Fashion Packaging for Shoes in 2023

Fashion Packaging for Shoes in 2023

Packaging is what the consumer sees first and foremost when buying something new. It should have an immediate positive impact, so having the best shoe packaging can drive more sales and keep consumers returning.

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Market size for shoe packaging

Main trends for shoe packaging in 2023

Shoe packaging in the future

Fashion Packaging for Shoes in 2023

Market size for footwear packaging

Like many types of clothing packaging, shoe packaging has undergone some changes in recent years. Whereas shoes were sold in simple boxes in the past, today’s market is all about the shopping experience. This means retailers must up their game and make their packaging more appealing as consumers increasingly seek a more luxurious shopping experience. 

In 2020, the global market value of shoe packaging reached USD 4.2 billion, expected to rise to USD 5.5 billion by 2026. With more shoes on the market than ever and new designs and materials on the way, packaging has never played a more important role in the overall shopping experience.

Main trends for shoe packaging in 2022

Many different types of shoe packaging are on the market today, but only some are suitable for some types of shoes. It is important to keep the consumer in mind when looking for which package to use to get the most sales. Nonwoven bags, custom tissue paper, clear door boxes, high-end cardboard boxes, frosted bags, and luxurious mailer boxes have all received positive consumer feedback. They are the perfect way to add something extra. to the shopping experience.

the transparent door

Traditional cardboard shoe boxes are still widely used by most retailers for all types of shoes, but plastic shoe boxes are making their mark. To show off your sneakers and mark them as a premium product, the shoe box with a clear, magnetic door is a great upgrade that grabs the consumer’s eye. This shoe box type can come with a back or side opening; it is fully customizable and perfect for storage as it can be easily stacked with other shoe boxes in this style, making them ideal for exhibits. This type of packaging fits very well with people’s desire to put shoe displays on their walls. 

nonwoven bags

Traditionally, shoes come in boxes with tissue paper inside, but more and more shoes are being placed inside. Nonwoven bags or include these bags inside the box for future storage and transport purposes. These bags are popular because they help keep shoes safe and dust-free when not in use and add a stylish touch to the unpacking process that’s more memorable than a simple shoe box. 

custom tissue paper

Tissue paper is typically found inside a shoe box to protect shoes and ensure they don’t rub against each other during storage or transport. Tissue paper should be noticed as it is an important part of shoe packaging that strongly impacts consumers. Tissue paper with different patterns or custom logos will only help enhance the overall shopping experience and make a brand statement. 

luxury cardboard boxes

Regarding shoe packaging, cardboard boxes are the most widely used storage system. But there are always new ways to improve traditional packaging. The sliding cardboard box is a popular alternative, especially for women’s boots or heels. This type of shoe box can come in various sizes to accommodate different styles of shoes, making it highly versatile. It also helps make the shopping experience more unique than a simple cardboard box. 

Magnetic folding shoe boxes are also proving very popular, especially when giving shoes as gifts. These boxes stand out against regular shoe boxes as they look more luxurious and can be easily reused or reused once the shoes are removed from the box and worn. 

Matte Frosted Bags

Compared to cardboard boxes, these ice cream bags take up minimal space when shipped and are easier to transport if the consumer shops in person. The material used for these bags helps keep the product secure, as does the zipper closure. These bags are made from sustainable materials, so even though they look like plastic, they are completely safe for the environment, which is a huge plus in today’s world.

luxury mailing boxes

With more and more people buying products online, the shopping experience must also translate into the home. By shipping shoes in a luxury mailer box, complete with a company logo and other customizable imprints, such as tags or social media quotes, the consumer can still enjoy their shopping experience without going outside. This type of shoe packaging leaves a mark on the shopper in a way that plain packaging won’t and will go a long way in keeping the consumer interested in making repeat purchases. 

shoe packaging in the future

Packaging is becoming an increasingly important part of the consumer shopping experience. Regular shoe packaging, just like shop bags, is slowly being replaced by packaging that has a more luxurious, high-end look to keep up with changing consumer trends. 

Higher quality mailing boxes, frosted bags, unique tissue paper, plastic shoe boxes, magnetic closure cardboard boxes, and nonwoven bags are major trends in today’s market that are starting to impact. True among consumers. These new packaging types are the perfect way to combine consumer satisfaction with brand marketing. With new packaging trends appearing regularly, staying on top of them is important. 

Fashion Packaging for Shoes in 2023

The importance of packaging and proper packaging in footwear

Packaging is any product manufactured with materials used to contain, protect, preserve, handle, store, distribute, and present merchandise.

