WhiteBIT cryptocurrency exchange and its tokens

WhiteBIT cryptocurrency exchange and its tokens

WhiteBIT is a fairly young service for trading and investing in cryptocurrencies. The platform operates officially and meets all the requirements of European regulators. Among the cryptocurrency exchanges in Europe, this exchange is the largest, with over 2 million registered customers.

WhiteBIT features:

  • Low commissions for a transaction.
  • Crypto lending.
  • High speed of transaction processing.
  • Availability to invest directly from a bank card and withdraw money.
  • Intuitive interface.
  • Demo trading account.
  • More than 400 cryptocurrency pairs.
  • The WBT token with its benefits.
  • Graphs that teach you which is the best cryptocurrency to invest in.
WhiteBIT cryptocurrency exchange and its tokens

WhiteBIT Token

WBT is a native asset of the WhiteBIT platform that was designed to connect the platform with other projects built based on the asset. Using this token, other blockchain projects will have the ability to increase their opportunities.

When you purchase a WBT token, you receive access to numerous additional features and earning options for investing in cryptocurrency.

WhiteBIT token issuance is limited to 400,000,000. Half of them are treasury and are blocked for 3 years. The WhiteBIT platform sold 78 million tokens in the private token sale. These tokens are locked for 3 months and will be gradually unlocked at 20%.

The WBT USDT pair is now trading at $5.57 (as of mid-Sep 2022). Part of the tokens is burned regularly to support your treasury.

What can you do with WBT? There are some options that the platform has prepared for you:

  1. Own tokens. Buy WBT and keep it in your main balance. It will give you discounts for taker and maker commissions.
  2. Keep tokens locked. It will give you advantages such as a higher percentage in the referral program (up to 50%), free AML verification, etc.

The WhiteBIT platform prepares more interesting activities with WBT (airdrops, trading tournaments, etc.), where tokens will be rewarded. Stay on top of WhiteBIT updates.

WhiteBIT token: conquer new heights

WhiteBIT is a centralized European cryptocurrency exchange with Ukrainian roots. The platform recently launched its token, WBT, which has garnered much interest in the cryptocurrency community. As a result, their presale ended 15 minutes after it started, with 1 million assets sold.

White BIT token continues to take the cryptocurrency world by storm. Just four weeks ago, WhiteBIT listed WTB. Now, it is taking a new step towards global recognition by listing on Huobi, one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges.

Some facts about WBT:

  • The interest of the crypto community in the new coin was so strong that the private token sale on Launchpad, during which 1 million WBT were sold, ended 15 minutes after the start;
  • Asset value increased from $1.9 to $7.08 immediately after the trading week;
  • Cardholders get a wide range of benefits such as referral rate increase, commission reduction, free daily ERC20/ETH withdrawals, and AML checks;
  • WBT is a native WhiteBIT token. The total supply of WhiteBIT tokens is 400 million. Over the next three years, the remaining 50% will be released as treasury tokens;
  • 4,062,204 WBTs have already been burned, for a total of $22,609,198.

As the largest cryptocurrency exchange in Europe, WhiteBIT complies with all KYC and AML requirements. According to an independent audit by Hacken, the platform is AAA rated and one of the 2 most secure exchanges in the world. With its innovative technologies, WhiteBIT guarantees fast fiat deposits and withdrawals via Visa, Mastercard, and associated payment systems.

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WhiteBIT has successfully listed its internal WBT token.


The largest Ukrainian cryptocurrency exchange in Europe, WhiteBIT, has successfully listed its internal WBT token. The event caused unprecedented resonance in the cryptocurrency market. Within the first hour of listing, the WBT token was traded by more than 100,000 users from 80 countries, with the number of requests sometimes exceeding 800,000 per minute.

The WBT token listing, which is traded on the WhiteBIT exchange in combination with USDT, generated excitement among users and demonstrated a steady and stable growth of the asset’s value. Trading started at $1.9, and within a few hours, the price of WBT rose to $5.5.

“In the second phase of the WBT token issuance, we have again achieved a good result. I am very satisfied with the result, the demand, and the enthusiasm the crypto community shows for the WhiteBIT token. I thank the entire WhiiiteBIT team, just like technology, it is not easy to manage such a crazy number of requests every minute, but we have done it. Once again, we have shown that we are ready to launch the most ambitious initiatives and ideas. I think the owners of the WBT token will be satisfied with the benefits they have received. That is why we launched the token: for the user’s convenience,” said Volodymyr Nosov, CEO of WhiteBIT.

On August 14, the WhiteBIT exchange started a launch pad for its own WBT token. The exchange’s offering on the market turned out to be so in demand that 1 million WBT tokens, issued in the first sale, were sold by users just 15 minutes after trading.

Report: WhiiteBIT is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in Europe. Meets all KYC and AML requirements. According to an independent audit by Hacken, it is ranked in the top 2 exchanges in the world for security and is AAA rated. The WhiteBIT team has 500+ members.

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WhiteBIT cryptocurrency exchange and its tokens

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