What is the Best Time to Travel to Singapore 2023 ?

What is the Best Time to Travel to Singapore in 2023?

If you need to know the best time to travel to Singapore, let’s start by looking at the climate of this island country. Singapore has no seasons; only the monsoon appears towards the end of the year. The temperature is warm all year round, as is the humidity, typical of tropical regions.

When to go to Singapore

To know when to travel to Singapore, the first thing to be clear is that the rains fall torrentially from November to January. This defines the best time to travel to Singapore. You can visit the country the rest of the year, between February and October. Although there will also be rain, it will not be as crucial as during winter.

What is the Best Time to Travel to Singapore in 2023?

Another thing to remember is that from the end of January to mid-February, prices in Singapore rise considerably. This is because it coincides with the Chinese New Year celebration. Another time is when the prices of hotels and air tickets become pretty expensive at Easter. The summer is also a high tourist season, so note all this.

As for temperatures, Singapore has an average annual temperature of 27ºC, a warm country throughout the year. May is the warmest month, with an average of 28ºC, and December is the coldest, to say the least, with an average of 25ºC.

The rains begin at the end of September and end at the end of January, with a high volume of precipitation throughout the country. The humidity reaches 80% during the day, and at night, and between July and October, fog usually comes from the neighboring country, Indonesia. The equatorial climate of Singapore determines that they are so rainy and tropical.

Let’s find the best time to travel to Singapore to visit the most important places in this South Asian country.

Best time to travel to the north of Singapore

You can’t miss the Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve in the northwest of Singapore, while Palau Ubin and the Tekong Islands are in the northeast. To visit these little-visited parts of Singapore, the best time for your trip is from the end of February to the end of October.

The climate is temperate, with average temperatures of 26ºC and clear skies, except between July and October. Therefore, April, May, and June would be the best months to enjoy various activities and visits to the country’s north.

When to travel east of Singapore

To the east of Singapore is Changi, well known for being the home of Singapore International Airport. Here many flights stop over to other Asian countries and also to Australia. Well, this area of ​​Singapore is famous for the Changi Beach Park area, in addition to its airport.

To visit this region, the best time is between March and June, not only because we will avoid the rains, but also the crowds of tourists during the high season: summer. We will have good weather in these months and get rid of the fog typical of July to September.

In the south of the country, most of Singapore’s tourist attractions are concentrated: Sentosa Island, the Gardens by the Bay, the Statue of the Merlion, the Theaters of the Esplanade by the Bay, and a long, etcetera. So that you can walk peacefully through all these beautiful places, it is best to make your trip between March and October.

On the other hand, if you have to choose more specific months, better plan your trip from March to May. And if you can’t go on this date, at the end of September and until mid-October, you can enjoy good weather and lower prices in this modern country.

When to travel to central Singapore

Another of the most visited areas of this country is the center, since the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, the Ang Mo Kio district, and the famous Punggol Park are located here. To visit this area, it is best to do it between February and October.

The average temperature during this time is around 32ºC. Although it rains all year round, most of the rainfall is concentrated between the end of October and the beginning of April. Since they are not completely dry, the months with less rain are June and July, although August and September also register little rain.

And this is everything you need to know about the best time to travel to Singapore. As you may have seen, except during the winter, any other time is valid to visit this South Asian country.

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15 essential places to see in Singapore

This list of the best places to see in Singapore will help you prepare for your visit, without missing anything important, in one of the most incredible cities in Asia.

Although there are hundreds of relevant things and characteristics, if there is something that will catch your attention when you first set foot in Singapore, it is the feeling of being in a great city of the future. With an urban model based on accessibility and green areas, cleanliness and order in the streets, and futuristic architecture visible in numerous buildings and facilities, we are sure that Singapore will leave you speechless as soon as you arrive.

In addition to these more modern areas, in which the Marina Bay Sands hotel and the Gardens by the Bay stand out, Singapore still retains charming neighborhoods such as Little India, Chinatown or the Arab Quarter, something that makes it a very complete in which to discover different perspectives and realities.

