Fall Prevention – How to Avoid Slips, Trips and Falls 2023 ?

Fall Prevention – How to Avoid Slips, Trips, and Falls 2023?


Accidents related to falls, slips, and trips are frequent in many sectors of activity, including the municipal sector. Clutter, slippery floors, uneven steps, and floors, dangerous running boards, ice outside buildings, and worn work shoes are all possible causes of this event. Several measures can be put forward to prevent them, in particular:

  • ensure adequate housekeeping indoors and outdoors;
  •  provide safe Access for vehicles;
  •  choose work equipment that is compliant and adapted to the task;
  •  Raise awareness / inform/train staff on the risk of falls, slips, and trips and the means of prevention.
Fall Prevention – How to Avoid Slips, Trips, and Falls 2023?

Fall Prevention – How to Avoid Slips, Trips and Falls 2023 ?

This page is dedicated to falls, slips, and trips that can occur when the worker is not working at height, i.e., the event occurs when he is less than 3 meters from the ground. We invite you to consult the Working at Height page for working at height.

To facilitate your search, the documents listed have been classified into different categories aimed at helping you implement a procedure to prevent falls, slips, and trips and to support you in the search for solutions.

General documents

Prevention approach

Risk identification tools

Maintenance of interior and exterior premises (floor, stairs, parking)

Access to vehicles

Steps and stepladders

Work shoes

Fall Prevention – How to Avoid Slips, Trips, and Falls 2022?

Tools for the municipal sector

To help you deal with the problem of falls, slips, and trips, we invite you to consult our page Falls, tags, and Trips: tools for the municipal sector. You will discover possible solutions, tools developed by municipal organizations, and innovations presented within the framework of the Grands Prix for Health and Safety at work of the CNESST (Commission for Standards, equity, health, and occupational safety). Be inspired by all these ideas!

General document

Explaining slips by police officers and school crossing guards (IRSST)

Article published in the fall of 2015 in Prévention au travail (see pages 17 to 19). A research report is also available: Risk factors associated with slips among police officers and school crossing guards: an exploratory study.

Falls from the same level: a risk present in all workplaces ( Prévention au travail, spring 2019, CNESST, and IRSST)

Published in the winter of 2019, this article highlights the high frequency of falls from the same level in several sectors of activity. In addition, organizations are reminded of the importance of identifying, in their workplaces, the elements that can lead to a risk of falling (e.g., condition of the ground, housekeeping) to implement corrective and preventive measures. Required.

Fall Prevention – How to Avoid Slips, Trips and Falls 2023 ?

Falls from the same level (CNESST)

The web page developed by the CNESST discusses examples of measures to prevent falls from the same level. Remember that falls from the same level are one of the risks prioritized by the CNESST in its 2020-2023 multi-year plan.

Safety and mechanical risks: falls and slips/falls on the same level – SEC (ASSTSAS)

This page groups together examples of posters and several valuable documents, including the following:

Falls and Slips (Webinar)

A webinar presents the causes of falls and slips in the health and social services sector, examples of prevention measures, and elements of a prevention program. See also this prevention guide by the ASSTSAS: Falls and slips are always wrong! Prevention Guide.

Falls and slips at work: it always needs to be corrected!

Technical sheet presenting ten rules for preventing falls and slips.

Regardless of your work environment, do not take falls from the same level lightly! (Centre patronal en santé et sécurité du travail)

An article from Convergence SST magazine (winter 2020-2021) presents examples of causes and legal references for preventing falls, slips, and trips. Also discussed are: the prevention approach and control measures that can be implemented, including training, awareness, maintenance and cleaning, and PPE.

Fall Prevention – How to Avoid Slips, Trips and Falls 2023 ?

Preventing falls from the same level and from heights (Centre patronal en santé et sécurité du travail)

Issue of Convergence magazine (December 2017), which deals, among other things, with Access to vehicles and improving housekeeping via the 5S approach.

Falls from the same level (INRS)

The web file discusses risk assessment and prevention measures to reduce falls from the same level.

Fall Prevention: How to Avoid Slips, Trips, and Falls (CCOHS)

The page provides examples of causes and preventative measures to prevent falls.

Preventing Falls From Slips and Trips (CCOHS) Infographic An

An infographic outlines the causes of falls and prevention tips for workers and employers.

Preventing Falls, Slips, and Trips in All Workplaces (Ontario Ministry of Labour)

A document presents different causes of falls, slips, and trips and examples of preventive measures.

Eight tips to avoid falling in winter (SUVA)

Tips in winter for pedestrian safety.

Preventing slips, trips, and falls in the workplace (WorkSafeBC)

A document presents tools to help workplaces manage the risk of falls, slips, and trips. It includes examples of the layout of the premises, a grid for inspecting workplaces and another on the wearing of work shoes, examples of questions to ask during an accident investigation and analysis or a work shoe test bench, a list of the roles and responsibilities of the various players in the workplace, etc.

Slips and trips (Health and Safety Executive (Grande-Bretagne))

The website presents information on slips and trips, including implementing preventive measures for employers, employees, architects, and designers.

Napo in… No laughing matter! Slips and trips (Napo Film)

Silent animated film in which Napo, the character, makes us aware of slips and trips in the workplace.

Falls and missteps (SUVA)

Various awareness posters are under this web page’s “Tools” section.

Fall Prevention – How to Avoid Slips, Trips and Falls 2023 ?