Shoe manufacturing can be done with machines or by hand, but the production stages are the same in both cases.

The packing in the production process:

Difference between artisanal and industrial process

  • The handmade process involves most manual actions, such as sewing or assembling the insole on the instep. The process is more difficult to manage because the operations are not done automatically, which causes the existence of more work in progress.
  • In a more industrial process, you have to program the machines to carry out a specific type of development. Still, you can only achieve good manufacturing quality if you do it by hand. It is easier to produce in large volumes.

Fashion Packaging for Shoes in 2023

Activities of “Dispatch Warehouse or Finished Product”

  • QA
  • waxed leather
  • Painted heel if necessary
  • Packaging
    • shoe packaging
    • paper cover
    • moisture absorbers
  • Carton labeling
  • control of articles
  • Sealing of boxes and placement on pallets
  • weigh and measure
  • Drafting of administrative documents for shipment
  • Pallet conditioning

The marketing of the packaging

  • Packaging design relates to brand building and the end customer’s shopping experience.
  • The packaging must be consistent with the marketing strategies and vision of the company to reflect what it wants to communicate to the end user.
  • The packaging must be a link in the brand-building strategy.
  • Today’s consumer has needs, expectations, knowledge, and values ​​that companies must know, understand and satisfy.

Fashion Packaging for Shoes in 2023

Reasons for the influence on the development of footwear packaging

  • They drastically reduce product losses when properly designed and include all their components.
  • They improve the efficiency in the distribution of footwear.
  • They provide the consumer with the necessary information about the product’s characteristics, how to use it, and how to care for it.
  • They allow footwear access to any point in the world’s geography.

Fashion Packaging for Shoes in 2023

Preparation of products for distribution

  • An adequately designed packaging allows us to condition before packaging.
  • It allows us to introduce cushioning materials.
  • It allows us to introduce mold and moisture eliminators.
  • It allows us to accommodate the pallet to efficiently use the space available in air, sea, and land transport.

Fashion Packaging for Shoes in 2023

Packaging for Footwear.

We recently talked about footwear packaging and the aspects to consider for its preparation, focusing on communication. Today our objective will be to talk about this same packaging, but this time from the active topic of footwear and its manufacturing process.

What marketing knows as packaging is simply what we call a shoe box, that container that protects footwear from any damage, stain, tear, etc. Please keep it in the best possible condition until it reaches the hands of the consumer.

Simplified Data Processing and Communication

Corrugated cardboard.

In 95% of cases, these boxes are made of corrugated/corrugated cardboard, which is made up of three layers of cardboard: two smooth (interior-exterior) called liners and one corrugated on the inside.

The corrugated waves in the central part are called flutes, and their classification is given according to the height of the wave.

  •   C flute: 3.5 4.2 mm.
  • Flute B: 2.4 to 3 mm.
  • Flute E: 1.3 to 2 mm.
  • Flute F: 0.9 to 1.2 mm.

The greater the measurement of the flute, the greater the protection it provides. In the footwear industry, flutes F and E are the most used.

“Packaging plays a fundamental role in footwear, protecting it from damage, tears, stains, etc.”

Corrugated cardboard is used most in boxes and packaging worldwide due to its economy and protection.

How are the boxes made?

First, a designer will establish the box’s design with the help of software, the same to be seen in the plan with cutting lines, doubles, and unions. This design is sent to the cutting machine, with the cardboard by rolls ready for cutting.

Knowing how to take advantage of the material is important, using all possible widths and short lengths to avoid waste and reduce costs.

Fashion Packaging for Shoes in 2023

If you want personalized designs for the boxes, as in almost all cases, the outer face of the cardboard is printed directly for simple designs and few colors; If, on the other hand, something more striking is sought, a piece of paper is printed separately, which will later be adhered to the cardboard. It is important to be careful in arranging the graphic elements when making the doubles of the box joints; for this, a mock-up is recommended before all final production to guarantee the correct design.

This design includes the brand logo, shoe model and size, barcode, and other optional elements.

The packaging process in which the shoes are placed in the box is carried out in the decoration department or the packaging department (depending on the company) once the quality controls have been approved, to introduce them into a master box later, much larger, also made of cardboard where 12 standard size boxes fit (this varies depending on the size of the shoe model: boots, ankle boots, etc.). It is in this master that will be distributed to retailers or any other sales channel.

What is summarized in the importance of the packaging to preserve the quality of the footwear is understanding that the conditions and the time until it reaches the hands of the final consumer can be quite considerable.

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Fashion Packaging for Shoes in 2023

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