Although Singapore is an ideal destination at any time, after our experience, we would tell you that this multicultural city, which enjoys a tropical climate all year round, is perfect for a stopover of 3 or 4 days before visiting any country in Southeast Asia or on the way to Oceania.

In addition to everything mentioned above, another of the best things to do in Singapore is to try its varied and delicious cuisine in its fantastic restaurants or in the Street Food Markets, where you must try chili crab, one of our favorite dishes. Of the world.

Based on the experience of our trip to Singapore in 6 days, we have made this list of the 15 essential places to visit in Singapore. Let’s start!

  1. Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay is one of the most beautiful gardens in the world and one of the most important places to see in Singapore.

These enormous and modern gardens, located between the sea and the rear of the Marina Bay Sands hotel, differ from the rest by the areas where the so-called Supertree Groves are concentrated, structures that form vertical gardens between 25 and 50 meters high, which are sustainable thanks to their photovoltaic cells, which accumulate energy during the day, to show it in the form of light at night.

In addition to the central area, it is worth taking a route through the different thematic gardens the park contains, in which the Silver and Golden Gardens stand out.

The entrance to the park is free, although the walk through the OCBC Skywalk, a walkway located more than 20 meters, which joins several supertrees and from which you have spectacular views, costs 5 euros per person.

Although it may seem unnecessary, we recommend that you visit the central area of ​​the gardens at different times of the day, as it changes with daylight and also at 7:45 pm or 8:45 pm, when there is a beautiful light show and sound.

Within the gardens are two magnificent greenhouses with paid admission: the Flower Dome and the Cloud Forest, and although both are worth it, our favorite is the Cloud Forest, where you will feel like you are in the movie Avatar.

OCBC Greenhouses and Skywalk visiting hours: every day from 9 am to 9 pm.

2. Little India

Little India is one of the most charming neighborhoods and another of the most beautiful places to visit in Singapore. In this area, where the city’s large Indian community is concentrated, you can walk among beautiful colored buildings, visit Hindu and Buddhist temples, lose yourself in shopping malls full of shops, and try the most delicious Indian cuisine.

Among the most beautiful Hindu temples in the neighborhood are Sri Veeramakaliamman and Sri Srinivasa Perumal, located on Serangoon Road, the most famous street. Near this, you can visit two ancient Buddhist temples, Sakya Muni Buddha Gaya and Leong San See Temple.

One of the symbols of Little India is the shopping centers, among which you cannot miss Mustafa Centre, a shopping center full of typical Indian products and other places; Little India Arcade, which, although we thought it was dispensable, can be an interesting visit and Tekka Center, where you will find a food corner inside, with numerous stalls selling delicious Indian food.

After knowing all the places we have mentioned, you cannot miss stopping at the house of Tan Teng Niah, a colorful building of Chinese origin, which has become very famous on Instagram after numerous travelers post photos posing on its walls.

The best transportation option in Singapore is the subway to get to this neighborhood and places farther away from the city. However, if you want to visit several tourist spots in one day, enjoying city views and comments in Spanish, we recommend booking this bus for Singapore tourists.

What is the Best Time to Travel to Singapore in 2023?

3. Marina Bay Sands

The Marina Bay Sands is Singapore’s most famous building complex, which includes a hotel, the Museum of Art and Science, two theaters, several restaurants, a shopping center, and a huge casino. Its architecture, with three 55-story towers and a huge boat-shaped upper platform, also makes it one of the most spectacular hotels in the world and, without a doubt, one of the best places to see in Singapore.

After our experience, as long as it is within your budget, we recommend you book at least one night at the Marina Bay Sands, especially to enjoy the longest elevated pool in the world that is located on the terrace, from where leaning out over an invisible edge located 200 meters high, you will enjoy the best views of the city.

Remember that the only way to access the pool is by staying at the hotel, so if you want to enjoy the views from the pool, booking a room is an essential requirement. An alternative option is to go up to the spectacular panoramic viewpoint on the 57th floor, paying an entrance fee of 15 euros (free for hotel guests).

