How to maintain a healthy lifestyle after retirement

How to maintain a healthy lifestyle after retirement

One of the best things about retiring is that you finally have free time to do all those activities that were put aside during working life, and we say goodbye to routines, haste, and stress.

However, maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be challenging since habits and patterns change, and we can find ourselves mired in an excessively sedentary lifestyle or a poor diet.

As you know, for Santa Teresa, the goal is your well-being, which is why in this article, we will review what happens in our body and mind when we leave the work stage and how healthy habits can help us enjoy this new episode of our life.

How to maintain a healthy lifestyle after retirement

What happens to our bodies after retirement?

After retirement, our body and mind undergo a series of changes. Our eating and exercise habits tend to deteriorate since we are under different obligations. It is more likely that we need to take care of our health more due to constant inactivity.

This can hurt our well-being and increase the risk of chronic diseases. Heart rate and blood pressure often drop, and metabolism slows. Bone and muscle mass are also lost, weakening the immune system.

However, many options will allow us to maintain a healthy lifestyle after we retire, such as eating a balanced diet and exercising regularly.

The importance of physical health after the age of 60

After 60, health becomes a priority compared to other phases of life. As we get older, our bodies and minds need more care. This is more accentuated when we put aside the obligation to go to work, which keeps us in a state of constant activity to a greater or lesser extent.

Among other things, it is recommended that we carry out a complete medical examination at least once a year. In this way, we can know our blood pressure, cholesterol, or sugar levels to act on them if necessary.

And, of course, we must keep excess weight at bay since it greatly increases the appearance of diseases, including heart disease, diabetes, and some types of cancer.

5 healthy Habits for retired people

Here is a list of five fundamental habits to contribute to healthy and active aging after retirement:

  1. Exercising regularly is key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, especially as you age. It helps to improve strength and flexibility, increases energy levels, strengthens the cardiac system, and protects us against diseases.
  2. Eating a balanced diet: A varied and nutritious diet is important to maintaining our well-being, especially for older people. Avoid eating poor-quality fried and processed foods, and instead opt for fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins. Always natural and of the best quality, as we do in Santa Teresa.
  3. Maintain an adequate weight: as we mentioned, being overweight and obese can increase the risk of many chronic diseases, such as diabetes. Therefore, we must get on the scale regularly and control those extra kilos.
  4. Get enough sleep: Sleep is very important for both physical and mental health. We must maintain the habit of sleeping at least seven hours and keep our nightly routines the same.
  5. Stay socially active: social relationships are important to keep our mood up and stay connected to the world. Today, mental illnesses affect a good part of the population, and loneliness is usually one of the usual focuses. Therefore, go outside and do not abuse time alone.

How to maintain a healthy lifestyle after retirement

Healthy eating for people over 65

If, in Santa Teresa, we defend that food is one of the pillars of well-being, after our retirement, it is even more so since it will allow us to continue enjoying a good lifestyle.

Although some foods may be difficult to digest, with good planning and consulting with our doctor, we can continue eating healthy without depriving ourselves of anything.

How to maintain a healthy lifestyle after retirement

Some tips that can help you are:

  • Reduce the consumption of red meat and increase the consumption of fish and chicken.
  • Eat more vegetables and fruits.
  • Eat whole grains instead of refined ones.
  • Moderate the consumption of saturated fats, sugars, and salt.
  • Drink lots of water during the day.
  • Exercise regularly.

How to maintain a healthy lifestyle after retirement

All this, of course, without stopping to enjoy at the table. Remember that Santa Teresa has a wide variety of prepared, healthy, natural dishes with top-quality ingredients. We are talking about treating ourselves by tasting a Santa Teresa Yolk or Santa Teresa Quince and about the possibility of feeding ourselves every day in a balanced way thanks to products made as if you made them.

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In old age, it is essential to lead a healthy life, feel good about yourself and feel happy. Loneliness and lack of interest can play against us when it comes to feeling good That is why we must find activities that occupy us and our general well-being.

At this stage of life, you have more time to carry out tasks than before due to the scarcity of free hours and the multiple daily activities you cannot carry out. For this reason, now is the time to look for tasks that bring us joy, enrich us emotionally, and make us happy.


We must set achievable goals that motivate us and offer us a sense of life, understanding that it is essential to combine them with our social environment to improve our emotional well-being.

A positive attitude is key in the third age. The changes that occur logically when a person reaches 65: retirement, absence of work responsibilities, decreased physical activity, loss of loved ones,…, can reduce the ability to adapt and accept this new stage. Therefore, physical activity and mental exercise play an essential role in the person. These aspects must be generated by oneself, developing an active life, getting involved in daily tasks, and being aware of the changes produced by age.

How to maintain a healthy lifestyle after retirement


  1. Increase social relationships. It is time to activate the social sphere, perhaps most neglected during our work stage. Going out and creating more social ties with neighbors and old friends or even strengthening ties with one’s own family is necessary.
  2. Dance. Many people have been postponing dance classes due to a lack of time. Now is the time to hit the dance floor and enjoy the pleasure of dancing. There are classes for all tastes: salsa, bachata, tango, chachachá, mambo, etc. You have to dare to sign up.
  3. Go to a show. The theater, the opera, and the musical are shows that offer the possibility of going out of having fun in the company -although you can also go alone-of having a fun time. It is a rewarding activity that gives you the illusion of what is different. 
  4. Learn a hobby. Fishing, painting, and crafts can help you maintain good physical and mental health. You should choose the one you feel most comfortable with and enjoy the most.
  5. Go to a fitness gym or do yoga. Yoga is a physical activity that brings the most benefits when you practice it regularly. It is a soft discipline that improves the mobility, flexibility, and agility of the people who perform it.
  6. Participate in a reading workshop. Concentration and retention are more activated by reading a good book. We must remember that by exercising memory, we favor brain activity and help short-term memory, the most affected over the years.
  7. Travel. It has always been said that it is one of the pleasures of life. The IMSERSO trips in Spain are an excellent opportunity for those who want to see new places and establish new friendships at prices adjusted to the pockets of people over 65.
  8. Hiking. Walking on low-impact routes also favors physical health and brings us closer to nature. Many clubs in the cities, some free, allow you to walk around the countryside and have a fun day.
  9. Listen to radio programs. The alternative to television may be the radio. This communication channel offers you to stay in touch with daily news and, in turn, continue doing tasks or hobbies: crossword puzzles, sewing, and crafts. In this way, you activate the mind in a double way.
  10. Write a short story or your biography. For those who like the pleasure of writing and seek to channel their concerns by telling stories, it is time to tell their experiences and show the world what their life has been like. What a good exercise for the mind and how important it is to reflect on everything you have experienced to date!

How to maintain a healthy lifestyle after retirement

In order to feel happy, the person must want to live and enjoy the momentLooking for new opportunities will favor the happiness and emotional well-being oneself. There are multiple ways to have fun; the key is choosing which will make you feel good. Reaching 65 does not mean stagnating and letting time go by with nothing idle to do.

There are older people who, due to certain circumstances: impaired mobility, or special care, among others, require the support of other people to carry out certain activities. You have to ask for help in these cases. A caregiver can promote your well-being and make you feel happier. With their collaboration, you can participate in excursions, attend a show… the possibilities are endless.

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How to maintain a healthy lifestyle after retirement

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