List of 40+ Quality Blogs Accepting Guest Posts

List of 40+ Quality Blogs Accepting Guest Posts

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Guest blogging has increased in importance ever since Google expanded the unique content estimate after some time. Copy content went down in quality, article catalogues went down, and backlinks for backlinks went down. He uploaded a valuable and unique substance and, with it, the estimate of a guest blog post.

It’s a win-win circumstance: the website owner wins because it helps amass crisp new substance. The blogger wins because it is a quality backlink and a presentation to another group of viewers. The viewer group wins by getting an alternate point of view on the most beloved topic.

List of 40+ Quality Blogs Accepting Guest Posts

If you want to use guest presenting to grow your message and reach new gatherings of people, there are some common best practices to remember.

  • Write for the blog audience.
  • Submit a unique post that doesn’t appear anywhere else on the web (unless specifically directed by the blog owner).
  • Link to your site in the assets box, and don’t use subsidiary links anywhere as part of the article. Most bloggers acknowledge the educational connections in the article assembly but make it clear with the blog headline.
  • Test your hard work and correct sentence structure and misspellings before submitting.

That’s it. Various bloggers will have specific instructions on contacting them, getting your blog post to them, length, etc. All of these standards are to help you write a post that fits your web magazines, so take them as a friendly guide from someone who needs to have the ability to syndicate your post.

Here are 41 amazing blogs on various points that accept guest posts. They are by no means the main open doors for guest blogging; however, if you need to get started with guest blogging, you will likely find a couple of hopefuls here looking for the kind of composition you do.

List of 40+ Quality Blogs Accepting Guest Posts

About the guest blog list:

The list includes the blog’s name and a link to the page that specifies the rules for hosting guest posts. And after that, there is a brief description of the themes secured on the website.

So here is a list of 40+ quality blogs that accept guest posts.

Blogger Forums:

  • Blog Engage PR 4, Alexa 8,675
  • My Blog Guest PR 5, Alexa 4,977


  • Copyblogger PR 6; Alexa 2,972
  • Successful and outstanding bloggers PR 5; Alexa 86,828
  • Phil Simon’s PR 5 Systems; 680,495
  • Larger pockets PR 4; Alexa 14,428
  • MT Herald PR 3; Alexa 221,969
  • A marketing woman PR 4; Alexa 292,792
  • Tips for daily use of EMS PR 4; Alexa 1,923,074
  • Geek Business PR 5; Alexa 1,496,065
  • Carrera Callejón PR 4; Alexa702,109
  • Small business trends PR 6; Alexa 9,250
  • Fresh energy PR 5; Alexa 2,514,626

Blogs about blogs:

  • Blog Godown PR 4; Alexa 44,183
  • Problogger PR 6; Alexa 2,022
  • Men with PR 5 pens; Alexa 74,125
  • Online Quick Tips PR 5; Alexa 5345
  • Daily Blog Tips PR 5; Alexa 4,458
  • JayPee PR online 4; Alexa 81,822
  • iBlogZone PR 3; Alexa16
  • Famous bloggers PR 4; Alexa 8,257
  • Kikolani PR 4; Alexa 14,792

Home, family and lifestyle:

  • Money-saving mom PR 5; Alexa 5,127
  • summer tomato PR 5; Alexa 88,389
  • e-Patients PR 5; Alexa 457,411
  • Momma PR 2 of “cents,” Alexa 61,010
  • 20-something trips PR 4; Alexa 58,788
  • Simple Productivity Blog PR 5; Alexa 53, 6518
  • Frugal Living NW PR 4; Alexa 60,284
  • Finish the Neglect PR 5; Alexa 2,719,232

Personal growth and productivity

  • PR 5 Life Optimizer; Alexa 71,372
  • PR 4 procrastinated writers blog; Alexa 1,021,462
  • The health of the heart of the head PR 2; Alexa 635,037
  • Real Men Real Style PR 4, Alexa 234,681
  • Productive flowering PR 5; Alexa 77,105


  • Right now at Tech PR 4, Alexa 593,325
  • 40tech PR 2; Alexa 135,010
  • Geek PR 4 so-so; Alexa 269,988
  • TechSling PR 3; Alexa 69,913
  • PR3 technology; Alexa 51860

Placement of your guest post

These are 41 sites that have great potential to expand your movement, get great backlinks, and spread your message. By no means, shape or form are all open doors you could discover. For more locales, google “guest post * guidelines” + “YOUR KEYWORD.”

On the other hand, if you know of a website you would like to write for, the admin may recognize your post even though there is no “rules” page. Design a post that will eventually be a strong match for the online magazine and email the website owner using the details on the contact page.

Explain why you must write for the online magazine and your thoughts on an article. If the site administrator considers you a strong match, you can find a place for your post. The most noticeably bad thing that can happen is that you look to put it somewhere else.