A good option is to book the entrance to the viewpoint in advance and thus ensure the day of entry.

In addition to the viewpoint, another of the important places to see in Singapore is the Museum of Art and Science, where you can discover great rooms, some of them permanent and others itinerant, in which art and science mix in an impressive way.

You can book your ticket here in advance and thus avoid queues and the lack of availability on some weekends, especially in the high season.

And of course, after the previous visits, you must spend a couple of hours walking around the shopping center with numerous luxury stores, eating in a good restaurant or the food court on the ground floor, and staying. I was in awe at the amazing Marina Bay Sands complex.

Viewpoint hours: every day from 9:30 am to 10 pm.

Museum hours: every day from 10 am to 7 pm.

Marina Bay Sands

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What is the Best Time to Travel to Singapore in 2023?

  1. The Arab Quarter, one of the places to see in Singapore

The Arab Quarter, Kampong Glam, is another of our favorite neighborhoods and Singapore’s most interesting places. This neighborhood has its origins at the beginning of the 19th century, with the arrival of Malay and Arab immigrants, many of whom were merchants and settled in this area of ​​the city, which still maintains a small Arab community today, which retains its merchant origins, selling all kinds of products in the shops around the Sultan Mosque.

This mosque is the most important in Singapore, and together with the Sultan’s Palace, they form the nerve center of the Arab Quarter, two places that we recommend you visit in the neighborhood.

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In addition to these places, you cannot miss Arab Street, where most fabric, saree, batik, carpet, and perfume shops are concentrated, and Bussorah Mall, where you will find numerous Arab cafes and restaurants focused on tourism.

Another less famous street, which has become our favorite neighborhood, is Haji Lane, where cafes, boutiques, clothing stores, and bars with live music and spectacular graffiti are mixed. We recommend you spend some time entering one of the most emblematic neighborhoods of Singapore.

To get to the Arab Quarter, the best option is to take the metro, getting off at the Bugis stop on the green line.

  1. Merlion Park

Opposite the Marina Bay Sands is a bay where some of Singapore’s most emblematic buildings are concentrated, as well as the Merlion, a 9-meter-high statue, half fish and half lion, which represents the city’s fishing past and the origins of its founder and is the symbol and another of the most famous places to see in Singapore.

To get there, we recommend you take a circular walk around the Bay for about 4 kilometers, allowing you to enjoy the best views of Marina Bay Sands and the financial center skyline.

You can start the route by crossing the Singapore River on the double helix steel pedestrian bridge, which simulates the structure of DNA, and then continue walking through a part of the Formula 1 circuit held annually. At the end of the promenade is the Esplanade Theatre, which comprises two large buildings reminiscent of durians, the local malodorous fruit. Crossing a small bridge, you will reach the Merlion, which in addition to seeing it during the day, we recommend you to see it at sunset, at which time you will have the best views of the Marina Bay Sands when it lights up.

Also, this place is a good spot to see Spectra, a free nightly outdoor water and light show that takes place on the water in front of the Marina Bay Sands.

This show occurs twice daily (at 8:00 pm and 9:30 pm) from Sunday to Thursday and three times (8:00 pm, 9:30 pm, and 11:00 pm) on Fridays and Saturdays. However, based on our experience, we recommend you watch it from the opposite shore, near the spectacular Louis Vuitton store, where the show is much closer.

A good alternative to learn about the history and curiosities of the city is to book this tour with a guide in Spanish or this free tour of Singapore for free!

What is the Best Time to Travel to Singapore in 2023?

6. Hawkers

One of the best things to do in Singapore is to try hawkers’ street food. These markets concentrate on numerous food stalls at affordable prices where diners share a table and services. The Lau Pa Sat, located in an old building in the middle of the financial district, is one of the most beautiful and famous. Another of our favorites is Makansutra Gluttons Bay, located in Esplanade Park. Here we tried Singapore’s first chili crab, which became one of our favorite dishes worldwide.