Prevention approach

  • Let’s prevent falls and slips – Let’s keep our feet on the ground – 1. Prevention requires an action plan (APSAM/ASAP)
  •  The technical sheet presents the five steps to produce an action plan to prevent falls and slips.
  •  Preventing falls and slips outdoors (ASSTSAS, Objectif Prévention, vol. 42, no 4, 2019)
  •  Article describing the approach the CIUSSS de la Capitale-Nationale took to reduce falls and slips in outdoor environments.
  •  Level falls ( ASAP ).
  •  The file contains a video clip to raise staff awareness of the risk of falling on the same level. Tools are also available to support the CSSs in developing an action plan relating to this risk (e.g., inspection grid, declaration of dangerous situations form, prioritization of preventive measures).
  •  Preventing falls in the workplace… it’s possible! (APSM)
  •  Technical sheet of the mining sector presenting a prevention approach.
  •  Audit grid (falls and slips program) (ASSTSAS)

Risk identification tools

  • Let’s prevent falls and slips – Let’s keep our feet on the ground – Notice of falls (APSAM/ASAP)
  •  Declaration form for events and dangerous situations related to falls and slips.
  •  Accident investigation and analysis form adapted to falls and slips (ASSTSAS)
  •  Falls and slips risk inspection grid (ASSTSAS)
  •  Inspection form / Prevent falls from the same level (ASP Construction)
  •  Inspection form specific to construction sites.
  • Housekeeping: Housekeeping Checklist (CCOHS)
    •  Suva has produced checklists to help you identify specific hazards in particular situations, including the risk of falls, slips, and trips: Stop falls and missteps at the office.
    •  Handrails: stop falls and errors on stairs: checklist
    •  Building Cleaning and maintenance: checklist
    •  Winter risks: hazard identification and action plan
    •  Pedestrian traffic lanes: checklist
    •  Soils: checklist

Maintenance of interior and exterior premises

The following documents present general information on the maintenance of interior and exterior premises.

  • Let’s prevent falls and slips – Let’s keep our feet on the ground – 2. Traffic lanes and housekeeping (APSAM/ASAP)
  •  Technical sheet presenting the causes of falls and slips and preventive measures related to traffic lanes and the maintenance of the premises, in and off establishments.
  •  Stopping falls in winter: advice for managers of building management and maintenance services (SUVA)
  •  The document reminds us of the importance of good planning and the precautions to take during winter.
  •  Maintaining the premises: preventing the risk of falls, slips, and collisions (MultiPrévention)
  •  To avoid falls from the same level, good housekeeping is required! (ASP Construction) Issue of the Prévenir Aussi
  •  The newsletter (winter 2016-2017) deals with general housekeeping on construction sites to reduce the risk of falling from the same level.
  •  Housekeeping: the essential guide (CCOHS)
  •  Safety to prevent falls (CCOHS)


  • Floors under surveillance to avoid slipping and tripping (Auto prevention, Auto prevention magazine, March 2019 issue)
  •  Floor maintenance for the prevention of falls by slipping (IRSST)
  •  Choosing a floor cleaner: buyer’s guide (CSST, IRSST)
  •  Slips: technical prevention and measurement methods (INRS)

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  • How to prevent falls on stairs (CMHC)
  •  A document presents various measures to be implemented and instructions for users to increase stair safety.
  •  Stairs: fall prevention (CCOHS)
  •  Safe Stairs Ensure Company Safety (SUVA)


  • Parking lots: prevention of falls (CCOHS)
  •  A document addresses the risk of falls in parking lots and associated prevention measures.

Access to vehicles

Getting on and off a vehicle is a daily activity many workers perform. Even if this gesture may seem innocuous at first sight, a fall or slip can lead to significant individual and organizational consequences. To learn more about this theme and for practical tools, visit our Access to Vehicles page.

Steps and stepladders

For example, steps and the smallest stepladders found in libraries, archives, and administrative offices can cause falls. For safe use of conventional and stepladders, see the Working at Heights: means of Access: ladder and Stepladder page.

  • Climb just a little higher, but as it should! (ASSTSAS)
  •  Use of kick stools & step ladders at low levels (Work at height equipment – WHE) (HSE Ireland, National Health and Safety Function)
  •  Inspecting your kickstool (University of Essex)
  •  A step too far? Preventing falls from height in offices and similar environments (the University of Essex, Health and Safety Advisory Service)
  •  Prevent falls from step stools (Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit)

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work shoes

Here we look at work footwear specifically to prevent falls, slips, and trips. Please see our Protective Footwear page for more information on choosing the proper protective footwear.

Let’s prevent falls and slips – Let’s keep our feet on the ground – 3. Appropriate footwear for the type of surface (APSAM/ASAP)

Technical data sheet that can help in choosing an appropriate work shoe.

Studded soles for school crossing guards (APSAM)

How to choose non-slip work shoes (IRSST)

A web page that includes, among other things, a file to download and a video. The sheet presents an approach for selecting a shoe with a good grip while providing adequate safety against different risks.

Falls, shocks, and blows from the Risk Factors series (Media knowledge and IRSST)

In a section of this video, Chantale Gauvin, a scientific professional, introduces the methodology used by the IRSST to measure the slip resistance of work shoes on frozen surfaces. It also discusses specific criteria when choosing a winter work shoe (see approximately 9 to 15 min.).

Ice cleats: reduce costs and protect every time! (ASSTSAS)

Approach to implementing the wearing of crampons for home support employees.

Rate my treads (Toronto Rehabilitation Institute – University Health Network)

A website presents the ranking of several winter shoes according to their slip resistance in different conditions (according to the MAA method: maximum achievable angle test ).

Footwear (Health and Safety Executive)

An English-language website that offers advice on choosing the right work shoe.

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Fall Prevention – How to Avoid Slips, Trips and Falls 2023 ?

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