The best fishing kayaks for exceptional sensations 2023

The best fishing kayaks for exceptional sensations in 2023

An undeniable fact is that kayak fishing is increasingly popular in our latitudes. The new trend from America has recently caused a real boom in Europe because anyone who has fished with a kayak appreciates the many advantages. The manufacturers have already reacted to this new trend and offer unique kayaks and the necessary angler accessories. In addition, kayaks are present in all the stores of specialized supermarkets; they are visible in many television commercials and cover several magazines each month, but beginner kayakers ask themselves which one to choose and which is the best kayak fishing. 

The best fishing kayaks for exceptional sensations in 2023

The idea of ​​a fishing kayak is not a fad; it is the result of the development of fishing in recent years, first in the United States and Canada and now what was inevitable here in Europe.  

Many trends from abroad could easily be dispensed with, but the advantages of fishing kayaks are apparent, so the trend must be addressed.

The advantages of kayak fishing are, among others, the enormous mobility, whether on land or water; the low weight, the small size, and the shallow draft; the easy, simple transport, the transport on the roof of the car and fast loading and unloading by one person, easy storage, for example in the garage. 

Thanks to their maneuverability, they can reach places where larger boats could not maneuver and, therefore, rich and more attractive fishing grounds than usual. 

Where do you plan to fish?

A kayak allows you to access small lakes, shallow bays, and rivers that motorboats cannot maneuver. You can fish in just a few inches of water if you want. You can access many more places where the fish like to hang out, much more than a motorboat. In addition, you can also fish at sea.

How to choose a kayak for fishing?

Fishing kayaks can be divided into several groups:

The standard kayak has a few rod holders, camouflage colors, and a name that promises nothing else. You can safely do without these pseudo “fishing kayaks” because they are not alternatives and will somewhat tarnish the pleasure of fishing because they are not made for it.

Pedal-powered fishing kayaks like the revolutionary Hobie Mirage Drive System, where your hands are free to paddle. These boats were designed from the start for fishing and are thought out down to the last screw and, therefore, very interesting. 

The fishing always kayaks with paddles but are designed from the start for fishing, well thought out and, thanks to the equipment, the arrangement of the components, and the choice of the elements, interesting even for the most demanding anglers.

A fishing kayak offers enormous freedom, making it possible to fish in places that would not be accessible from land. 

The best fishing kayaks for exceptional sensations in 2022

We can paddle or pedal.  

A paddle or pedal kayak uses a propeller or fins to propel the kayak, while a paddle kayak uses old-school paddles.

A double paddle propels the kayak. This means that one person can very well paddle it. In addition, a kayak is often equipped with a splash guard. 

The kayak is always driven in a seated position, and you sit lower than the canoe. Due to its flat and narrow shape, a kayak is faster and less wind-sensitive than a canoe. However, it has fewer loading possibilities, and loading is more complicated due to the airfoil. This is why many kayaks are usually equipped with front and rear luggage straps to secure luggage.

The trick of pedal kayaks is that by using the muscular strength of the legs, our hands remain free, and we can fully concentrate on fishing. Modern kayaking systems have sophisticated mechanisms that effectively use the power of our most prominent muscle group. 

Pedal fishing kayaks allow you to move forwards and backward much more quickly and efficiently than a paddle.

Should I have a sit-on-top kayak or a sit-in kayak?  

This is one of the first decisions you must make when buying a kayak. In truth, buying a pop-top or sit-in kayak will primarily be based on personal preference, although other factors must be considered.  

But first, let’s talk about the differences between these two models.

Indoor seated kayaks

Sit-insides, or SISs, are more traditional-looking kayaks like the Lifetime Payette Kayak. Sit In kayaks are particularly suitable for extended fishing trips of several hours. 

They have an open cockpit where the paddler gets in and sits inside the kayak hull with their legs below the deck. Depending on the kayak’s design, this style allows you to position your knees away from the inside walls of the hull to help you paddle harder and more efficiently.  

Many sit-insides are also able to take up a skirt. The skirts are designed to close or cover the cockpit opening in a flat-bottom kayak. The paddler wears a skirt around their waist.  

A piece of fabric with a tightening mechanism allows the paddler to sit in the kayak and stretch the skirt fabric around the edge of the cock pit, closing the inside of the hull.  