The list of hawkers in Singapore is endless. Although you can find several in each neighborhood, some stand out above others, such as Maxwell Food Center and Chinatown Food Street in Chinatown, Tekka Center in Little India, and Satay By The Bay in Gardens by the Bay.

Although we know that sometimes street food markets are only partially reliable since some still need to meet minimum standards of quality and cleanliness, the hawkers of Singapore are the opposite. We assure you that they will far exceed all your expectations.

7. Clarke Quay

Clarke Quay was an old dock where its warehouses were rehabilitated some time ago until turning the area into another of the important places to see in Singapore. These buildings with colorful facades concentrate a multitude of cocktail bars and restaurants worldwide, which begin to fill up when sunset arrives. Among our favorite buildings is the rainbow-colored Old Hill Street Police Station, Singapore’s first jail.

After strolling along Clarke Quay, following the banks of the Singapore River, towards the Bay, you will arrive at Boat Quay, another area of ​​bars, pubs, and restaurants, perfect for a last drink or a fun night out.

From these two places, you can book a pleasant boat trip where you can see from another perspective some of the most representative buildings of the city, such as the Parliament, the Science Museum, or the Marina Bay Sands.

What is the Best Time to Travel to Singapore in 2023?

  1. Visit Chinatown, one of the things to do in Singapore.

Chinatown is another of the neighborhoods with the most atmosphere in the city, and it could not be missing from the list of the best places to visit in Singapore. Its origin dates back to when the city was a British colony and received many Chinese merchants through its port, who, over time, settled in this neighborhood.

During a walking tour of Chinatown, you will discover old colonial houses, street food markets, small temples and shrines, and typical Chinese red lanterns that usually adorn any street.

Among the most important temples is the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple, which houses a relic in the shape of a Buddha’s tooth and which we recommend you attend, in addition to Thian Hock Keng and Sri Mariamman, the oldest Hindu temple in Singapore.

Another of the places that you cannot miss is the most authentic area of ​​the neighborhood, which is located in Kreta Ayer Square, where traditional Chinese trades and souvenir shops persist.

At a gastronomic level, this neighborhood is a symbol in the city, and among the best and cheapest places to eat are the Maxwell Food Center and Food Street, located on Smith Street, a covered street full of Chinese food stalls.

Another curiosity to do in Singapore and this neighborhood is to eat at the Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice & Noodle, the cheapest Michelin Star restaurant in the world, where you can try the lacquered chicken with rice or with noddles, the chef’s star dishes. Of course, even though it is quite an experience, we have to say that we were not moved and would not repeat it.

Chinatown is one of the places to visit in Singapore.

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Peranakan Terrace Houses

The Peranakan Terrace Houses are colorful houses located in the northeast of the city, which have become, with the force of Instagram, another of the places to see in Singapore.

The Peranakans are descendants of Chinese who emigrated to Singapore and moved to this area where they built these beautiful two-story houses, with a small courtyard in front, in front of which it is worth stopping to see the beautiful wood carvings that decorate the windows. And shutters.

To get to the Peranakan Terrace Houses, you can take the metro’s green line to the Opp Parkway stop and walk for about 30 minutes. Another option is to take a taxi or a Grab, where you can get there comfortably and at a fairly reasonable price.

What is the Best Time to Travel to Singapore in 2023?

Singapore Flyer

Watching the sunset on the Singapore Flyer, one of the largest Ferris wheels in the world at 165 meters high, is one of the best things to do in Singapore.

Located in Marina Bay, the Ferris wheel has 28 cabins with transparent glass that can accommodate up to 28 people, similar to the London Eye, although 30 meters higher than it.

During the 30 minutes it takes to go all the way around, you will enjoy the best views of Singapore, and on clear days, you can even see the island of Malaysia.

Remember that the best day and most difficult to climb is during the Formula 1 Grand Prix (late September), as it has privileged panoramic views of the entire circuit.

