48 hours. You can wear the leather bag you’ve always dreamed of.

In addition, on our website, you can also find numerous fashion accessories: leather scarf, silk scarf, or leather belts. We offer you high quality in all our products at unbeatable prices because we know how important it is for you to feel good with your clothes and fashion accessories. Or, if you are one of the most daring and wear hats, you can also find the ideal one for you on our website, with which you will feel comfortable and fashionable.

A bag for each personality

A bag can say a lot about who you are and can give that magical touch to any outfit you have in mind. You can wear a simple, minimalist, or monochromatic outfit, but a good bag can turn it into a unique, sophisticated, and original look. We often hear that a woman cannot have enough bags or shoes, two of our great pleasures in fashion. Choosing the perfect bag for you from a wide range of textures and colors is not easy, but today we decided to give you some tips so you can find the ideal bag according to your personality.

You are a romantic, feminine, and delicate woman. When we talk about clothes, you like light and fresh tones. You love spending time with your loved ones; you enjoy the small pleasures in life; you like artistic and creative activities; you are passionate about reading or watching a good story that inspires you; you are cheerful and loving. This soft red crossbody bag in genuine bovine leather with fine handmade stitching and embroidered cover in floral motifs is perfect for you.

Which Bag Extend Your Personality?

Class and sophistication are the words that best describe your style. You are a strong and self-confident woman, feminine and independent. You like neutral tones to dress in, predominantly black and white. You dream of reaching your big career goals and love spending time with your friends. You love to dance, have fun and face significant challenges. This beautiful black quilted bag in genuine sheepskin, whose seams form an intriguing pattern decorated with acceptable metallic applications, will be your best companion.

You are fun and multifaceted, you like adventure, and you are very practical. You love sports and outdoor activities, spending time with your loved ones in nature, living new experiences, and making the most of every moment that comes your way. You are fascinated by travel and discovering new places and sensations. In short, you are a beautiful free spirit. You will love this convertible fanny pack in genuine python leather. Her de ella independent handle de ella allows you to carry her on her hip or shoulder.

You do not have a defined style; it is eclectic. You like to try new things and dare to combine different clothes, obtaining incredible results. You like to play with textures, colors, and shapes. You are very sure of yourself; you are not afraid to say what you think; you like to look for different activities every day, dance, and spend time with family and friends, and you are very creative and happy. You won’t be able to resist this genuine bovine and python leather crossbody bag with a metallic finish, handmade fabric, short handle, and long detachable strap.

We hope these recommendations help you choose your next CUADRA bag, a piece of art and design that will stay with you forever. We wish you a great weekend!

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Which Bag Extend Your Personality?

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