This is ideal for paddling in cold weather or in an area with cold water. This will prevent water from entering the kayak and splashing on the paddler’s legs. This is why sit-insides are more prevalent in areas with cold water or where the summer season is shorter.  

Flipping a kayak is harder to do than you might think. Many people dread SIS because of the “turnaround factor.” In reality, it takes work to return your kayak.  

Most recreational kayaks, like Lifetime kayaks, are made to be stable. The rollover factor will have more to do with kayak design and hull shape than whether you’re sitting on the roof or inside.  

And don’t worry, if you flip it over, you won’t get stuck. The paddler immediately exits the kayak and rises to the water’s surface.

Flat Bottom Kayaks

Sit-on-tops, or SOTs for short, are rapidly gaining popularity. Like the Lifetime Lotus and the Monterey, this style allows the paddler to sit on the kayak’s deck. There is no “interior” that the paddler can inhabit.  

The only access, if any, to the kayak’s interior will be through the storage hatch openings. Everything from the footrests to the seat back will be fixed to the kayak’s deck.  

It is much more difficult to stay dry when paddling a SOT. With each wave, riffle, or splash, the paddler gets wetter and wetter. There is no cockpit or deck to prevent water from splashing onto the paddler’s body. 

This is why SOTs are extremely popular in hot weather and tropical regions. Another reason these kayaks are great in hot weather is that it’s easy to slip into the water for a quick swim and back into the kayak.  

For a slightly drier ride, you can get scupper plugs. These plugs cover the self-draining drain holes of SOT kayaks. The purpose of the scupper is to allow water that splashes onto the deck to drain away and not pool under the paddler.  

Plugging these holes will prevent small splashes from coming up underwater through the holes but will prevent any water that comes onto the deck from draining out.

Whether you choose an indoor sit-on kayak or a sit-on-top kayak, you will surely enjoy paddling. Both types of kayaks are equally safe. Stability depends on other design factors, such as hull design and size.

Tandem kayaks. 

Fishing also has a social component; a good conversation in a peaceful environment is as much a part of it for fishing friends as the preparation and consumption of fish caught together. 

Therefore, teams of two people are remarkably well advised to buy a tandem kayak. Most tandem kayaks sit on top, allowing one person to stand up. 

Theoretically, both anglers can even stand up, but more instability of the kayak is expected.

The best fishing kayaks for exceptional sensations in 2022

inflatable kayaks

Modern fishing kayaks are often made of sturdy materials such as polyethylene, GFK, CFK, ABS, aramid fiber-reinforced plastic, or wood.

Conversely, inflatable kayaks are filled with a filling gas and are activated by inflating or deflating. Tubular kayaks are usually made of rubber or PVC. Inflatable fishing boats have only a meager dead weight. 

In a loose state, they can be folded to a tiny size and transported without problems.

Also, not all waters should be navigated with an inflatable kayak: Rocks and sturdy wood in the water could otherwise damage the more sensitive outer shell. On a calm lake, however, this shouldn’t become a problem.

The best fishing kayaks for exceptional sensations in 2022

Pedal fishing kayak models:

There are fishing kayaks with pedals, the top of the top for fishing because it allows you to have your hands free and to move like a turtle or a penguin. You can fight against the current and avoid drifting into the wind.

The best fishing kayaks for exceptional sensations in 2022

Do you want to fish standing up?

Sit on Top kayaks are the right choice for people who like to stand while fishing. The storage space available is more minor than Sit-In kayaks, but this fishing kayak allows for excellent mobility and freedom of movement.

What is the load capacity of a kayak?

In addition to its weight, the maximum load capacity of a fishing kayak is also of great importance. On the one hand, there are fishing kayaks with a maximum load capacity of 150 kg, and on the other hand, models can withstand a maximum load weight of 400 kg. 

If the desired fishing kayak only has a load capacity of 150 kg, you must ensure you stay within this limit with your body weight and the fishing equipment you need. Here you should pay particular attention to the manufacturer’s instructions for the respective model.

How do you plan to transport the kayak?

Transporting a kayak is quite simple, either on a bicycle trailer or on the roof of a car with a roof rack and tie-down straps, and there are also kayak trolleys that adapt to everything kayak jig.

What is the best fishing kayak?

While stability is always a consideration when choosing a kayak, this is where to start for angling. Fishing demands a lot from you and your kayak, whether casting, standing up, or battling a real monster! 