Another spectacular viewpoint to observe the entire environment of Marina Bay is the 1-Altitude Viewing Gallery tower, the highest in Singapore, with 282 meters.

What is the Best Time to Travel to Singapore in 2023?

11. Canopy Park

Before leaving Singapore’s Jewel Changi airport, we recommend you go to the Canopy Park to see the Rain Vortex, the highest indoor waterfall in the world, and its beautiful gardens.

Keep in mind that in addition to the waterfall, there are endless activities you can do in this park, such as enjoying the Discovery Slides slides, the Foggy Bowls foggy forest, the sculpture walk, the mirror maze, and the bush maze, the Petal Garden and the fun ride on some net platforms.

12. Orchard Road

Orchard Road, a large tree-lined avenue that concentrates some of the city’s most famous shops and shopping centers, is the favorite place to see in Singapore for shoppers.

This street, which gets its name from an orchid plantation that existed a long time ago, is perfect for strolling at sunset, enjoying its incredible lighting and its more than 22 shopping centers, numerous restaurants from around the world, karaokes, luxury stores with fantastic shop windows. And an endless offer of leisure.

The walk can end in front of the Istana Presidential Palace or relax in the beautiful Istana Park.

What is the Best Time to Travel to Singapore in 2023?

Fort Canning Park

At the end of Orchard Street is the National Museum, one of the most important to visit in Singapore, and right next to it is the popular Fort Canning Park.

This historic hilltop park was once the center of the ancient state and the site of the palaces of the Malay rulers, although the British later built a defensive fort with several cannons that can still be seen today and the Battle Box bunker. , located 9 meters deep.

In addition to visiting the bunker, which turned into a museum, we recommend you stroll through its gardens until you find the Spice Garden, a viewpoint to the colonial center of Singapore, and a photogenic subway exit that is filled with Instagramers in search of the best photo.

14. Raffles Hotel

Drinking the famous local cocktail “Singapore Sling” in the Long Bar of the spectacular Raffles Hotel is another experience you cannot miss in Singapore.

Remember that the Raffles Hotel is the most spectacular colonial building in the city and was built on the orders of Sir Stamford Raffles, a British statesman famous for founding the colony of Singapore in 1819. In addition to perusing its spectacular façade

, It is worth going in to see its interior patios decorated with palm trees and fountains and housing several luxury shops and restaurants.

What is the Best Time to Travel to Singapore in 2023?

  1. Sentosa Island

The island of Sentosa, which means peace and tranquility in Malay, is our latest proposal on this list of important places to see in Singapore.

Among its various beaches and tourist attractions, Palawan Beach stands out, which has a suspension bridge that allows you to reach the closest point in Asia to the Equator Line. Another well-known beach is Siloso Beach, ideal for outdoor sports, while Tanjong Beach is the least visited and quietest.

The Butterfly Park, Images of Singapore Museum, Tiger Sky Tower, Fort Siloso, and Universal Studios Park are among the island’s most spectacular attractions.

In addition, this small island has two five-star hotels and a great gastronomic offer, making it another place to see in Singapore. To enjoy all these attractions and save money, you can buy the Sentosa Fun Pass.

You can get to Sentosa by train, bus, or cable car, the most expensive means of transport and with the best views. You can also book this cable car tour to Sentosa, which includes hotel pickup and admission to various attractions.

Where to Sleep in Singapore

Our recommended accommodation in Singapore is the iconic Marina Bay Sands, located on top of a metro station and with views of the entire city from its viewpoint. In addition to its excellent location, which allows you to walk to Gardens by the Bay and the Marina Bay area, you will have a wide gastronomic offer in its prestigious restaurants or the food corner on the ground floor.

Although the room price per night is high, we recommend you book at least one night to fully enjoy the views from the room and the infinity pool, exclusively for hotel guests.

We recommend the Holiday Inn Express Singapore Clarke Quay or the Hotel Clover The Arts if you prefer something much cheaper and well-located.

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What is the Best Time to Travel to Singapore in 2023?

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