SEO Services: Everything you need to know about 2023

SEO Services: Everything you need to Know 2023

You are probably immersed in an online project that you want to give a big “push.” You have been told about SEO services and how they can improve the traffic and sales of a web page, but you have yet to decide to select any marketing agency to manage it for you.

This is the situation of many of our clients whose aspirations for their businesses are high and who seek to increase their digital competitiveness.

SEO Services: Everything you need to Know 2023

This article will teach you what SEO services are and how hiring a specialist web positioning company can help your online business.

Still, need to learn the advantages of organic positioning? Be comfortable. 

SEO Services: Everything you need to know about web positioning

What is SEO? 

The term itself is the first thing we must clarify if we want to understand what this SEO service is about.

Coming from the English language, Search Engine Optimization [SEO ] refers to the set of techniques that can be developed to improve the optimization of a website for search engines. You can and should perform all those actions to appear as high as possible in the Google ranking.

Its objective is to capture more “organic traffic,” that is, traffic obtained without any advertising expenditure that positions you in the advertisers of the platform in question. Traffic is acquired naturally thanks to the optimization of your web content and other types of actions.

For example, if you search for any term on Google, you will find a series of results with the tagged ad. All this is considered paid traffic and would fall within the scope of SEM services.

SEO services are entirely focused on improving the capture of traffic through an improvement in the web positioning of the page. And it is something that is written with some ease, but it is full of unknowns and requires work of a very diverse nature.

On-Page SEO

Within SEO services, it is possible to make a great division between SEO OnPage and SEO OffPage.

The On-Page refers to any SEO action that can be done inside the website. The focus is on optimizing internal factors: web architecture, internal linking, correct distribution of titles, or keyword density, among many other examples.

Contracting an On-Page service with a professional SEO agency is essential because the tasks are usually specific. 

For example, you will need great SEO copywriters capable of carrying out copywriting that will make you fall in love and, at the same time, attack important keywords or SEO Managers that analyze the link juice of your site and optimize it so that you do not leave an ounce of authority. Website along the way.

Off-Page SEO

Instead, Off Page SEO considers factors external to the website itself. And you may ask yourself, how about the external ones?

Yes, Google gives priority to those sites most linked by other websites. This is his reasoning:

“If many people send links to this website, it is because it must be of quality and a benchmark in its sector.”

So, specialized SEO agencies must also take care of getting links, reviews, and mentions of all kinds for their clients. In this area, you can buy newspaper articles and leave comments in forums that talk about the theme of your website. Imagination flies in the SEO Off Page. Really.

Although some things seem simple, establishing an effective link-building strategy requires great analytical capacity logs and URLs. It is one of the most important SEO services.

Price of SEO services

We will only spend a little time in this Section since we already have a specific entry dedicated to this factor. If you want to know the average SEO price of Marketing agencies, read the following article.

You can also request your budget with us without any commitment. We are an online marketing agency in Bilbao with over 25 years of experience.

How to choose the agency with the best SEO services?

Since you have decided to take a step forward and obtain more information about web positioning and the best SEO service, we would like to provide you with a series of tips to help you choose the digital marketing agency that best suits your needs.

Many of these recommendations are common, but in this other article, you will find all the digital marketing services available for companies, and you will be able to learn more about how these types of companies work.

However, when returning to SEO services, consider the following aspects before spending a single penny.

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Individual Study 

Unfortunately, too many companies and freelance consultants that offer all kinds of web positioning services only apply standard templates to every one of their clients.

At Dosmedia, we know that this bet is neither practical nor honest. SEO is influenced by countless variables that can make a difference. And many of these change depending on the sector of activity.

For example, the SEO for an online flower sales business is close to it, the same as that for a mountain adventure service company. The fixed recipes, we leave for the kitchen.

Demand and investigate the work carried out by said agency on web pages in your same sector and the results obtained.


A Portfolio is a dossier that includes projects carried out by the same person or company. And that shows the entity’s capabilities to perform X tasks.

In the same way, you would like to see previous work before contracting the reform of your new house; we strongly recommend you visit the Portfolio of all those marketing agencies you contact.

Comprehensive Offer

We repeatedly receive requests from clients wanting to hire SEO services. When carrying out our first analysis

For example, if a website has inferior architecture because it has been “botched,” it will be necessary to correct it to improve its web positioning. Otherwise, the rest of the strategies can lose much of their effectiveness.

For this reason, having an agency of professionals from various areas such as web design, social media, web development, programming, and graphic design may be a more comfortable option. You will avoid having to outsource tasks to different providers.

Advantages of SEO services vs. SEM services

As we mentioned in the introduction to this article, SEO aims to increase the capture of organic traffic, as opposed to SEM, whose focus is to optimize paid traffic and the users captured through this channel.

Next, it is reasonable to highlight the advantages of SEO services concerning their paid brothers.

Longer duration over time

Although, indeed, the results of SEO web positioning strategies take time to arrive, they win, by far, in the medium and long term.

After three months, it is possible to see significant improvements for the web page: more excellent traffic capture and a significant number of positioned keywords. And after 6 months, you will see some of your top keywords higher up in the Google SERPs. Once you have achieved this goal, it will be maintained over time with few resources.

On the other hand, SEM campaigns require an ongoing expense every day that you want to show your ad in Google Adwords. In the long run, it is undoubtedly much more expensive.

Capturing more qualified traffic 

You can reach your desired target audience with a well-structured and planned SEO strategy.

All this starts from the absolute understanding, by the SEO agency, of the users’ search intent and what the people who may be interested in your products or services write. This way, they can focus on exciting and transactional keywords for your business.

Remember that SEO services aim to make you earn more money sustainably over time.

Local Positioning

Local SEO services are optional but essential if you have a physical business.

Today, most users search for information through mobile phones. Has it ever happened to you to walk down the street and search Google Maps, or the search engine itself, for something like “nearest bakery”? Understand me, who says bakery, says any other place of sale of specific products or services.

You cannot imagine the number of clients and the respective impact on sales achieved through geolocated positioning strategies. As you may have seen in the success story Section, it is one of our specialities.

How are the Web Positioning Services?

To conclude this entry, we want to comment generically on what SEO services include or what actions you can hire for your website.

Usually, we follow a structured work method based on our experience positioning hundreds of web pages.

 SEO Audit – Benchmark Report

It is the first step towards the first position of Google, a complete scan of your website, and one of the most relevant SEO services that can be carried out.

 This process gives us a clear image of the general state of your web page, both in the eyes of Google and the eyes of the user who visits it. Putting the focus on every one of the aspects that influence its web positioning.

For example, in an SEO audit, title tags, text optimization, general indexing status, internal linking, and much more will be reviewed.

Concluded, it is possible to go to the next step. In it, we provide solutions for each of the detected errors and highlight possibilities for improvement and digital opportunities.

 Strategy design and target keywords

Once we are fully aware of the operation and status of the page, the next step is to set up a meeting with the client in which to address all the actions that can be carried out as well as the estimated period in which these may take effect and the new opportunities detected in the audit for their sector.

We determine which keywords can be attacked, the impact they can have on the general traffic of the site, and the most effective way to achieve it. 

 Execution of SEO actions

Depending on all the actions agreed with the client, we are ready to execute every task set with the utmost professionalism and precision. 

They can be from improving the site’s link building to creating better texts and pages that attract more organic traffic. We have specialized professionals for all online marketing tasks.

 Analysis and sample of results obtained 

After implementing the SEO strategy, we always show all the metrics and evolution of our work. For us, the client must know in which area his money has been allocated and the impact it is generating in his income statement.’

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SEO Services: Everything you need to know 2023

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