Some anglers, especially fly anglers, prefer to see the fish or have to cast it while standing up. With all this movement, much with a high center of gravity, you must place exceptional demands on yourself by getting the best fishing kayak.

To help you see more clearly, we offer a detailed list of the 7 best fishing kayaks with their main characteristics.

The best fishing kayaks for exceptional sensations in 2022

INTEX Inflatable Kayak

The Intex Challenger K1 is one of the cheapest inflatable kayaks, costing between $60 and $100, depending on the offer. She comes in a complete set, so nothing stands in the way of a quick paddle.

Now we wanted to find out how it can be paddled and whether it is more of a bathing boat or a dinghy.

This single-seater is made of PVC and is of the correct size with this 274 cm for a weight of 12 kg and a maximum load weight of 100 kg.

It can be carried with a carry bag. The supplied carry bag contains the complete boat set, including a paddle and pump.

The inflatable kayak is quickly unpacked and incredibly practical. To inflate the kayak, it is rolled out of the way. The Intex Challenger K1 has two separate air chambers, a lower chamber, and a side chamber, each of which can be inflated by a Boston valve.

The lower chamber is first inflated with the supplied pump. The swelling is very easy and is done relatively quickly. Nevertheless, many air pump blows are necessary because the pump is relatively small.

Fortunately, the kayak is a little small. After inflating the bottom, the second chamber is filled with air, forming the kayak’s sides and canopy.

The best fishing kayaks for exceptional sensations in 2022

BESTWAY Inflatable Kayak

As an inflatable kayak, the Bestway Hydro-Force Ventura kayak can be carried around, saving space.

The inflatable kayak from Bestway is an absolute bestseller.

The essential features of the Bestway Hydro-Force Ventura kayak.

The Bestway Hydro-Force Ventura kayak is ideal for two people. The fresh design in orange and black attracts attention and looks modern. The following primary data describes the canoe:

Material: Vinyl with applied nylon layer

Dimensions: 330 x 94 x 48 cm

Maximum load capacity: up to 200 kg

The inflatable canoe is highly resistant, thanks to the applied nylon cover. Sun, UV rays, oil, and seawater cannot harm the canoe.

Bestway. A strong PVC I-beam provides stability in the field. The two adjustable seats and corresponding storage compartments allow the canoe to fit a wide range of people of all sizes.

The Bestway Hydro-Force Ventura kayak is characterized by its high directional stability, as the fin is removable. Penetrated water can quickly be drained away via the integrated drain valve.

The scope of application of the Bestway Hydro-Force Ventura kayak is vast.

The best fishing kayaks for exceptional sensations in 2022


 Bestway kayak comprises three separate air chambers and removable side chambers. These can be inflated to save time. The air is released just as quickly.

So you can start enjoying paddling in just a few minutes.

Space-saving storage: the inflatable kayak offers the unbeatable advantage of being stored away to save space.

This facilitates transport in not only any tiny car but also storage. If you only have limited space in your basement, you will still find a place for the Bestway Hydro-Force Ventura kayak.

Integrated carry handles: Thanks to the integrated carry handles, you will have no problem transporting the canoe the last few meters to the lake or river.

If you want to ride rapids near the river, you can quickly move the canoe with two people.

High flexibility: the seats can be adjusted in seconds and are therefore adaptable to different body sizes. The whole family can thus use the canoe.

It would help if you considered the following disadvantages:

Limited durability: inflatable canoes have become very robust in the meantime. Nevertheless, they tend to show holes and cracks due to environmental influences and mechanical stresses.

The Bestway Hydro-Force Ventura kayak already contains patches to repair leaks.

Driving characteristics: A kayak with a fixed hull always gives you better-driving characteristics thanks to the superior rigidity of the superstructure.

The Hydro-Force Ventura is very popular and, therefore, an absolute bestseller. This is also reflected on Amazon: the inflatable kayak is often sold out quickly and is only sometimes available.

Conclusion: The Bestway Hydro-Force Ventura Kayak is the Perfect Recreational Kayak

If you’re looking for an inexpensive recreational kayak to start paddling, the Bestway Hydro-Force Ventura Kayak is a good choice.

The inflatable canoe can be transported effortlessly and stored space-savingly. The kit contains all the accessories needed to get started. The fresh design in bright colors invites you to the next rowing trip.

