How to choose the best home appliance repair 2023 ?

How to choose the best home appliance repair in 2023?

Has your appliance stopped working? Everything was fine, but it suddenly broke down. Everyone eventually encounters this type of situation and experiences the stress accompanying it. All of this is normal. But before leafing through the yellow pages or doing a Google search to find a home appliance repairer, sit down and give yourself a few minutes to think, answer and consider the following points.

Check if your device is still under warranty.

This is the first check to be made. Your device may still be under warranty by manufacturers or merchants. You may have purchased an extended warranty but need help remembering. Did you pay for it with your credit card, which adds a guarantee to your purchase?

How to choose the best home appliance repair in 2023?

Answering these questions and getting the appropriate documentation will inform you about the first steps, especially who to contact. Don’t hesitate to contact your dealer!

How to choose the best home appliance repair in 2023?

Find your model number.

This is the starting point of any research process. A model number allows access to this device’s parts catalogue and the diagrams of how it is assembled. It should not be confused with the serial number, which is applicable only in the case of recalls by the manufacturer.

You will usually find the model number on your invoice or delivery note. It is also written on a sticker located on each device.

Refrigerator : 

inside the refrigerator part (on one of the two sides, more rarely on the ceiling of the device)

Stove :

 By opening the drawer under your oven, it is glued to the base of your appliance. The model number is sometimes found for ranges where the top lifts off for cleaning. In the case of older models, you can see this reference on the back of the cooker

Frontal washer :

 when opening the door, it is glued to the contour of the appliance

Top loading washer : 

When opening the door, it is located on a wall between the door and the tub. Sometimes it can be found on the back of the device

Dryer :

 when opening the door, it is glued to the contour of the appliance

Dishwasher :

 when opening the door, it is glued to the shape of the device at the edge of the tank

Horizontal freezer :

 behind the appliance

Upright freezer :

 inside the appliance

A handy tool for basic repairs

An instruction manual has a wealth of information that you may find helpful. After the sections on installing and using your appliance, you usually have a part that deals with recurring questions and situations that follow the reception of your new household appliance.

This “troubleshooting” section sets out the simple interventions and checks you can already do on your side, which do not require the arrival of a technician. Some brands and companies will also list several error codes that will give you an idea of ​​the problem, thus telling you if it requires professional intervention.

Tutorials to fix everything!

We sometimes need to remember the amount of helpful information found online after just a few clicks. It is necessary to sort the wheat from the chaff and verify its source’s relevance.

Once done, you will realize that other people might have had the same problem with the device. You can benefit from this feedback to know how to act.

A platform like Youtube provides many videos giving advice and showing how to undo or access a given part. So yes, it might not always be your exact model, but you will at least have an idea of ​​the scale of the task at hand and whether or not you can pull it off.

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How to choose the best home appliance repair in 2023?

Know the age of your appliance.

Over the years, the technologies and components of our devices have evolved, making old parts obsolete or difficult to find. After a specific time, the brands also stop the production of particular pieces. Knowing the exact or approximate age of your device can potentially save you unnecessary expenses.

Remember that most companies produce parts for a model during the 10 to 15 years following the release of a device. However, certain worn parts may take a little longer, such as a heating element or a belt. Feel free to inquire or contact a specialist so you are not told your device is irreparable because its parts are no longer manufactured.

The Electrolibre Review

If your refrigerator was manufactured before 1997, this year marks a turning point regarding energy efficiency. After this date, the annual consumption of a refrigerator has been divided by 3 or 4. Financially, this can represent a hundred dollars more per year in electricity for a fridge from 1997 or more.

A control, whether electronic or mechanical, is a particular part. It is suitable for a specific model and has been manufactured for about ten years. If you think that the problem comes from him, inquire about the availability of the part. It can even be rebuilt.

How to choose the best home appliance repair in 2023?

Some tips for diagnosing the breakdown of your household appliance

Some breaks are more evident than others. It is also essential to remember that for a given problem, several causes and parts are possible. If you are unsure of yourself, hire a professional who knows what he is doing and guarantees his work will constantly improve.

heating element cannot work halfway. It works, or it doesn’t work at all. If it produces heat, but you find that it is not enough, then the cause is elsewhere.

The freezer part of your refrigerator produces the cold for both compartments. As long as the freezer part freezes your food correctly, there is no need to worry, and the fault is repairable (even if the refrigerator part is hot ).

A refrigerator in which both compartments are hot and the motor is running usually indicates a significant problem that is not worth repairing. The fault is probably repairable if everything is warm and the engine is off.

A front-loading washer whose tub is off-axis and makes a lot of noise when spinning often indicates a significant and costly repair.

It is doubtful, if not impossible that all of a range’s heating elements (both surface and in the oven) will stop working simultaneously. Remember to check the fuses in the house and test the wall socket in your home.

If your range’s bake or broil element suddenly catches fire or sparks, it has reached the end of its life. There is no danger. Stop cooking and have your component changed.

dryer that stops quickly after you start indicates a possible ventilation problem (ex: dirty or clogged duct)—test by disconnecting the hose from the back of your dryer. If everything is usually working, the problem is with your ventilation. If the problem persists, the device is at fault.

How to choose the best home appliance repair in 2023?

Dryer repair service

With a dryer, you no longer have to wait for the sun to appear before drying your clothes. It is, therefore, a device that saves you the day, especially when you live in an area with erratic weather. But like any machine, your dryer can break down. You will thus be able to notice that the current no longer passes through the appliance, that the drum does not turn or that the laundry no longer dries appropriately. So how? In these cases, the best solution is not to buy a new dryer: it would be a waste.

In the event of a dryer breakdownyou must first consider requesting a repair .. But, do not entrust your machine to the first craftsman who comes to you (he could damage it more). To avoid taking any risks, contact a professional. If you live in Montreal and the surrounding area, our company Aplus remains your best ally. We remain the reference for troubleshooting and maintenance of household appliances throughout the region. You can contact us anytime or at night, on weekends and public holidays. We will send a qualified professional to satisfy you in less than 30 minutes. He will quickly diagnose the dryer and suggest the most suitable solutions as soon as he arrives.

How is the dryer repair done with Aplus?

If the inhabitants of Montreal entrust us with their clothes dryer, it is because we always guarantee them total satisfaction. If you also want to benefit from our expertise and know-how, do not hesitate to contact us. We gave you here an idea of ​​our mode of intervention.

The first step in dryer repair

Our professionals thoroughly diagnose the appliance to provide an effective and lasting solution to any dryer breakdown. This allows them to find the cause of the failure. In general, it can come from:

A defection of the resistance: to make sure, our craftsman will use the ohmmeter, a specialized tool to measure the electrical resistance of the device;

Deterioration of the timer: this failure can block the drying cycle and prevent the machine from starting. The professional will then check the condition of the part;

Wear of the thermal sensor: this generally justifies a dryer that no longer heats up. A thorough diagnosis will allow the defective part to be repaired or replaced.

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How to choose the best home appliance repair 2023 ?

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