List of 40+ Quality Blogs Accepting Guest Posts

Guest Posting | What is it, its advantages and how to use it for your office

What is guest posting or guest blogging?

Guest posting or guest blogging is a practice that consists of writing an article for an external blog whose theme is similar to ours. In this way, we become guest authors on that blog.

This action is carried out mainly to achieve greater brand visibility on relevant websites in our sector. But if I don’t write for my own website, I don’t contribute to its positioning in Goole. So what are the advantages of guest posting?

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Advantages of guest posting

Some of the most common goals pursued with guest posting are:

By constructing a personal brand through guest posting, we can position ourselves as an authority or an expert in our sector. We contribute our expertise by participating as a guest in an external blog. The reader’s mind labels us as experts on a specific topic. When you write the guest post, the usual thing is that your article is signed and that, in addition, you can decide the link that you want to appear in the post. In this way, you can redirect users to your website so that they gradually get to know you.

List of 40+ Quality Blogs Accepting Guest Posts

  1. Get traffic for our website.

Link building is one of the most important factors in achieving good SEO positioning.

Link building is a concept that refers to the set of strategies and actions focused on getting external links pointing to our website. This factor is extremely important given that, in the eyes of Google, a website closely linked to other websites, especially those in the same niche, implies that it is a recognized website in its sector and, consequently, one of the best options to solve user problems.

Ideally, those external websites that link to us are renowned and have a certain positioning. As we have mentioned, the links from websites belonging to the same niche help us generate a strong SEO positioning in the sector.

However, they are not the only ones. For example, although the web pages of the media are not necessarily part of the legal sector, they are very dedicated web pages for search engines, and the links they put will be taken into account to a large extent when evaluating the positioning of our website.

  1. Promotion of networking

Contacting the people in charge of different blogs and creating content for them helps create professional relationships with these people and opens the door for possible future synergies, collaborations and opportunities.

  1. It’s a win-win situation.

In other words, guest posting assumes that both parties win. On the one hand, the guest gets to reach a new audience and possibly receive part of the host’s traffic on her website from her. On the other hand, the host receives content that he did not have to write and that, if the guest is an expert on the subject matter covered in the article, will be a post. And in-depth This implies that the host will bring fresh and different content to its readers than usual.

List of 40+ Quality Blogs Accepting Guest Posts

  1. Generation of leads

If we, as guests, generate content on a website and, through an external link, a part of the users end up on our website, it may be the case that the user sees the content they like, finds out about the services of our firm and contact us so that we can help or advise you on any matter.

How to find guest posting opportunities

  1. Through pages looking for authors to publish. For example, LexGoApp is a website looking for lawyers who want to post content on their blogs. It’s as simple as sending the article to your contact email! Like this page, there are many more that you can find by searching for them on Google.
  2. Use LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the ideal professional network to connect with professionals and generate opportunities. Similarly, you can create LinkedIn posts highlighting your writing work and attest to your skills. In addition, these posts communicate the potential benefits that an external blog could obtain from counting on you.
  • Access a directory of blogs. Blog directories such as “de la Justicia” compile a long list of legal blogs, separating them by branches of Law (Administrative Law, Immigration, Tax, etc.). By accessing this directory, we will have a wide spectrum of blogs that may be interested in guest posting.

List of 40+ Quality Blogs Accepting Guest Posts

How to write a good guest post

  1. Write for your audience.

It’s important to understand that your blog’s audience differs from the blog you’re writing for. Therefore, it is crucial to know the target audience you are addressing. Before deciding what to write about, visit the website and its different sections and investigate the problems or needs of the “typical” user who would access that website and how you can provide valuable content that helps that person in some way. If you can write about topics that resonate with the reader, your words will become more important.

List of 40+ Quality Blogs Accepting Guest Posts

  1. Align yourself with the blog you write for

Each blog has its style, and the same is true for each author; although readers may appreciate fresh and different content, certain basic aspects cannot be modified. This means that you have to pay attention to the context and identity of that blog. It is about being yourself but respecting the fundamental codes of “the publisher” for which you write.

List of 40+ Quality Blogs Accepting Guest Posts

  1. Provide “actionable” content.

It is only useful to write content demonstrating all your expertise throughout 2,000 words if you put some pragmatism on the table. Rather, it has to be an item from which tangible actions can be derived. The more “actionable” your words are, the more readers will remember your article as it provides real solutions to real problems.

For this reason, when writing a guest post, the approach involves leaving the ego aside and showing absolute empathy for the other party. It is not about demonstrating the professional milestones of each one or trying to promote your services.

In summary, guest blogging or posting is a great interest tool to generate new business opportunities, brand visibility and value for the user. However, we must remember that, as authors, we must adapt to the host’s blog’s context, audience and style to create a positive effect for both the host and ourselves.

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List of 40+ Quality Blogs Accepting Guest Posts

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