The best fishing kayaks for exceptional sensations in 2022

SEVYLOR 2-Person Inflatable Kayak

Adventure kayak with paddle and foot pump. Sturdy two-person kayak in classic canoe shape: with raised side walls and bow and stern.

The fin and the welded rail profiles ensure excellent maneuverability.

2 seat cushions, splash guard with straps, carrying handles, carrying bag, pressure gauge (Mano 4BW), removable fin, repair kit, KC-COMPACT215 paddle, and FP5L foot pump Weight (approx.): 15 kg Details

Stiff and durable polyester cover – Extra stitching on the polyester cover for extra moisture protection.

Replaceable PVC side chambers with bar construction (Air pressure side chambers: 0.1 bar / 1.5 psi) – Replaceable PVC bottom chamber with bars for additional stability (Bottom air pressure: 0, 0.9psi/06bar).

Raised sidewalls – Single interface valves – All valves used on the boat can be inflated with the same adapter – Easy to inflate – High back seats and inflatable seat cushion with protective cover.

Comfortable and easy-to-adjust seats – Practical tension straps in the front and rear area to secure luggage – Removable spoiler and welded rail profile for better handling.

The best fishing kayaks for exceptional sensations in 2022

SEVYLOR Inflatable Kayak

We reviewed the Sevylor kayak Sevylor Inflatable Canoe Reef 240 in the current Sevylor kayak comparison 2020.

The product performs well: this Sevylor kayak reaches 14th place with a score of 1.8.

Discover the world of water with the Sevylor sit-on tops of the Reef line. They are ideal for diving and snorkeling and are equipped with straps to securely attach luggage and snorkeling equipment. Jumbo-valve.

The jumbo valve is a large-diameter PVC clamp valve, which is reset and recessed after inflation:

One seat, 1 footrest, straps, paddle holder, carrying bag, pressure gauge (Mano 4BW), removable fin, and repair kit.

Optionally available: RB2500G double piston pump, K-PRO220 2-piece double paddle Weight (approx.): 7 kg Details

Total 3 air chambers – Floor chambers with heavy-duty PVC bars – 2 Boston valves – 1 wedge valve – 1 screw valve – Convenient front and rear carry handle.

With spray deck – 3 removable, adjustable, inflatable seats with high seating comfort – Incl. Repair kit – extra durable PVC for long life – 2 inflatable side chambers for high safety.

Air pressure: 0.06 bar / 0.9 psi – Sevytest: easy pressure check during inflation – Backpack system for easy storage and transport – EN ISO 6185-1 Type III, B.

Load capacity: 2 adults + 1 child Material Outer material: nylon fabric Features Features: integrated carry handles Dimension Maximum payload: 115 kg External dimensions in cm (L x W): 236 x 86 cm

Packing dimensions in cm (L x W): 73 x 18 x 43 cm Packable Boats Number of seats: 1 Type: bathing boat Area of ​​application: sea Water type: standing water Design: inflatable

The best fishing kayaks for exceptional sensations in 2022

AQUAMARINE Inflatable fish Kayak

The Aqua Marina BETTA HM kayak is a kayak that can accommodate up to two people.

Aqua Marina BETTA HM Kayak 1Aqua Marina has created the perfect two-person kayak with the BETTA HM. Not only the cheerful and colorful design convinces, but the versatile applications.

This kayak can be used on the calm lake and is ideally suited for more leisurely river trips.

While the Betta VT kayak from Aqua Marina is the professional version for whitewater rafting, its little sister Betta HM convinces beginners and advanced kayakers and thus enables an easy start.

You will be supported during the journey by a few details. First is the seat, which can be easily unfolded and offers optimal back support thanks to its high backrests. Another nice feature is that the seats can be adjusted.

This extra support provides safety, gives you a better feeling when you have a firm grip, and can support yourself even during an unwanted maneuver.

One of the unique features, in addition to the foot rollers and the seats, is the valve, which is integrated into the bottom through which the water that rushes in can flow out of the kayak again. So even the wildest trips are no problem!

Kayak from Aqua Marina BETTA HMThe kayak has a length of 412 cm and a width of 83 cm. This way, it is stable on the water and allows fast turns. It can also be loaded up to a weight of 155 kg.

The two rubber handles attached to the stern and bow are particularly practical. Even inflated, two people can easily transport the kayak. With a weight of 13.5 kg, even two older children can quickly master it!

This can be stowed behind the rear seat if you also want to take groceries or a jacket. There is enough space for a waterproof bag!

If you are looking for an extensive set of kayaks, the Aqua Marina BETTA HM is your kayak. The following accessories are included (besides the kayak):

You can immediately start a foot pump with Kayak paddles, which can easily carry a pressure gauge and achieve the perfect air pressure.

A carry bag allows you to transport the kayak to the waterhole and provides the perfect storage option at home.

An insert fin that ensures a stable position on the water and perfect operation

A repair kit for emergencies

A manual tells you how and in what order the different inner tubes should be filled.

The kayak from Aqua Marina convinces with its particularly robust characteristics. The material consists of PVC, which is highly tear-resistant and thus guarantees a long service life. The kayak is also equipped with an anti-UV coating.

Thus, the material does not become brittle and does not tear, even after many hours in the sun. This is one of the reasons why many kayaks often only survive one season.

This is where the Aqua Marina BETTA HM kayak scores a point and proves with a price below 300 euros that excellent quality is not necessarily expensive!

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The best fishing kayaks for exceptional sensations in 2022

ANDES – Fish Kayak with paddle

The kayak has five air chambers and two inflatable seats. It’s easy to inflate and deflate – foot pump included. Double paddle, paddle buoy, and repair kit included.

Made of durable PVC, made to last, and CE-approved. Maximum weight supported: 160 kg (353 lbs). Both are very comfortable and light.

Dimensions: 320cm (11′) x 70cm (27.5″) x 40cm (16″) (L x W x H). Folded dimensions: 62 (24.5″) x 20 (8″) x 29 cm (11.5″). Weight: 8 kg.

An authentic branded product from the Andes – high-quality camping accessories at unbeatable prices.

The Andes two-person inflatable kayak is ideal for water sports and outdoor adventures with friends and family.

The kayak has five air chambers and two inflatable seats and is easy to inflate and deflate – foot pump included. A double paddle, a paddle float, and a repair kit are included.

It is made of durable and resistant PVC, CE-approved. Maximum load: 160kg (353 lbs). Very comfortable and light.

Dimensions: 320 x 70 x 40 cm (L x W x H) Package size: 62 x 20 x 29 cm Weight: 8 kg Kayak carry bag also available! Please see the product description below for more details.

The Andes Inflatable Kayak is the ideal solution for all kayakers. It can accommodate 2 people and has a maximum load of 160 kg. It offers enough space for two people and personal items.

The kayak has five air chambers and two inflatable seats. It is easy to inflate and deflate it. The kayak is made of a robust PVC construction and is, therefore, light, very comfortable, robust, and durable.

It folds up into small pieces for storage and comes with a double paddle and repair kit. It is ideal for water sports, fishing, and snorkeling. Andes inflatable kayak bag.

This Andes bag is ideal for storing and transporting your inflatable kayaks. Assemble the kayak, and the bag protects it from dirt, dust, water, and other unwanted tissue. It is also easy to transport.

The best fishing kayaks for exceptional sensations in 2022

Advanced elements fish Kayaking

This model is prevalent due to its stable construction and performance.

The construction of the Advanced Elements Convertible

The ribs are made of aluminum and allow better guidance for the kayak.

The convertible’s frame is surrounded by three layers of material that significantly improve durability. In addition, the seats are padded, allowing you to row for several hours in the best conditions.

Advanced Element Convertibility Convertible Kayak

You can use this kayak with one or two seats. This is done by removing a seat. So you can easily switch from a single kayak to a tandem kayak without any problem.

It is perfect if you want to go out to sea with friends or fishing.

Convertible features


valve Safety valve built into the base

2 adjustable padded backrests


attachments Molded rubber, low profile handles

Reinforced seams front and back

Durable two-layer fabric

Paddle holder

Skewer tracking fin

6 air chambers

Deck lacing for quick access to gear

Tear-resistant fabric

Scope of delivery of the convertible

Transport bag for easy storage

Operating instructions in several languages.

The rubber on the front for storing items


Repair kit

Technical information on the convertible

Capacity: 2 people

Length: 4.60 m

width: 0.82 m

Weight: 25 kg

Maximum load: 250 kg

The best fishing kayaks for exceptional sensations in 2022

Tips for using fishing kayaks

Here are the 7 most essential tips for getting started in kayak fishing.

Always wear a buoyancy aid or life jacket when kayak fishing. 

Tip #1: Be safe

First, familiarize yourself with the new sports equipment and practice the first maneuvers in shallow water. It’s the best way to get familiar with your new kayak and gain confidence in your new vehicle. 

So try to get up too. Fishing from a standing position offers advantages, especially in the summer, with TopWater’s bait or fly fishing.

Tip #2: Pay attention to ergonomics

The paddle should always be gripped at shoulder width. Beginners often need to correct the mistake of overtightening the paddle. It is not only not very ergonomic but requires a lot of strength and causes tension. 

Another critical point is to dip the paddle as far forward as possible and pull it back. To do this, turn your shoulder a little. Once you memorize this sequence of movements, you can quickly paddle long distances. 

A calm motion sequence is also perfect for trolling.

Tip #3: The right equipment

Especially as a beginner, you tend to take too much gear on board. It’s best to see what lures you usually use for fishing and put them in small lure boxes. 

For this, the small boxes from ABU Garcia. The proportions are perfect.

Galaxy kayaks, for example, have a special compartment for tackle boxes. So you are always well organized. 

Most kayak anglers equip their kayak with a tackle box and additional rod holders. Galaxy kayaks are factory prepared for the Railblaza system. 

The Railblaza power sockets are very flexible and perfectly adapt to personal needs. 

The best fishing kayaks for exceptional sensations in 2022

Tip #4: Invest in an echo sounder

An echo sounder allows you to find edges and holes reliably. This is where most of the fish are usually found. 

Otherwise, you can see precisely which fish swim under you, even on simple devices. 

You can get devices like the LOWRANCE Hook3x for just over 100 euros. Installation on Galaxy Kayaks like the Alboran is straightforward. A sample video can be found online at the Galaxy Kayaks site. 

Tip #5: the right clothes

I’m a friend of breathable materials and always recommend starting with a used sailing suit. Here, pants and jackets are generally breathable and generously cut. 

It’s the only way to paddle all day and fish comfortably. In addition, thermal clothing is worn underneath in winter. Later, you can buy a costly Gore-Tex jacket and pants.

In the summer, I always keep them in my bow storage compartment. So when the wind or rain picks up, I can still fish dry. 

I don’t recommend wetsuits because of the low freedom of movement.

In summer, you should always have a cap, sunscreen, and unique sunglasses with polarized lenses. I’m using glasses from WileyX here. 

In addition to good lenses, these glasses provide me with a safety effect. Wiley X lenses are shatterproof and protect my eyes from hard- and soft baits.

In winter, it is best always to wear a dry suit. You have evil cards if you fall into the water at cooler temperatures without a dry suit. 

You calm down very quickly. Here, too, you can fall back on used dry suits, for example, those from DryFit.

Tip 6: safety on board

Always have a cell phone or radio with you and tell people back home where you are fishing and when you want to get home. It may sound childish, but it really can save lives. 

Dangerous situations can always arise, especially when fishing in large rivers or seas. You can quickly organize a rescue on the spot with a mobile phone or radio. 

You may also provide support to a third party.

I always have a standard first aid kit from the car with me in my kayak. You can quickly lay a hook or cut yourself on a pike’s mouth. 

So you can treat minor wounds directly on the water, and then you can continue fishing comfortably.

The best fishing kayaks for exceptional sensations in 2022

Tip 7: Handle fish with care

Always have a landing net or lip handle on board. Special fishing gloves have proven themselves for pike, and gill catches. 

Most kayak anglers also equip their kayaks with ActionCams. This way, you don’t have to pose unnecessarily with the fish you caught; hold it in place for a short while. 

Later, you can take a screenshot of the home video. Caution: Pay attention to “Catch & Release.”

In many countries, it is forbidden to release fish of moderate size. Here, each angler must decide for himself what he thinks about it.

Kayak fishing has become a popular sport. Small kayaks are much more agile than rowboats, and with the right accessories, they are perfectly equipped for a fishing trip. 

These small plastic boats are a way to get in the water and paddle, fish, or enjoy nature. It is also a very inexpensive activity to practice alone or with the family, depending on the level you want to reach. You can even install electric motors to travel long distances.

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The best fishing kayaks for exceptional sensations 2022

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